Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas 2006

Blessings of the day: I am well ... recovered... thank you God and your prayers. I lost 3 kg. All thanks to laxatives & also the pathetic appetite I have for the past 1 week. Almost like kitten share of food BUT my appetite is coming back. Tonight I finally ate 1/2 plate of white rice and 1 bowl of udons. Good good.. my 3kg will come back in awhile.. who cares about weight now? Health is more important after all these.

Oh This Christmas... very special to me. Aside food feast is the main highlight my family is coming to Bethel to attend the service. What delight me the most was she had asked if she can come to church this Monday. I was jumping with joy in my heart. May the Lord guide me and help me. I have learn is not an easy task and to me it had taken more than 3 years. But the Lord is good. Just wait for the harvest period.

A Christmas prayer for my family.

Tomorrow shopping for Christmas food @ Suntec ... Oh great I can't wait!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ma Maison

Blessings of the Day:

Aiweig's mom and sister and Alison got baptised this morning. Teared non stop when I hear their testimonies. So powerful... the work of God.... Amen

Last Saturday was a shopping day. Oh boy how long have I not shopped... City Chain were having Christmas discounts and I've been hunting for watches for my 2nd sister. Finally after 3 weeks of searching - found a chic sporty looking Addidas watch going for 50% discount. Unique green pastel colour for my sister! I think she would love it ... staring there for almost 30 minutes... I've decided the hunt shall end and I purchased the watch. Guess what... since this is such a good bargain.. i shall be a "better" sister (earlier was good sister cos i purchased for my elder sister) and purchased the same watch in a different colour for the youngest sister.

Seeing the 2 sisters have 2 new watches... I begin to feel alittle tiny winy bit of "jealous" cos they have new watches and I have none *sulk* standing there for another further 20 minutes... I told the sales guy *shyly* and said... can i have one more piece same design? The sales guy gave me a look *wow rich girl* look and I now become the best sister in the world cos i know how to pamper myself... haha i am a happy girl cos i got a new watch! *sound so silly* haha

Alrighty fast forward in the shopping trip.. my objective is to introduce this Japanese Western Restuarant in Bugis - Ma Maison which means My Home in French.

Singapore Site:

The restuarant reminds me of a Japanese show I watched a few years back.

The settings looks more cosy then the Japanese drama show. My sister revealed to me she first came to know this restuarant when she was my age! *Gasp* The prices are almost like Jack place. If you hold Citibank credit card you get 10% discount and on Monday is Ladies night and you get 20% off for A-la Carte menu. Some of the recommended dishes are:

1) Escargots - half a dozen for $9.50
2) Baby Potatoes with mustard mayo with herbs
3) Hamburger Steak with Cheese
4) Omelette Rice with Brown sauce and Shredded Beef
5) Any dishes that comes with the Speciality Brown Sauce *must try that sauce*

I simply love the ambience - great for girls gathering like we 3 sisters... anyone wanna join me for another trip to Ma Maison? =)

Ma Maison Restaurant
#02-51 Parco Bugis Junction
Tel: 63384819

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Shopping Website

Blessings of the day: I have such a wonderful time catching up with my good friend, Shangying. Talking to her make me realize I have not catch up with my dear friends for since August. Alrighty that not too long right? They are throwing eggs at me for not turning up this Saturday again! Perhaps to invite them for the Christmas Event in Bethel would be a good chance to catch up with all of them!

My best gal friend business is up running! She sell bags and accessories too!

Check out D-Xquisite website @

This December there will be 5% discount for all purchases made online!

Happy Shopping and remember to sign up as a friend of D-Xquisite to get updates on upcoming products =)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lulu Pizza Kitchen

Blessings of the day: Mandy's mom got baptized today at the chinese side. Praise God and indeed it encourages me that one day my parents will be saved as well. Continue to pray for the salvation of my whole family.
The Chefs: The Lu Sisters =)

Pizza toppings and Suggestion - 2nd sis
Dough maker - Me LAR- I managed to make it thin crust! Horray!
Diners - everyone

Looks dark..cos we used dark sauce .. presenting the Chicken Teriyaki Mushroom Homemade Pizza

The base is the leftover rosemary bread that I've made the night before... Toppings are tomatoes, sweet basil leaves and top with a small piece of bacon and mozzarella cheese
Presenting to you - *oh no i forgot what is the name for this *faint*

This is one classic pizza which we all love - tomatoes base sauce, mozzarella cheese, bacon, sweet basil leaves and more more more mozzarella cheese finished with pepper and salt! That is before cooking by the way...

Pizza in Suana

The finished product! *drools*

The two pizzas are mini size and in odd shape = They had a reason for being like these... No one in the family dare to try my suggested recipe = Nutella Chocolate with Banana.. i am banana over chocolate ok?! So my sister said.. "u try sample size ok?" Then I did.. so that explains the irregular shape for the other one.. oh .. is actually the leftovers of the chicken, bacon, mushroom and finished with more more more mozzarella cheese !

The banana chocolate is nice ok! You serve it hot with Macadamia Ice-cream.. Tell me if it doesn't make you drool!

Recipe available at my cranium multiply soon!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Random Ramblings!

Blessings of the day: Business getting better... i thank God for providing the leads. I think is good and getting better! GO GO GO!
Work is piling up. I just pray i can balance everything well.

Seriously.. i really dunno what to blog... i just come here to put a GB Flickr logo... I think Flickr is better compared to Multiply. It uploaded my photos within 1/2 hour for 162 photograhs. If I used Multiply, I will take up to at least 2 hours.

These are my memorable photos with the gals!

I tried the Singnet Free Wireless... now i can surf for free in library :)

That all for a random post...

oh... i remember.. i better start planning a 1 day JB trip with the cg soon...if i can.. i really want too..

oh no.. i forgot i have to start on Bethel Christmas Design.. Shoooot!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Blessings of the day:
I just finished my media exam paper the killer paper...but God is with me throughout the 3 hours paper. I thank Him for granting me the wisdom and a peaceful heart to complete this paper. I think I done my best and I am happy about it =). Praise God! I thank Him for good friends who prayed for me during these past few days when I was so stressed about this paper. I really thank God. Never in my life during the exam period had I walked so close with God. I am not exaggerating seriously, I carried my "Women's Devotional Bible" in my bag whenever I went to study. Every time I felt I hit the 100 degree boiling point of stress, the immediate response was to go flip the bible and look for peace and encouragement from God. Some of you know that my knowledge in God's word is super weak and I really don't know what passage to turn to. But amazingly the Holy Spirit led the way and always guides me to the appropriate verses for me to meditate on. God's hand is constantly on me guiding me. I only have to say: Thank You Father

Verses that carried me through:
1) Not feeling any peace, read Psalms 31: 9 - 24
2) Think God is not calling you or hearing you? Read 1 Sam 3:1-10
3) Still think God didn't hear your cry? Read Psalm 34:6
4) Is time to take proper rest and stop worrying, read Psalms 46:10

Hope this will encourage you too... not just for the students... we faced all kinds of exams in our life - boss, clients, work, studies, family, church and friends. May these verses - the eternal word of God, anchor deep in your heart and to carry you through the "exams" in your life.
Free wirless internet surfing for 3 years =D brought to your proudly by Singnet. Get wireless surfing on 1st Dec 06 onwards...

Official Website for information:
Singapore Hotspots ->

Best thing is ... you don't have to wait 1st Dec to start... you can start now... Singtel let you surf for free now! Check out the website above for more infor....

*grumble of the day: I am so dissappointed to find that Cheng San CC is the only community center not part of the hotspot! boohoo...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hang UP!

Blessings of the day:
I completed 7 chapters... still got 8 more to go.. count my blessings .. that i studied 7 ... wahhh how am i going to make it?! Trust trust in the Lord...
Today my nephew and I have the most interesting phone conversation i ever have in my entire life. I called him and wanted to tell him that I have to postpone the movie outing as Keegan have not finish his exams. The conversation goes like this after exchanging some hi hi and giggling...

