Wednesday, September 28, 2005

IT talk

HotSpot of the Day
"11.40 pm... and i am craving for.... macdonald hotcakes ... with lotsa of honey and butter :P~"
i don't know if that happens to you, sometimes when I work extremely hard during the day, I look forward to a good meal. Or cook something nice to cheer myself.

Recently i discovered a new software by Googles. Hmm maybe it had been here for quite sometime only then i realize its existence (how lousy for a IT person like me). Check it out Picasa by Google. If you think Photoshop is too "cheem" (difficult) for you, I think you will enjoy Picasa. What I like about this is the built in feature of doing collage. Saves me lots of time instead doing the manual way in Photoshop.

Some sample pixs that I took.. If you like black and white or sepia print... they offered you the effect with one click =)

So cool isn't? I don't have much pictures in my laptop.. wait till I go back to my main PC and play with the software...

Work had been stressful and 1 deadline is coming up pretty soon.. But thank God Kg is clearing his leaves beginning of next month which means he can jump in the wagon and save me ...

Back to my retreat... sigh still can't believe the whole chunk of entry is gone... but it had been a good retreat.. like what Mandy say.. good for the soul and the tummy =)

Most imptly, I had re-discover the motivations and passions in serving this ministry. The retreat had help all officers to know about the different needs and motivations and how it can be helpful in the growth of the ministry. It also highlighted some of our needs or motivations could be a stumbling block not only in our lives but also the youths' lives. Must really find time to blog those stuffs again.

i feel like baking this week... any suggestions or requests?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I am so angry and upset. i wrote a super long entry on the retreat.. and then .. when i click enter.. the entry was gone and they tell me to relogin again?!


Thursday, September 22, 2005

When the Answer is No Answer

I'm going to attempt the impossible. I am going to tackle THE BIG QUESTION especially popular in the wake of hurricane Katrina (and now Rita on the way), that being: the question of God's sovereignty. If God is in control of everything and He is a loving God, how can He let something like this happen?

As human beings who claim to follow God, we are often put in a position of having to answer for Him. This is unfortunate, since we are none of us, God, and if God is not going to give us an answer, on what grounds can we possibly think that we might be able to explain one to someone else?

Put on the spot with questions like this, we usually end up trying to show how good ultimately comes of these horrific things, but that is never a satisfying answer, especially for one who is in the middle of experiencing nothing but loss and devastation.

Here is a believer's dilemma: The Bible has absolutely no qualms about presenting a world where bad things can happen to good people and good things can happen to bad people. It is entirely un-self-conscious in this way. God does not seem at all challenged about accepting responsibility for that which befalls us that we determine is good or bad.

The pill we have to swallow is this: Our inability to accept these paradoxes is our problem, not God's. God is not hauled into court by our questions. God simply will not sit on the witness stand and have His activity scrutinized by us. I suppose we can scrutinize it all we want but that will get us no closer to understanding God or having Him reveal His motives to us.

So we are left to make our way - to figure out, as both Job and Solomon did, how to accept difficult things from Him and still honor and worship Him.

By saying this, I am not suggesting we have a faith that has nothing to do with our feelings of frustration or desperation. We don't just paste a scripture verse, or a “God knows what He's doing” over the question and walk away, unconnected with the feelings that forced us to Him in the first place. (This is why some Christians seem so unattached to their true feelings, because they have gotten good at doing this.) Even God's Son cried out “My God, why have you forsaken me?” from the agony of the cross… and He knew why all along! He just wasn't a robot. I think He was merely being entirely human in that moment. It's human to ask. It's human to not get an answer. It's human to be frustrated. It's human to alternate between trusting God and fighting God.

So where does this all end up? Well, here's my best attempt: Never stop asking, seeking, and pounding on God's door for answers; just don't expect Him to always come out and give you one. However, He will always come and put His arm around you and comfort you. That much I know.

Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable His judgments, and His paths beyond tracing out! Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been His counselor? Romans 11:33, 34

~ John Fischer is the Senior Writer for Purpose Driven Life Daily Devotionals.

The most comfort thought in the article that reminded me God never fail to forsake us. Still with us despite the many unhappy things that are happening around us.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

It had been a blessed event. It had brought me closer to the Lord. During the prac whenever I get frustrated, I almost lost my temper or patience ("~) i apologize for these and u all really had been really really patience towards me and i seemed to have the most problem when comes to coordination. This bunch of friends are really great! You all are a gift from the Lord. Thank you Evince team =)

Friday, September 16, 2005


Remember you have a date with Evince this coming Saturday, 17-Sep 05?

Come and journey with us on this coming Saturday as the Lord continues to reveal Himself to us, His great and wonderful plan for us. Reach out & let's come together to proclaim His existence, His goodness and His marvelous great love!

Date: 17 Sep 2005
Time: 4pm - 6pm
Venue: Bethel Presbyterian Church - Annex Hall

We can't wait to see you there!

Evince^05 Team

Check out our cool t-shirts ... almost everyone are wearing it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lord, help me remember that nothing is going to happen today, that You and I can't handle TOGETHER

Monday, September 12, 2005

something to look forward tonight - my fav Stairway to heaven.. *sigh* i wish she nv regain her memory and will fall in love with the guy who does so many things for her... oh i wish ...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

It had been a hectic week. I taught a group of P5 students on macromedia flash. Been quite sometime since I taught such a big class.

