Monday, November 21, 2005


1) 2 Projects - Deadline in Mid Dec... More projects on their way

2) GB Camp - Expedition : Yet to plan anything yet

3) Good Frd's Wedding - No dress... Yet to buy

4) Pimples Sprouting All Over

5) Friends R on holidays - I can't go *sob*

6) Hair's dropping rate had increased 2 times

I am going nuts

*put the lime in the coke you nut*

If only I have Professor McGonagall's Time-Turner.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Your priority?


Spend time with Him... cos He hears all your prayers and your life =)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Thanksgiving - I am returning to school!

I got a letter from uniSIM that I got a place in the course. Praise God. It had been a long wait for 2 and a half years since I graduated from poly.

Many of you whom know me well will know how I yearn to return back to studies. For consecutive 3 years my application to the local universities (NUS, NTU and SMU) were rejected. The rejections were really disheartening. Looking at many of my peers who are already in their final year in their undergrad studies and I was still not able to study! I had tried to explore the idea of applying as a mature applicant, but the thought of waiting till I am 25 years old (that means July 2008) just make me feel even more "pek chek". I thought cannot wait so long lar, my brain won’t be functioning too well by then. Overseas studies were never really an option either as the amount of money spent is really too much for me and not wanting to put extra burden to my family expenses.

Begin to ask God what wrong with me, how come I never seem to be able to return back to study? Maybe is not time for me yet... But be faithful cos I know the Lord will show me the way.

The chance came when I saw the uniSIM ad in newspaper which the SG 4th local uni. I also saw a course that interests me greatly. I was excited as finally uniSIM were setup and approve by MOE for working adults to be able to study. Many encouraged me to apply and prayed for me. =) Thanks you!

When I went to clear my mailbox and i saw the sim logo... my heart begin to beat very very fast... and I realize is a thin enevelope.. and i was getting abit worried too when 1 month ago i learnt that over 2000 applicants applied and only 1000 places were offered. The worst thing? Poly grads formed the 90% of the 2000 applicants! So guess what? I glanced through and skip all the way to the last paragraph. I gonna show you what my vision show me :

............ denots skipping the words

"Whether you are studying ........., we hope you will achieve your potential............................"

Then i re-read again:

"Whether you are ......... career............. personal...... ........., we hope you will achieve your potential......I am confident that your study.............."

Too fast... Re-read again....

Then keegan exclaimed: "Eh they say Congrats! CONGRATS LEH!"

I scroll up and finally saw this line:

"Dear Ms Lu: Congrats ........................................................." (vision blurred)

Yeah! So silly me... why didnt I read the first paragraph? That is something about me. I always read things at the bottom. Especially magazine... sometimes i read from back to front.

Very sadly, I was not called for any interview for the scholarships. But I believe the Lord will provides. Should be either seeking for a loan or bursary awards to cover my education expenses. But Praise God =)

Hurray I am going back to study! >=D

Whoo hoo :D

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pasta anyone?

When you feel like cooking

Actually i had craving for pasta... hahaa so i decided to cook!

Yes Cabonara.... anyone? I use ham instead of bacon... and my sister had not taught me the authentic way of cooking ... so i am still using the ready-made sauce ... Nice button white mushrooms , onions, and herbs herbs herbs!

Boil a pot of hot water and add in salt and olive oil. Reason so your spaghetti will not stick to each other.. Oh yes stir occassionally... meanwhile.. prepare to .....

add olive oil to...

fry onions! .. hmm i wonder why it turned out like garlic instead.. i almost type "fry garlics"

fry fry add in the ham ....

then add the mushrooms too....

Add the sauce too... yummy *drools* u can also add water if you find the sauce too thick....

oh yes.. pls dun forget the pasta is cooking away...

Once cooked, drain the water and run the pasta under running cold water

Add olive oil..optional though.... and prepare to serve!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers !

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Sometime i just prefer something clean and neat and is readily available... although I would very much like to have my own personalized haven (after all that is my forte?) but time consuming....

So I take it that I had rented a nice "hotel" for my BlessedHaven and I will look for a permament haven in a couple of months down the road...

& I would preferbably my blog to have lotsa of food and travel pictures =) You know recently lots of pple talk about food? I would very much like to do the same too *drools*

Only my sister is so free & creative to personalize her blogskin every month.