Me: "Yiyi have to postpone our movie outing to Dec.. cos Yiyi and Shu Shu (kg) having exams and we cannot go out and play.. can we bring you and didi out on Dec instead?"

He: "Huh? Why???"

Me proceed to explain how important exams are + blah blah

Guess what was his reply?


.... proceed to .... hang up my phone!

I didn't believe that came from a 7 year old kid...I was so stunned that I went to say hello hello a few times...

So sad... he hang up on me :(

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Exam period

Blessings of the day:

I completed my exam project aka ECA on time and everything went well. Now looking forward to do well for my presentation on the following week Monday and the paper on Wednesday!

I am stressful.. yes stressed.. i am scared .. alot of fear... 15 chapters. Judging I had not do well for the first 2 written assignements for my media communication modules - these contributes more stress for myself. Alot of understanding and memorizing the concepts. My work on the other hand needed my attention. Sigh. I wish i can really drop my work and focus 100% on my exams now.

But I give thanks for the final assignment. I made an (not really remarkable) improvement but I was encouraged and especially thankful to see the efforts I've put in for the assignment paid off. My lecturer source out some of the students works and compiled the answers on a single paper and passed it to us. I was really shocked to see my work appearing as the model answer for the 1st question. Recalling during the times I already felt so stressed with my 1st question as I really did not know what I was answering. The time spent to read up the textbook and notes helped me and gave me a good gauge of this is how I should probably prepare my exam in this manner to gain a good standing for answering the questions.

8 More days - i placed my trust in God! Hopefully I can do better than all my 3 assigments!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Blessings of the day:
I give thanks for the beautiful creation - the work of God - awesome beautiful and amazing! Bob... the joy for our dearest friends Jeff and Huipeng!

Isn't he beautiful? Had a good time of fellowship with the cell group and the proud parents. Bob just looked so amazing. He didn't open his eyes but I can see he is a very strong and healthy baby! When he yawn ... he seem to use up all his strength to stretch himself and gosh the mouth looks so cute! He got 2 dimples too! For awhile we were puzzled and asked... how come Bob got the cute dimples? Mom replied and ya i was too puzzled too! Then the Bob's aunty (jeff's sis) replied... Jeff have what... didn't you all realize he got dimples? Oh he must been too fat... that why you all can't see!! hahaha that really funny.. and the proud daddy just didnt say anything and keep grinning from ear to ear! Mommy looks good and is enjoying Burger king fries on her bed.

I am so happy for them! May the Lord continue to grant them the joy to raise this child to be the man of God!

God is good isn't?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Come Dine with Me

Blessings of the day:
My mom is not going to Ipoh anymore! Praise Praise God! I really must give thanks for this answered prayer. Quoting Xinyi: "God is sovereign!"

I am absolutely mad about this cooking cum hosting dinner party show - Come Dine with Me. Why can't Singapore have such reality cooking show? Aside Jamie Oliver's cooking show, this is really one of my favourite from Travel and Living.

Each week, five amateur chefs compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. The prize? The host with the most points at the end of the week wins £1,000. Seriously even I don't win that sum of money, having 5 days of non stop good food are rewarding enough. I am also very surprise by the type of winner chosen:

Firstly you may not win the challenge even/if:
1) You buy the most expensive food to serve your guest
2) You hire entertainer to amuse your guest during the party
3) You create a 2 pages long menu
4) You introduce some kind of foreign object/culture/fruit that spoil the dinner
5) You try too hard to make everything work

Suprise Winnings goes to:
1) You can hire a caterer or restuarant to cook the food and you relax and taking a nap 2 hour before your guest arrive
2) You buy ready-made or pre-packed frozen food from supermarket
3) You make your guest happy by making them feel relax
4) Serve them food that are normal and easy to prepare but yet impressive in presentation
5) Impressive Home decor helps too


My favourite recipes and will surely try them out after my exams! YUM!


12 large raw King Prawns
6 slices of Parma ham
1 large red chilli pepper
1 clove of garlic
Olive oil
Knob of butter

Shell and clean the prawns, leaving the tails on. Cut each slice of Parma ham in half, length-ways, and wrap around each prawn. Finely slice garlic and seeded chilli pepper and sprinkle over the prawns. Pour over the olive oil and, using your fingers, gently mix in the marinade and season.

Heat a large, non-stick frying pan or wok and add some butter. Tip in all the prawns with the marinade into the pan. Cook for approximately 1 minute on each side and serve immediately with crusty bread and crisp salad.



1 kg plum tomatoes, halved
1 large onion, sliced
2 cloves of garlic, halved
A handful of basil
1 litre of chicken stock
3 sun-dried cherry tomatoes
Olive oil
1 teaspoon of caster sugar
Salt and black pepper

Preheat oven to 220/gas mark 7. Using a large roasting tin, heat the oil in the oven until very hot. Gently add the tomatoes, onion and garlic and sprinkle with sugar. Season generously and bake for 20-25 minutes. Stir, then add basil near the end of cooking.



5 large potatoes
1 egg
1 onion

Lightly boil and mash the potatoes. Mix in half the mash potatoes, the egg, some chopped onion, flour and salt and pepper seasoning. Using a blender, blend the ingredients until the mixture is smooth. Then add the remaining potatoes and some hot chicken fat or oil. Bake in the oven for about an hour until golden. Serve with spit roasted chicken and vegetables, including tzimmes (sweet carrots).

*this is the most difficult recipe i ever seen. The host make it so easy to but to tell you the truth is really about the skill to cook that. This is the winning recipe which earn him that £1,000. I don't think i will cook that. IS TOO RICH!


Serves 4 as a main course

4 duck breasts
4 small apples, granny smith or similar
16 fl oz cider (dry vintage type)
5 fl oz crème fraiche
Large sandwich loaf
Olive oil for frying
1 oz flour (preferably sauce flour)
1 oz butter
Lemon juice

Peel and core the apples, leaving them whole, and coat with lemon juice to stop the browning. Carefully remove the skin from the duck using a sharp knife, but replace the now detached skin on the breasts. Put them in a roasting dish and season (under the skin).

Cut all crust from the loaf, leaving a neat rectangular block. You are now going to cut out the interior crumb leaving a box without a lid, with walls ¼” thick. Using the bread knife, carefully cut along one of the long sides, leaving a ¼” wall, and judging how deep you need to go (¼” from bottom). Do this on all four sides, making sure the corners meet neatly. Remove the crumb, at first with your fingers, and then finishing off with a spoon to level off the bottom.

Roast the duck breasts for about 25 minutes in a medium oven. The detached skins will baste and protect the breasts during cooking.

Bring the cider to simmering point and gently poach the apples until tender but still al dente (about 5 minutes - do not overcook). Keep them warm on the serving dish. Make a roux by melting the butter in a thick saucepan and stirring in the flour, cook gently for about 5 minutes but do not allow to start browning. Add any liquor from the duck (but only a very little fat, of which there will be plenty) to the cider. Add the hot cider little by little until you have a good coating sauce. Keep warm.

In a frying pan, shallow fry the bread box one side at a time in slightly smoking hot oil, gently splashing oil into the interior so that it cooks as well. Fry until a good golden brown (this can be done 1 hour in advance and than reheated for a few times in the oven if necessary). Put in the centre of an oval serving dish and arrange the apples around the outside. Place the duck breasts on end inside the box discarding the skins. Finish the sauce with the crème fraiche, then pour the sauce into the box until it is full. Hand remaining sauce in a separate jug.