A school approached me to see if i am interested teaching full time as an IT trainer. Thinking my current work load is quite heavey i told them I won't be able to commit full time. But they continued to say that they offers part time as well. Part time usually will be during schools holidays. Hmm no harm. is also an opportunity to learn as well ... oh well difficult can they be...

ya right... i immediately was drained on the first day. I woke up @ 6am and had to be in school by 7.30am and it went on for the next 4 days .. very very draining.... though actually i realize i taught the students less on the 3rd and 4th lesson cos i given them projects to work on. Looking at those kids really reminds me when i was in my primary school days. I think if i am a student, I would hate myself! Myself as in the teacher. I think i am super mean. The more active and naughty students especially the boys are extremely noisy (girls some too!) i always tell them one more word coming from you ... you are out of my class... and i love to give them the piercing fierce look from my eye.. and they will cringe in their seats! In the past i always secretly doing things and hiding behind the folders thinking the teacher is blind and totally oblivious of the things around her... ya right i am kidding myself.. standing there i can see every single student computer even if their computer is facing at the wall... but thanks to the window... the reflection I always know what they are up to...ya pericing look @ them!

My greatest frustration didnt came from the students but the school clerk who refused to cooperate with me. I think all school clerks have this frustrated and short-tempered attitude on them. anyway long story... all school clerks... 1 word HORRIBLE!

Greatest job satisfaction comes when my students say they enjoyed learning flash 5 and kept asking me to teach them more .... hehe

On friday was very very hectic.. but very thankful that i recieved lots of help in getting the evince t-shirts. So happy the shirts turned out fine though actually there is a slight mistake on the design.. hmm i shall not say anything since no one notice.. hehhehehehe

Saturday i got a nice GRADE A rose... from the GBHQ... very sweet of them! And the rose somehow really make me feel so peaceful & at ease even now as i type this blog .... the rose blooms and seems to be smiling at me :) very beautiful rose... the most beautiful rose that seem to been giving out a kind of red and sweet glow. The rose is as huge as my palm... what do you think huh?

Evince prac... was feeling very frustrated.. thinking i almost burst... cos we still didnt get lots of things right...but later things got better after that... everyone was very encouraging ... and i think Evince had really made a huge change in all our lives ..this special event that we want to bring ourself closer to the Lord to worship Him. Maybe is time for me not to focus so much on whether we sing and play well or whether we are on time or on cue or what ever so... even with the mike fail and the whole thing flipped upside down.. I should be focusing on the Lord cos Lord is the one who in charge of all these. He using us to help pple to worship and enjoy a great time of fellowship with Him not our own purposes. But His purposes.

5 more days left folks. Let's commit and focus on the Lord cos We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength! Praise You Father !

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i am currently conducting an IT workshop teaching P5 students about Macromedia Flash ...

More details coming soon .... meanwhile i need to get more nourishment...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

yawn today had been a packed day from 6.45 am to 10pm... but i started my morning with a very blessed note :)

I wanted to wake up at 6.30am this morning but of course i fail miserably.. i woke up at 6.55am instead. Was ready by 7.05am. Looking @ my watch thinking *chum no time already i need to be church by 7.30am plus i need to withdraw money to prepare for the change* No choice, i took cab down instead

Met this cab uncle ... told me he was a christian when he learnt I was heading to church. Continued to do sharing like his church is @ some ulu ulu place near telok blangah place methodist church ... also heard of Bethel too and been there once..*Wow* He mentioned that after sending me to church, he was going home to pick his family then head to the church to go for service. I was like *wah* good ... :) and he said before he drove taxi, he worked in some timber industry for a few years then switch to taxi driving.

For many years he never worked on Sunday cos Sunday is the sabbath day a Holy Sunday for the Lord .. to rest and have a fellowship with his family. However one Sunday morning, his church had combined service and it is at 10.30am. Woke up early in the morning nothing to do, he decided to drive his taxi and worked. Before he started his job, he said a prayer: "God, I know today is Sunday. But I just feel like working. May the work i doing now be glorifying and pleasing to you. Make it yours and do your will" When he shared this part, he was super excited and exclaimed: "Guess what!? The whole morning, i was fetching pple to church!!!! I felt so happy and that was the first time i felt job satisfaction and God was working! I drove pple to church so that they will not be late and can be on time for the Lord! I never wasted my morning. " Huge grin plastered across his face and he just couldn't stop smiling.

I was so touched and blessed by this testimony that he shared and he said ever since when there is a combined service or when he wake up extra early, he will drive on Sunday morning and somehow God always arrange pple to take his cab to go church :) I was his first christian passenger today! hehehe

Begin to think and also started to reflect, had my work been glorifying and pleasing to God as well? I guess it had :P but of course everything is to God to be glory :)

When nearing to church, we turned in the road at "Jalan Girang", and the uncle surprised me. He said: "Hey is that your church members?" I was thinking uncle can tell we are bethel pple HAHA ..... i peered out and saw Auntie Pauline and Ben. Quickly stopped the taxi and asked them to get in so they won't have to walk so far.

Upon reaching the church, Auntie Pauline just whipped out a $10 dollar note and paid my cab fare. I was like ??!!!!! AH? What are you doing? That's my cab ! The taxi uncle just laugh at me and accepted auntie Pauline's payment instead! ARH! And she just kept saying never mind lar.. is OK! N silly Ben just giggled nonstop. No matter how hard i tried, she still refused to accept my payment.

Blessed morning ... Thank you Father :)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

This week i am extremely "swui" (unlucky)

Last Sunday, while attempting to walk up the slope, i lost my footing and slipped and had multiple slight cuts on my right elbow.

2 days ago while washing the dishes, the knife slipped and I got 0.5cm cut on my fourth finger on my left hand...

Today i was packing my sister's magzine on her table and underneath lies a hideous looking blade waiting to ambush me. Of course...what happen... when i placed the magzines on the table, i didn't know and place my index finger on the blade... and I made a double 1cm cut...

sob... =(