Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ants and Solutions

I am quite fed up with the brown ants crawling around my table even though there are no food stuff in my room. (alright i do eat ice-cream now and then but i make sure there are no bits of food left behind for the ants to devour)

So i decided to google to check for any solutions.

Recently there is this thing that you can post a question to Yahoo and Yahoo! Concidentally, the google result ranked Yahoo! Answers as the top 3 searches when i keyed in these words "how to get rid of brown ants?"

And i discovered that is not Yahoo who is giving out the answers - It is the community who is providing the answers. Some of the suggestions were really hilarious!

Q) How to get rid of ants in the house. They are little brown ones?

A) The top 5 answers

1) step on em

2) Hire an exterminator. Or do it yourself with a vacuum cleaner! Your best bet would be to call an exterminator. An ant can live up to 15 years and 3 days in water. If you have a colony the chances of getting rid of all of them yourself is very rare. Plus you would be protected from others coming in and living with you.

3) Charge them rent...

4) smash em

* This is my favourite =)
5) Mix equal parts of icing sugar and baking soda and put the mix onto a small saucer etc. and then place on the floor where you have seen the ants (usually in the corners)The ants eat the mixture and because they have an exoskeleton i.e. on the outside of their body, they simply explode when the baking soda mixes with their body fluids.This really works!

I will tell you again which method i decided to use :)

If you have any fantastic ideas, feel free to tell me too :D

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