When serving you will need to display the complete dish first, then cut up the box. One loaf will do up to about 8 portions. Delicious with new or mashed potatoes and a green vegetable


If you asked me why i writing all these down.. all thanks to Teck Hwee.., her posted photos on the home cooked dinner inspired me this blog entry.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The naggy feeling

Blessings of the day:
Oh goody! I cleared 1 project today =) Client is happy and good to LIVE in 2 days time. Yipee! That left with 1 more project + 2 more exams to go ...


I am feeling very negative these few days. I always having naggy + negative feeling when things are not confirmed. My fear always put me in a insecurity and jumpy mode making me feeling very kan cheong.

2 irratating clients whom i really dislike alot... is playing with their time and not replying me about whether to renew their contract anot. Expiry date is coming soon in about less than 10 days and they take things slowly. Although i very much would like them not to continue as they have always been slow in making payment and demanding when comes to requests, somehow there will be a negative feeling hanging around within me if they decided to terminate the contract. I should be glad and happy that they are over as I've no longer have to face them. But the negative feeling will instead put me in a self-blame and reflective mode - "What have i done wrong?!"

Glad + Gone < Self reflection + doubt
Really.. what wrong with me man... Keegan was more cool about these issues he told me not to worry and that these are things we can't control at all. It does not denote that clients leaving are a bad thing.

I really hate these troublesome clients *booo*

Monday, October 30, 2006


Blessings of the day:
I finish my 2 assignments on time and 1 day before the deadline! Praise GOD! Amen amen amen :D

After finishing the 24 episodes of Goong.. my next korean drama is.. Lulu Princess ...

I just realize all my show is the princess and prince show hahaha *nice nice*

2 more weeks to my exams! and 2 more projects and 3 more coming! God multiply my time and brains.

Xena Charge on!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Technology Update

Microsoft came out with the latest IE: Internet Explorer 7... so I went ahead and download the new explorer...

Now everything on my screen seem to look squash. The color and feel looks different too...

They seem to copy Firefox... haha

One good thing i like is the Internet Tab within the same Internet Explorer. Very useful *think think* Actually Firefox also support that too. Somehow my soul had been captured by the Microsoft Giant..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Testing Multiply out ~ FAILED

* repost cos multiply failed lar...

24th Oct Blessings of the day: Today the PSI was good.. it was between 30 to 50! Thank God for the wonderful weather though I spend my day indoor most of the time!

Today when I woke up, I've already got my agenda of the day planned last night...

Keegan and I cracked our brains together to see how we can spend the day ..

Option 1) Movies? Nah~ dun want to spend $9.50 on a movie ticket...

Option 2) Shopping? Nah~ window shopping is a torture especially on a public holiday...

Option 3) Explore Vivo City ? Nah~ Vivo city will be extremely crowded on a public holiday

Option 4) Go Pasir Ris Beach and chill out? Nah ~ what if Haze attack again? Plus Cg outing to Sentosa beach this coming Saturday... reserve the beach outing on Saturday...

Option 5) Study then? Nah~ worst.. library and CC are closed.. cannot study...

Option 6) Stay at home? NAH (x3) ~ IS BORING!

Buahahaha.. guess what... an idea struck me...

We decided we shall spend a day at our Singapore Changi Airport...

Things we did

1) Brought story books and lecture notes (his idea) to read

2) Rent a DVD from PLAY and watch it on our laptop

3) Drink kopi and english teh

4) Listen to our MP3

We spend 1 day just like that doing the above and it was good one.. I figured out 3 questions for my assignment and it was rather relaxed watching people walk by... with music plugged in.. became kind of like a relaxing therapy session

I think we also choose a less popular or unknown cafe - Cafe dunno what name.. (see i can't even recall despite spending 5 hours there). Sofa wasn't that comfortable as there is this particular sofa's seat sank in very deep.. like as if a super huge size guy or girl sat the sofa before me and broke all the springs in the sofa... but nevertheless.. shiok!

I shall plan another trip again and probably make it earlier and aim at the comfortable sofa seats at Pacific Coffee (i think)...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Blessedhaven Out of Blogger Message

Blessings of the Day:
Last week I was doing daily bread and I learn that counting your blessings promotes good physical health and people who kept weekly gratitude journals reported fewer aches and pains than those who recorded daily hassles or netural events.

Exams are round the corner.. and i really don't think i can blog alot of things.. but still i must must blog first! Blogged my blessings!

Anew Blessings
Weeks of practices... Frustrations... Burning lotsa of midnight oil... preparing... coordination... praying.. planning... These are the things that all of us went through for Anew event. What did we gained from all these? I witness - God love moving in every member of the team. God's faithfulness in all members. The sharing of prayer requests .. and how prayers were answered. How God lead our worship leader to plan the flow of worship Transformation and Living Sacrifices... Everything falls in place.. because.. we trusted our Father who will lead us. I am very thankful I was part of this talented team. I was also going through a tough time at work and studies. But however the weekly practices.. the songs sang during the worship was very ministering and it helped me to cope with the daily challenges. Not just me.. everyone.. everyone was ministered by the songs. Quoting Foong Peng... when we sing God's songs .. is actually like a preacher sharing the word of God. For us we share the word and love of God through the words in the music. I never thought of it this way before... how true. Praise God.

My Studies
This semester isn't going to well for me. I've got very good but extremely strict lecturer.. Sigh.. can you imagine.. my classmate and I got the same ans for our assignment and our lecturers are different.. she scored an A.. and I've got a C :( sigh.. is exams is less than 1 month time. 2 more assignments due next week. Trust the Lord will carry me through this busy and stressful period.

My Work
1 Project should completed by last week but was delayed till this week. Another website will be up end of November. Oh man.. God help me to focus and discipline in my work and multiply my time time time...

Muahahha i finished all 24 episodes.. now i can study and work in peace! 23 year old.. still smitten by the romantic relationship shared by the crown prince and princess *awww*

Addition: Harry Potter and half blood prince!
My dearest youngest sister got the book! Now.. hmmm i hope i am not too distracted wahahaha...

For my exams! GO GO GO!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I am simply so overwhealmed by my work and studies!!!!

I wanted to blog since last week but i don't have time..

1) Anew Event - my after thoughts...
2) My Studies
3) My Work
4) Palace!

BRBTB! = Be Right Back To Blog!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Doing What We Can

Sometimes we may get discouraged because what we're doing for the Lord seems unsuccessful. (Ya i am one of them!) The children in the Sunday school class we teach are restless and inattentive. The neighbors we're trying to reach with the gospel are politely indifferent. The members of our own family are far from the Lord. (YES! My family is one example) The world we lift up to God in fervent intercession grows increasingly violent and anti-Christian. All of this can add up to deep soul-discouragement. (depressed already...)

Listen to the words of a Salvadoran clergyman who was murdered for his fearless denunciation of violence and injustice. He wrote: "We plant the seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise. We lay foundations that will need further development. . . . We cannot do everything, and there's a sense of liberation in realizing that." This attitude helps us to do small things and to leave "an opportunity for the Lord's grace to enter and do the rest." (Amen!)

That agrees with the apostle Paul's encouragement to be faithful in our tasks and to wait on God who "gives the increase" (1 Cor. 3:6-7). Don't allow discouragement to cause you to quit. In God's own time our work will bear fruit. (Thank you Father. That is very assuring thought from the Holy spirit)

Praise God for the timely reminder.

Anew-ers! I think we can do it for the 14th October event! Let's strive hard! God is our portion and strength! Praise HIM!

Not easy

Not Easy Number 1
It is 3.50AM and i am BUSY with my assignment. Singapore Media Model... why can't I just have the gift of writing? Actually not true. I think I have... the word limit is 1500 words for a 5 questions which worth between 10 marks to 30 marks each. And guess what? Is only part a and b - I reached the 1000th mark. These is really good.

