Thursday, November 02, 2006

The naggy feeling

Blessings of the day:
Oh goody! I cleared 1 project today =) Client is happy and good to LIVE in 2 days time. Yipee! That left with 1 more project + 2 more exams to go ...


I am feeling very negative these few days. I always having naggy + negative feeling when things are not confirmed. My fear always put me in a insecurity and jumpy mode making me feeling very kan cheong.

2 irratating clients whom i really dislike alot... is playing with their time and not replying me about whether to renew their contract anot. Expiry date is coming soon in about less than 10 days and they take things slowly. Although i very much would like them not to continue as they have always been slow in making payment and demanding when comes to requests, somehow there will be a negative feeling hanging around within me if they decided to terminate the contract. I should be glad and happy that they are over as I've no longer have to face them. But the negative feeling will instead put me in a self-blame and reflective mode - "What have i done wrong?!"

Glad + Gone < Self reflection + doubt
Really.. what wrong with me man... Keegan was more cool about these issues he told me not to worry and that these are things we can't control at all. It does not denote that clients leaving are a bad thing.

I really hate these troublesome clients *booo*

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