Saturday, September 23, 2006

Prayer Works

Yesterday around evening, I almost hit the 100 degree stress boiling point again. I wanted very much to break down and cry cos my studies and work were too overwhealming for me. My mind was 100% filled up. It was filling out with so much things in my head. No matter how hard I tried, the moment i closed my eyes, many images of to-do list pop up right before me! That was so scary! Is worst than having a nightmare. Seriously... i thought i was going to faint from stress.

These happen during I was having dinner with my classmate. My friend just rattle on "Did you know .. ? Did you do ... ? Have you ...? What is ...? When is...?"

Thousands of questions poured out infront of me. I told her blankly. No i have no idea these things need to be done.

I open up my laptop and checked my school email - more of these appear "Please do.... Please report.... Please register.... Please take note.... Please....."

As if I was not feeling stressful enough, I went to check my work email.... Hoping i can get some peace from my work. Nope! I open up my email.. I saw these "Have you... Can you.... Please kindly... What is.... ???????????

I stare at my the laptop screen. What on earth was i doing? My head began to pound very hard. It was so painful... then my friend asked me, "Hey.. eat dinner lar.. don't check already"...

Immediately, I cried. I mean i cried in my heart ... I quietly eat my dinner while my friend still rattle on. Suddenly I wish I was alone.

With a tired heart, during the whole dinner I didn't really pay attention to what my friend was saying. I was in my own world. I started to wonder loud, how come I got so much things on hand. I was feeling stressful and very stretched. I needed a break. but how when? Then suddenly my friend asked me,

"Katherine, that a nice wallpaper... what Anew?" I looked at her blankly before i replied "oh ! Anew is an event in my church. Is praise and worship mini concert kind of thing. Then i designed this logo for our church t-shirt. " "Nice... use photoshop?" "Yup"

~ Ok the thing is... when i saw the design i did - the words "transformation and living sarcrifice" came to me. .. The 2 words are suddenly like light bulb just shine infront of me overpowering the rest of things around it. I realized i need to be transformed and renewed by God. I was too caught up in my own world of business. I didn't spend time with God.

In my own world again, I started to chat with God... really literally chatting in my heart. I was like a dual core processor - listening in and out of my friend (not really listening seriously) and talking to God.

The Holy spirit just keep rattling 2 words FOCUS GOD in my head.

After awhile, my mind begin to clear.. blood pressure go down also.. not so high as before.

I clicked on to my digital Post it notes on my desktop. On the first to-do thing of my priority list?

"Pray to God"

Shall do this everything i hit boiling point again. Amen

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

*squeak* I won a prize

11 Sep 2006

Congrats!!!!! You are our lucky winner in the CLEO Readership Survey 2006. You have won for yourself a Bigen Silk Touch Hair Color, worth $12.90

Yeah yeah =) I won! *squeak in delight!*

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Say NO

one lesson learnt from my work and also the case between a "money coy" and a "computer coy"

No more sg projects for me.. no more.. never never never touch them.. even they worth millions.. cos they expect you to give them a gazillion worth in value of the project in return!

Say NO to sg projects.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


After the intense, fun, reseach on my media com essay... I shall ....

ban all Nike products .... no more purchasing of The swoosher... I support...

BlackSpot Sneakers!