Not Easy Number 2
Telling my dear friends to remember to TRUST in God and because God always provides a way out. When I hit the wall, suddenly I seemed not able to utter words - "TRUST" in God so easily. It is easier to repeat 100 times to my friends about trusting.. when comes to myself.. uttering The Lord's prayer perhaps since more easier than saying "TRUST THE Lord"

Not Easy Number 3
Handling 2 modules is a challenge per semester but i think is still manageable. But imagine the shock I had when I was only offered 1 module for next semester. A quick mental calculations shows that I can only graduate in 2009 June. Reason for the only 1 module ? The remaining modules are not available next year. Argued with the staff with SIM and managed to get them to put me in another module. Another problem arised. Taking this module is like committing suicide, I've yet to take the foundation modules. What am I supposed to do with this? Sadly i struggled and take the original module which was offered to me next semester. Struggled too long, I've missed the deadline... *argh* need to call the school tml

Not Easy Number 4
I need to stop blogging and return to my assignment now.


Not easy ar!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Prayer Works

Yesterday around evening, I almost hit the 100 degree stress boiling point again. I wanted very much to break down and cry cos my studies and work were too overwhealming for me. My mind was 100% filled up. It was filling out with so much things in my head. No matter how hard I tried, the moment i closed my eyes, many images of to-do list pop up right before me! That was so scary! Is worst than having a nightmare. Seriously... i thought i was going to faint from stress.

These happen during I was having dinner with my classmate. My friend just rattle on "Did you know .. ? Did you do ... ? Have you ...? What is ...? When is...?"

Thousands of questions poured out infront of me. I told her blankly. No i have no idea these things need to be done.

I open up my laptop and checked my school email - more of these appear "Please do.... Please report.... Please register.... Please take note.... Please....."

As if I was not feeling stressful enough, I went to check my work email.... Hoping i can get some peace from my work. Nope! I open up my email.. I saw these "Have you... Can you.... Please kindly... What is.... ???????????

I stare at my the laptop screen. What on earth was i doing? My head began to pound very hard. It was so painful... then my friend asked me, "Hey.. eat dinner lar.. don't check already"...

Immediately, I cried. I mean i cried in my heart ... I quietly eat my dinner while my friend still rattle on. Suddenly I wish I was alone.

With a tired heart, during the whole dinner I didn't really pay attention to what my friend was saying. I was in my own world. I started to wonder loud, how come I got so much things on hand. I was feeling stressful and very stretched. I needed a break. but how when? Then suddenly my friend asked me,

"Katherine, that a nice wallpaper... what Anew?" I looked at her blankly before i replied "oh ! Anew is an event in my church. Is praise and worship mini concert kind of thing. Then i designed this logo for our church t-shirt. " "Nice... use photoshop?" "Yup"

~ Ok the thing is... when i saw the design i did - the words "transformation and living sarcrifice" came to me. .. The 2 words are suddenly like light bulb just shine infront of me overpowering the rest of things around it. I realized i need to be transformed and renewed by God. I was too caught up in my own world of business. I didn't spend time with God.

In my own world again, I started to chat with God... really literally chatting in my heart. I was like a dual core processor - listening in and out of my friend (not really listening seriously) and talking to God.

The Holy spirit just keep rattling 2 words FOCUS GOD in my head.

After awhile, my mind begin to clear.. blood pressure go down also.. not so high as before.

I clicked on to my digital Post it notes on my desktop. On the first to-do thing of my priority list?

"Pray to God"

Shall do this everything i hit boiling point again. Amen

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

*squeak* I won a prize

11 Sep 2006

Congrats!!!!! You are our lucky winner in the CLEO Readership Survey 2006. You have won for yourself a Bigen Silk Touch Hair Color, worth $12.90

Yeah yeah =) I won! *squeak in delight!*

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Say NO

one lesson learnt from my work and also the case between a "money coy" and a "computer coy"

No more sg projects for me.. no more.. never never never touch them.. even they worth millions.. cos they expect you to give them a gazillion worth in value of the project in return!

Say NO to sg projects.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


After the intense, fun, reseach on my media com essay... I shall ....

ban all Nike products .... no more purchasing of The swoosher... I support...

BlackSpot Sneakers!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Motivated and Quiet Time

Sounds mad, but yes recently i find myself quite motivated and enjoying at work though the work is piling up like mad. I thank God that each day I am able to cope the demand and work it out.

I been reading this great book about business. I think is not just another kind of book that teaches you how to earn more money in the shortest time but rather to focus on the mistakes I made at work and how I can correct it. Let me renew the book from the library. Will share more in my next entry.

1 month into my accountability group with Aiweig and Jemaine. It is great! I think the fact is now i have to be accountable to someone really helps me to focus on what to do with my life. Better get it right or else i got nothing to share in my group! Quiet time is now more daily. It also helps when Keegan remind me to do too. Sometime human are too forgetful!

The recent daily bread (past 3 weeks) talks alot about God's faithfulness and God's love. Actually I didn't really have to spent alot of time. But 15 minutes each day just to dwell on 1 passage that God had presented to you is really great. Everyday i am able to find something to thank God for. With a more grateful heart and attitude, I actually start to enjoy more work more now. Irritating clients still exists but I don't let them bother me much as before. God's words comfort me.

I shall strive to continue in this effort to do my daily quiet time. It is great. One way I had tell myself is, when i am hungry, I will find food and fill my stomach. Same idea, I will be spiritually hungry everyday, i will read God's word daily to fill myself. With this attitude, it had keep me till now.

More projects coming soon... zzz

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Today i learn how to create a 3D apple using 3D Studio Max

The tutorial says : Beginner Mode. Estimated Time Taken: 25 Minutes...

I took 1 hour to do this and it doesn't even look like an apple to me... If i offer to Eve, I doubt she will dare to eat it. hahaha

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ants and Solutions

I am quite fed up with the brown ants crawling around my table even though there are no food stuff in my room. (alright i do eat ice-cream now and then but i make sure there are no bits of food left behind for the ants to devour)

So i decided to google to check for any solutions.

Recently there is this thing that you can post a question to Yahoo and Yahoo! Concidentally, the google result ranked Yahoo! Answers as the top 3 searches when i keyed in these words "how to get rid of brown ants?"

And i discovered that is not Yahoo who is giving out the answers - It is the community who is providing the answers. Some of the suggestions were really hilarious!

Q) How to get rid of ants in the house. They are little brown ones?

A) The top 5 answers

1) step on em

2) Hire an exterminator. Or do it yourself with a vacuum cleaner! Your best bet would be to call an exterminator. An ant can live up to 15 years and 3 days in water. If you have a colony the chances of getting rid of all of them yourself is very rare. Plus you would be protected from others coming in and living with you.

3) Charge them rent...

4) smash em

* This is my favourite =)
5) Mix equal parts of icing sugar and baking soda and put the mix onto a small saucer etc. and then place on the floor where you have seen the ants (usually in the corners)The ants eat the mixture and because they have an exoskeleton i.e. on the outside of their body, they simply explode when the baking soda mixes with their body fluids.This really works!

I will tell you again which method i decided to use :)

If you have any fantastic ideas, feel free to tell me too :D

Monday, July 31, 2006

Bad Mood = Bad Cooking

Today I realize something that i never realize before...

I cannot cooked if i am in a very bad mood...

My food will turn out too _________

1) Salty
2) Burnt
3) Sweet
4) Oily
5) All the Above

OR worst inedible...


Saturday, July 22, 2006


I was going to sleep after bathing. But there are so many things on my mind now. I really need to jot it down. plus my hair is semi-wet.... so i decided to come here to write...

I turned 23! That is nearly in my mid twenties. Whoa how time flies.

As i spent my last day as a 22 years old girl... i reflected how God had been so faithful in my life.

It was a pleasant surprise that Jasmine bought me a cake to celebrate with the GB girls. I am totally not aware and wasn't expecting anything. In fact I was quite flustered cos I was late! hoho. It was a pleasant surprise.

I recalled when i first join GB as a helper when I was only 18 years old. I was like just a few years older than the girls and sometime is so hard to lead them cos especially you like their "Seniors". Neverthless, under Jasmine's guidance, Mandy, Jemaine and Siew Yean encouragement, i grew. Thank you ladies!

Today cg bs topic was on 1Tim12.4 How we should set an example in speech, life, love, faith and in purity. How appropriate to reflect on these verse on my birthday.

I don't know how many people look down on me just because I am young. Actually at 23... young meh? I think I am proud of my age. I actually wish my maturity level like say 32? That not too bad right? But one thing i can be thankful is that God didnt just place 1 role model or mentor in my life. He placed many! In fact i think is like 10 + . I really think is a blessing to have so many godly people around me. I am constantly uplifted by these people around me. Sometime i wonder why do I show so much interest in cooking. Today i just realized, i think when i cooked for my family, friends and love ones. I want them to feel happy. Cos these people are making me feel very blessed in life. yes there are up and downs but without these people whom care and love me, i will never be able to walk till today. I am thankful for everything! Cooking has actually become a form of expression for me to show them Thank YOU!

Of course, my cooking doesnt turn out fantastic all time. Once i accidentally added too much salt in the scrambled eggs during chalet... cg just continued eating them. HAIYO!

God really loves his children alot. What did we do to deserve such great love?

I am feeling actually abit down but God's love just keep me going on.

Thank You Father =)

Happy Birthday to myself *hug myself*


Friday, July 21, 2006

Moblog #3 - Tiramisu Big Challenge

My sister birthday is this weekend :) so i told her i gonna bake a tiramisu cake for her since she so nice to sponsor me a bottle of Kwala Kahlua!! My challenge started at Singapore 8am ! i completed everything (including washing up at 11am)

Baked Sponge coins ready to be soak in a mixture of warm coffee Kwala Kahlua yummmmm

My cake.... ready to be soaked with coffee Kwala Kahlua and smother over with my mascarpone cheese...

After all the deco ..... .. here is the master piece.

Although that are many flaws here and there.. but i guess that is what home-baked cake looks like... with many flaws. anyway the cake is going to be in our stomach later... hahahh

Now the verdict of the taste shall reveal on Saturday by my sister! *pray* please let the cake taste ok! PLS!!!!

Having left over egg white.. i will be making Pavlova on Sunday

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I cooked this when i was so sick of eating vegeterian dinner every day.

Potatoes and Hotdogs never taste so good :) yumm

Monday, July 10, 2006

Moblog #1

I don't have the gift of writing so i decided to start a new trend in my blog....

taking MMS pictures and show you :) A pictures speaks a thosand words :) hhahaha

Here is my first 1st moblog entry!

Karyn is learning to play piano! Potential Musician right?

Back at home... I saw a notice on my younger's sister PC...

hmmm closer.. oh man not again...

Cos everytime when my mom help us to clear the mess in our bed rooms.. we will never be able to find our things.. i don't grumble because i think i shd be nice to my mom and at least say thank you and request more politely that is ok she don't have to ...

Hmmm my sister is going to be deep trouble tonight... mom is now quite upset when she see these!

More interesting moblogs coming up next.... before i end of... here is one more for you !

Italy !!!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

God's Grace

This July 21st - BlessedHaven turn 1 year old. I looked back at my online diary/blog I realized I am also 1 year older ... coming soon I will be 23 soon. I reaching the mid-twenties! *gasp*

Actually I personally think is fine. I just find that as I grow older, more responsibilities are on my shoulder. Do you feel the same way?

This Aug, it also marked 1 year full time in PH. I think so far i am doing fine. But i know I surely need more improvement. I thank God for all His blessings and provisions so far. The client base had expand and God had provided 2 helpers in the business to cater for more demands in our work.

I don't denied, yes I faced failures for the past 1 year. I faced rejections. I think more this time compared when i was working free-lance. I always asked myself - can i still do it? Can i still hold on? Can it substain me and the rest? Am i better off without it? I really felt quite low many times. Especially when i faced difficult situations.

Everytime I doubt my ability, God always uses the failure that I went through and give me a lesson.

One thing that i experience in my work is that God is very real, alive and active.

I also thank God that He lead me back to study again. I was able to apply my skills in my school assignments and what I've learnt in school to apply back in my work. What more can I ask for? I had wonderful friends in my classes and they are so helpful whenever I need help. What more can i ask again?

And I will sing of your love and your mercy forever
Reaching down from above, with a plan for my future
I'll forever proclaim all the goodness and power of Your Name
I will worship you Lord all my days

Friday, July 07, 2006

My Superman Returns

The last time i watched superman was the age of 9-10 years old. The guy (i cannot recall his name) was a handsome chap who co-starred with Teri Hatcher in "The New Adventures of Superman"

That my memories of Superman... who always changed in the telephone booth..

haha who cares now

The New Superman Returns in movie theatres is one handsome and cute SUPERMAN!

Looked at his cute curl on his forehead! *Scream*

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


To conclude the first 1st half of the year, June is the most horrible month of Year 2006.

I dislike June... (month not person)

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Lake House

The Lake House

I watched the Korean Version Il mare (A italian word means the The Sea) 3 years ago when my sis first introduce me korean movies :) I think is going to be a good one.. cos Keanu Reeves so handsome!!!

When is going to open in Singapore??? I wanna watch!!! :)

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Good Deed

I donated 350ml of blood today.


I fear needles ever since when i donated during my poly days... the cotton bud flew when the fan blew on my hand... i saw a needle which is like 3 times the size of the pencil lead in my arm...

But today i had the urge to donate blood again...

I am 350 grams lighter now... hahhahaha

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Exam Fever GONE!

I finally passed this horrible week. It had been a tiring week been studying from morning till night. It is not easy to run the business too. It had been a habit to check my work emails every morning before i go off for my revisions... cos i was very afraid that my clients' sites bumped into some problems. But Thank GOD! I really thank GOD... nothing major came out except minor ones though but was solved within 2 hrs in the past mornings.

My Java paper on Tuesday was quite difficult. I made careless mistakes and hopefully i can still gain some sympathy marks. *sigh* Anyway I m glad is over. The specimen paper helps me to pull through and my lecturer had been nice enough to give hints.

My design paper which ended a few hours ago was good! I quite happy with the drawings and sketches of the work. So far it was actually my best piece compared to the rough sketches practices that i been drawing for the past 2-3 weeks. I gave up storyboarding in the end and proceed to do all my theory questions since i had been putting my time to study them. 2 unexpected questions turned up and i really want to murder my lecturer...

I had stopped studying in the library for the past 1 week. I gave up. Is too noisy and too much distraction. Too much $ spent on hot and cold mocha everyday...Keegan and i decided to go to Cheng San Community Center (CC) reading club and sign up again for the membership. That CC used to be our studying place during our O levels. So we paid $12 for 1 year reading club membership + $10 Passion 3 years membership. Which is really worth it - a conductive quiet environment for you to study... So quiet that you can fall asleep OR study 3 chapters in 2 hours. For me it was a mixture.. hehehe but very good.... i recommend CC reading club cos is soo good! i guarantee you will study without any disturbance unless nature's call...

Praise God. God is good. He had carried me through these tough times!

P/S: Judeans: Thanks for your messages to me during my first paper... those prayers had given me a sense of peace within my heart!!! Thank GOD for you guys!

Monday, May 15, 2006


Proverbs 31:26-31 (NIV)

She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.
She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.
Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:
"Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all."
Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

Proverbs 31 described the characteristic of a Woman Of God. My mom who is a non-christian seems to display all the attributes that was mentioned in the bible. To me, my mom is a perfect mother and i always hope to be like her if i am a mother. But I do admit there are times i am so upset with her i always ponder why did my mom sometime say such terrible things to me or endorse certain behaviours that does not seem right. Then again - we are all humans beings not perfect. Mother - sacrificial love for all children. The day of sacrifice begin when life was concieved in her womb.

A simple prayer for my mom:
God bless my mother; . . . all I am I owe to her. —Abraham Lincoln

Friday, May 12, 2006

Random Thoughts #2

Praise God!

1) I finally finished my last assignment and handed up today.
2) I finally finished my latest Korean drama
3) I finally finished packing my pig sty.

Recently a list of distractions:

1) A stack of Korean Dramas VCDs & DVDs*courtesty of my sister (how nice to bring it over during my exams)
2) A new game called the Wicked!
3) Starhub Cable - Trial 1 Month - All shows are available.

Now i finally left with only 2 weeks to my exams.

Another good friend of mine is leaving to Australia to study *sigh* With skype and msn, I am sure I will pretty much stay in touch with her as if she never left Singapore. She promised to blog too :) that a nice one. Looking forward to see more her updates. That means i have to save more $ so i can fly to Australia to visit Joan and P.P and Janet and...... PLANETSHAKERS! *dreaming*


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Out of BlessedHaven Message


I will be out of BlessedHaven from 4th May till 26th May 2006 as I am having my exams. During this stressful period of time, you may read my past entries and keep yourself entertained.

If urgent, please pray for me so I can do well so that i am less stressful and be able to return back to BlessedHaven to blog more ...

Lots of Love

P/S: no lar.. i will still blog lar.. hahaha.. especially days i am bored or stress... hahhahaha Exams on 23rd (Java paper) and 25th (Design paper).

Everyone! Press on! :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Random Thoughts #1

Recently i into bright chirpy colours :)

Enough of Black (hey my blog is black! :S hmmm)

I came across the shop in Bishan "Mini Toons" promotion - 3 bags for $15. Wow Good BUY! After standing there for like 20 minutes and KG staring at me ... i couldn't find a decent bag among the huge pile of bags. The price attracts me but not the bags. I want to get lime green stripe, and hot pink and alien blue bags.. But thinking.. do i really need bags.. yes i need one but not 3! and these bags doesn't look fantastic.. the good ones are probably gone and snap up for good... so sadly i moved to another shop...

I told kg.. must exercise.. i am TOO Fat! thus i suddenly recall.. eh i no running shoes.. maybe can see World of Sports to see if got nice shoes. Actually I really just want to window shop cos somehow nike and addidas shoes are really ex and always 3 digits.. i nv see 2 digits before...

Muahahhaa.. I nv regret stepping in the shop! Not only i got a 2 digit discount (40%) I've got a 2 digit price ($60.00) Hey hey good buy :D

PUMA Alpine Trail Racer Wn's
Love the colour. So striking... RUNS LIKE A PUMA! BLACK PANTHA!!!!

I broke my glasses few weeks back. so i been wearing my contact lens even i am at home the whole day... no choice.. i really have to get a new pair of glasses...

Lalala i got a purple orange glasses.. i can't wait for the glasses next Tuesday... :D

Wednesday, April 26, 2006



Been eating non stop... like after a heavy dinner, i can still proceed to have fruit tarts and 2 cups of coffee during tea break in school or help myself with 2 pieces of coffee swiss roll stuffs with lots of cream and chocolate chips.

I know something is wrong with me. i been eating like non stop ... I often find myself going to the coffeeshop and buy $1 fries and eat happily. Cos first is cheap and more compared to Macdonald. Then will eat sweet things, spicy things, salty things :S I am always hungry after working very hard at work or in school. Probably thinking that i deserved a reward - FOOD reward so i can make myself a happy girl. Or when i am sad with my client, family or study, i also turn to food. Either ice-cream or the $1 fries again :S for comfort and then when i am happy i go back to work again. Keep having the impression that when i work too hard, my fats are burned away so can eat more food.

I did some research on cravings & stress and found these:

Remember, the brain seeks balance. It does not want to feel stressed, blue, or guilty. It immediately looks for pleasure and balance from the things that you have trained it to seek when negative emotions and stressors surface.

Stress, fear, anger, and anxiety can increase a transmitter called neuropeptide Y. This neurotransmitter can significantly increase carbohydrate cravings.

Stress is also associated with low serotonin levels, which can also lead to carbohydrate cravings to boost serotonin.

Depression and the blues are associated with suppressed serotonin levels. Feeling down can affect your desire for carbohydrates to boost these levels.

Feelings of guilt and low self-esteem have a strong connection to increased cravings. Low self-esteem is associated with low serotonin levels.

I better start to exercise when i have cravings again. I think i will return to my secondary school 60kg weight in few months's time if i continue "rewarding" myself.

No snacking & makan = Save more $. Quick think of the amount of $ u are saving.

Typical day on average spending:
$1 fries
$1 Sweet drinks
$2 Old Chang Kee
= $4

1 week = $4 * 7 = $28
1 month = $28 * 4 = $112
1 Year = $1344 (+++ if i continue eating...)

I CAN GO holiday in Aussie every YEAR!

Ok no more eating and snacking anymore


I am going to fail

After flipping through my past year papers, I realize I got chunks to memorize and no wonder the failure rate was so high last year. 15 students took this module and end up 11 students drop out of the course and 4 took the paper and 2 passed only. When i look through the paper, i am shock cos they test things that are not found in my notes. With sketching to be tested during my paper, my lecturer only took 15 mins to teach and then hand us a DVD to tell us to figure out ourselves.

Tell me what to do?! With my exam due on last week of May, i have about 7 chapters worth of design techniques to memorize?!

Absolutely crazy. The module which i look forward the most when i first started this is ending up to be my achilles heel!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


i am so tired.....

Save me!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Home cooked Junk Food

Oh yes... yummy burger.. still have room for improvement for sure...

Home cooked Junk food cure the soul :) haha

My 2nd sister was watching Da Chang Jin.... each time the music played while the "Shang Gong" are cooking in the palace kitchen, I seem to be chopping/cooking/stirring faster than before....

Lu Shang Gong presenting the Imperial Burger to the King... ohhwahahhahahahaha ....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Music Review: Baba Yetu

This song is just so awesome! You should listen it man

Baba Yetu was composed by Christoper Tin. The Song is performed in Swahili by the award winning singing group Talisman A Cappella. The lyrics of Baba Yetu is based on "Our Lord's Prayer" referenced from Christian Bible Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke11:2-4.

This song is free to download at Christopher's site.

Awesome man! 5 STARS!

Is not just about Christians

I liked what the author wrote. How true. We need Christ more than anything in our lives.

It's not about Christians
by John Fischer

I have heard it said that more people are offended by Christians than by Christ. I'm not sure this has ever been statistically verified, but it seems true in my experience. How often have you begun a conversation with someone who is not a Christian and had them bring up either Christians they know who are bad examples or a negative stereotype of Christians that they have bought from the media and used this as a reason why they are not interested in discussing it any further? One bad influence can go a long way toward erasing the whole.

I once had a neighbor whose pastor ran off with the church secretary and money from the church coffers. He left the church, never forgave that pastor, and projected his poor behavior on anyone who had anything to do with Christianity.

So what do we do about this? Well let's start with what we don't do. We don't have to defend bad Christians. Poor or inconsistent behavior of Christians never has to be a threat to sharing Christ with someone. Turn it, instead, into a reason why we all need him.

The reason I am a Christian is not because Christians are such grand examples of human beings. I don't have to prove that our guys are better than your guys. I am a Christian today, because of Jesus Christ and what he has done for me. If it's true that people are less offended by Christ than by Christians, then by all means, talk about Jesus instead. Who was he? Who is he today? What did he do for you? What can he do for anyone who believes?

Keep the focus on Jesus and how much you need him. Talk about what he's done for you? How much he means to you. Tell your friends, "Yeah, I know there are a lot of lousy Christians out there, but it's not about Christians. It's about Christ. If it were all about Christians, we'd all be in trouble. Even the disciples didn't always get it right."

Knowing we don't have to defend the behavior or attitudes of other Christians leaves us free to focus on Christ and this is exactly what we want to do. It's all about Jesus. If and when you do talk about Christians, talk about yourself because you are the Christian you know the best and the one who needs Jesus the most.

And the next time someone brings up a poor Christian example, just say: "Yeah. I agree with you. I wouldn't want to be one of those people either. You know, that's exactly why we all need Jesus!"

Saturday, March 18, 2006


My Weekend Update
Updated March 18, 2006

Main activity: Girls Brigade CAMP

Hung out with: Girls, Jemaine, Mandy, Siew Yean and Pei Szu

Funniest thing: I laughed?

Worst thing: I laughed too much?!

Time I got home: What home?!

Time I was supposed to be home: What home?! ok nv mind i slept at staff lounge.

Latest time I woke up: 7am

Most suspicious activity: i almost strangle all my girls.. tat not suspicious at all.. is so obvious on my face!

Hottest outfit: Ya i was hot and sweaty in my GB blue shirt

Laziest outfit: GB Black Shirt

Plans for next weekend: no camp pls...

i am too tired to write what happned.. thanks to qq who provide a quick update template...

Monday, March 13, 2006

How well you know me?

Think u know me very well or you want to know me more ? haha

I made a Quiz for You on
CLICK on the link below or PASTE it into your browser.

Eh quickly create ur own quiz and test me too :D hahahhaha

this is so fun! =)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Things in my life are getting heavier. But i placed my trust on Him because He knows me the best.

The word "Trust" had carried me through the heavy work schedule.

T - aking one day at a time (Matt 6:34)
R - emember, all things work together for good (Rom 8:28)
U - nder no cirucumstances, should I worry (Phil 4:6)
S - tart everyday with prayer and thanksgiving (1 Thes 5:16-18)
T - he Lord will never forsake me or leave me (Heb 13:5)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I like Qq's latte. So i went to adopt my own kind.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This blog entry is dedicated to Pastor Paul and Janet. My dearest mentors.

Sob. I really missed P.Paul and Janet alot.

Seeing them walk through the departure gates. Tears just auto swell up in my eyes *WAIL*

The couple had been my (& keegan's) mentor when I was a 2 year old young christian.

It was in Year 2001 when I first saw Pastor Paul coming to Bethel. I still clearly remember he was a guest preacher. I can't exactly remember what sermon and what passage he was talking about. But what caught our attention was extremly long name - Pastor Paul Albert Tanchio

The whole service, never listen to what he was preaching, more on discussing with Kg.

"What country do you think he come from ar? SOOOO Strange leh his name. Paul ? Albert? Tanchio????? Wah So interesting! Maybe he is from Japan or Phillipines. Maybe some kind of exotic countries like Mexico or .. hmmm *giggle*"

Finally i think about 1 month plus, he was finally introduce in our church as the new youth pastor. Whoo! Sounds very exciting. Keegan and I was the only ones in youth cell then. Most of them weren't too interested every since the previous Pastor left. But being a new christian, i hunger deeply for God's word and look forward for cell group fellowship, i was excited to see a new Pastor. Keegan and I try hard to got everyone to come back. Pastor Paul was very quiet then. He told us he want to observe how the youths behave. We thought he was weird. Why this Pastor so quiet? Haha.

Slowly, he warmed up. I can also remember our very first bible study with the cell group was the book 1 Cor and 2 Cor. I loved his teachings. I learnt so much about that book. I still remember when he sit cross-legged on the floor. Then Keegan always push a old biscuit tin to Pastor Paul saying "Here, Pastor. Your "pulpit"!"

Years later we recount this. We laughed non stop.

Slowly the attendance in youth cell fall. Alot of them don't want to stay. I was sad and not motivated. But Keegan told me. I am tired. All my good friends are gone. I want to join them in another church. Then i say ok lor. You changed church also can. But you must tell Pastor Paul. I think is only fair you tell him and explain.

I cannot exactly remember the conversation with Pastor. We end up staying in Bethel again. Pastor Paul somehow convinced us. How? I not sure actually. But i glad we stayed. We did many bible studies. Our lesson was always on Thursday night and another one on Sunday afternoon. Janet started joining us. We got to know this couple better. They always share alot of their knowledge. We shared ours. I think then 18 or 19. Quite immature but somehow, they always shared and concern for us. They prayed for us. We are so thankful.

Not all the time is sweet. There are times of rebuke and scoldings from them too! There were a period of time, we hardly attended service. Finally Pastor and Janet rebuke us. But it was a gentle rebuke! I was extremely guilty!!!! I am glad that they did. Truly love and concern for your welfare, only brother and sister in Christ would teach you like this. Rebuking out of love.

For 2 years, We enjoyed great fellowships and prayers. Pastor Paul and Janet is really patient. (Can you imagine? We took 2 years to complete the bible study on Romans!) Whenever Keegan or myself are unhappy about our life like studies, family or anything. They always bring us out for a good meal. We felt so blessed and touched to have friends like them. They nv forget our birthdays. They love to sing and worship the Lord. They have a beautiful home and they always opened it up to us.

When we finally graduated from Poly, we moved from the youth cell to Judea cell. But despite that, we still keep close contact. Occassionally a drop by @ youth cell, meals fellowship.

At one time, I still remember very clearly it was in Year 2003. I hit the lowest period of my life. My family was almost breaking apart. Somehow i wonder what will happen to me. I asked God. Oh help me. Keegan just got enlisted in the army. No one was with me. I felt so down. And you know what? I didnt share anything with cell then. After saying a prayer, my phone rang. "Hi Peiying, how are you? Hows your new job and oh hows ur family? Keegan got enlisted already right? hahha"

I burst into tears. I can't believe it. Janet called. Immediately she asked if she can meet me up for coffee. I couldn't then cos i had already reached home. But she invited me to her house the very next day. I went and just poured my heart out to this couple. How sweet and how nice. They cooked a very nice heartwarming meal for me and prayed for me. Told me that everything is in God's hands and nothing will happen to me. They continued to pray for me.

Keegan have his own share of sharing about the love that Pastor and Janet shown to him. Do ask him. =)

These little acts of love and concern. God gave them to me. I really thank them.

Thank You Pastor and Janet. Your love had touched my life and keegan's life.

Thank you for teaching us bible studies
Thank you for mentoring us
Thank you for scolding us
Thank you for cooking lovely meals
Thank you for listening to us
Thank you for being there whenever we call you
Thank you for the support that you've shown in BBGB
Thank you for showing us what is like to serve the Lord
Thank you for showing us what is like to worship the Lord
Thank you for showing us what is like to love the Lord
Thank you for sharing our joy, sadness and our achievements

Thank you for everything.

We look forward to meet you up again (in Aussie i hope). Silly me. Yes i still cry whenever I think that you two are not in church anymore.

May the Lord be with you and bless you. Praying for you two. Thank you my dearest mentors.

Life is Hectic

Life is so hectic! :(

i need to really slow down now... can't do so much anymore at one time...not super woman ... am human.

Oh may the Lord please sustained me.

I have no idea that my lecturer are moving so fast! He is doing 2 chapters in 1 lecture. If not for the basic background, I really have no idea what's going on. It looked like I have to work extra to catch up with him. 2 assigments due end of Feb. Oh dear. One of it is on doing photography of daily objects that i see everything. Should I photograph my room? It look like a mess. Perhaps there are plenty things to write about my room? Oh, man ... i am desperate in need of ideas!!

I really hate this client. No way your site is going to be listed under my shopaholic links. Argh!
Work been piling up like a huge mountain. How am I am going to move this mountain?! I really need to have faith like the mustard see and say "Mountain Disappear!!!" (okok, i understand the verse just that when i think of mountain i am always reminded of this verse from Matthew 17:20

But on the other hand. My nicest client's (the lady who sell flower bags) is going to be featured on Channel 8 next week Tuesday on "I love Shopping 2"! Wow!!!! Suddenly it makes sense to me that whatever business you do, as long you put in 101% of heart and soul into it, you will do well and the business will begin to harvest the results. =) That also means our work for her had been very good. Oh! I am overjoyed!

My Life
But i think my life is not balanced now. I feel so overwhealmed at times. Feel like suffocating. =( I recognize that there are times i need to spent time with God. I been so involved alot of things. I felt my heart harden at times, like is ok to skip my quiet time, is ok that I forgot to say grace during my meal. These may seem small to some of you but I don't think is right. Something is not right. Just not right. But i can't really identify the source.

I really need to learn to be still. To be still so that i once again feel God again.

Happy Valentine Day to my dear friends =)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

1 Py not enough, I need many many Py.

Once again, i return to school.. this time as a student. After 2 and a half years of long wait. I finally begin to have a chance to sit in the lecture hall looking at old musty lecturer with a pair of glasses. Strands of white hair on his head. Wisdom or age? I am now a proud owner of a brand new of pencil case with the familar stationary like mechanical pencil, ruler + other essential things that will last me for this year. Hmm let's change it half a year instead cos i will be working hard to use up my pen inks and pencil leads.

Now that my school work had settled in my life, I begin to get abit worried. I am worried that I can't do well. My greatest weakness is that i don't have a sense of time. I lose focus and priorities when things get abit over too much. I begin to look at the current list of responsibilties that I am holding on now. It looks so scary when i saw the full list. I can't bear to look at the 2nd time. I feel like chucking it and stuff it under the bed and let it cover with cobwebs and dust and one day while cleaning my room, I will (unknowingly) use the vacuum cleaner and suck it up. How nice. haha

Suddenly I wish I am the real Xena. The one who can handle every tough situation that comes to her. When the problems come, she is able to tackle and bring them down. She is not afraid of failures and can shoulder anything that is heavier, bigger and stronger than her.

Back to reality, I am Peiying. Not Xena.

Last week before CNY, i did spring cleaning in my bedroom. I saw this book that i mentioned before in my past blog -a book written by Elizabeth George - Life Management for Busy Women.

I shall re-read this book. Maybe reading it the 2nd time will prepare me to deal more of my new responsibilities at work, study, family, friends, relationship and with God.

May the Lord grant me his strength and wisdom.

Press on my dear friends who are like me... holding on to so many "portfolios"...

Monday, January 30, 2006

What is the time?

Hey Singapore, it is time! Wishing all of you a Blessed Lunar New Year!

Cheers! *Hiccup *

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


*Disclaimer: This is written under a tremendous stress of 3 projects due this week so anything that is written below is 90% nonsences... I just come here and blurt some things out of my mind to clear my head. Words in Bold are my sensible and logical thoughts*

I can't believe it! CNY is just a few days away. I am not ready for it. I been working too hard for the past few weeks i need a break! Whoooo that why i come here to do some blogging.

I am so glad i cleared one project finally.. there are a few more projects to go.. and they are going to be able to complete only around mid feb. Meanwhile work had been good. Thank God that He had been providing business opportuntities for me and keegan to work on. Projects had been overwhealming that we need help now. So if you got friends who have a IT background, knows how to design websites and also do back end programming, can work under tight deadlines and have a strong interest in web designing, please let me know.

Now that being a boss, i certainly had a new perspective of how bosses worked. Is really headache when you decided to hire somebody cos you have no idea on how his or her background is like and the constant checking of the work. Whoo talk about Donald Trump. haha... But on other hand, a boss will never be able to work alone if things get out of hand so he or she needs help! So eh... i think all employees are treasures. Talk about appreciation. Must appreciate them cos they lighten boss work load. Must be a good boss and a good testimony.

2 years ago, my view of a good boss must possess such ability:

1) Kind and understanding
2) Encouraging
3) Giving Guidance
4) Close 1 eye
5) More understanding
6) Gentle rebuke and correction

now let me see if i have those qualities: haha

1) Kind and understanding: hmm so far... i been ok
2) Encouraging : YES.. that one i sure have.. HAHHA
3) Giving Guidance: I chum .. i keep looking for pple who are independent and no need to give advice one... i sure not that kind of boss who know how to give guidance
4) Close 1 eye: I been closing 2 eyes
5) More Understanding: Yes ..........
6) Gentle Rebuke & Correction: So far.. keegan been doing this.. not me.. HAHA

Lastly i don't think i will be like Donald Trump blurting these 3 words at my staffs in future
- You are Fired!

*Read the 1st line again - Disclaimer *

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Happy 50th!

Wishing BlessedHaven - Happy 50th Blog Article =)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Had a long list of resolutions that i made for the Year 2006. Too many to name... but most importantly is that I must have the discipline to see through it. No discipline = Ultimate Failure

Here are the top 10

1) Exercise 2 times a week
(The above resolution is waived if I am sick.)

2) Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of water. Cut down my sugar intake.

3) STOP surfing silly websites .. i waste too much time on them.

4) Be a good & filial daughter and help out in housework.

5) Prioritize my works.

6) Be nicer to my brother
(The above resolution is waived if he really upsets me.)

7) Bedtime must not passed 12 midnight.

8) Pray & spent time with God. I hope to spent at least 1/2 hr with God each day. If i can remember to take my meal why can't i remember to spent time with Him.

9) Saves at least 10% to 20% of my allowance. I admit I have poor management skills when it comes to finance so I am trying to be a good stewardship of money (is that how you say?)

10) Greet with a bright smile (or tell a joke) to make my friends happy =)
(The above resolution is waived if my friends request me to keep quiet! *sigh*)

2 more mins to midnight! *poof*

Monday, January 02, 2006

Last Day of Year 2005

What a great way to spent my last 2 days in Year 2005

View Full Turi Beach Photos

My Balcony

2 Queen Size Beds!

Turi Beach - Beautiful Sandy Beach + nice Weather

Keegan infront of MY little villa...

That's how our little villas looked like.. if you stayed at the 3rd floor..means u got to climb higher up the hill... 4th floor is the highest.. individuals little villas.

A relaxing afternoon picking up the seashells by the beach. I learnt that you can pick lots of seashells when is low tide.. is so low that you can say Hi to Hermit the Crab.

Night time falls.. after the dinner... it was a walk on the bridge to view the beautiful clear night sky to gaze at stars... I caught a shooting star!

6.45am Turi beach... look at the beautiful hues of the blues and oranges in the sky. We are there to catch the beautiful SunRise of 31st Dec 2005!

The Sun is coming...

If you seen the actual thing... you just so in awe with God's creation. Beautiful Sunrise. Reminds me how God's love is so beautiful and faithful. Unchanging love for me. Felt loved comforted and refreshed. In my heart I just shout: All Glory to God!

I think i gain weight.. i see double chin.....

We become little children again

The swing is huge... else how do u explain it can fit the both of us??

We are trying hard to balance... quite good right??

Very beautiful. You just sit there and listen to the waves.

Breakfast contributes 1 kG of my weight....

Instead of taking a dip in the pool to exercise, we choose to sleep & stone at the sheltered hut by the pool side.. and facing the beautiful sea. That Keegan inside the water if you can spot his head.

Then we drink coconut water to our hearts' contents...

We played Phase 10 to pass our time....

Before we realize it, is lunch time... and this fish and chip contributes 2Kg of weight...

FULL - Lunch was good...

I gained 3KG so is time to lose some weight!

I also spent a very meaningful time with dear friends watching fireworks unexpectly from the Explanade rather than the Bradaell Heights CC Fireworks "Fiesta". What a great way to start my year 2006 with my friends. Lots of laughters and funs and joys =)

Happy New Year!