Friday, October 30, 2009

Long waited trip - Patty & Happy @ KL Day 1

Blessing of the day: I learn my lesson. Never will i ever going to be last min.. ever again. God help me to be a good stewardship of your time given to me.
This is the first time I attempt to write my travel write up on the actual day. While memories are still fresh and hot, I realize is quite exciting to do this way to reflect and recall what had happen during the day. Of course I am like a walking zombie right now even as i type this entry as for the past 2 nights, it was less than 4 hours of sleep! Well due to my incompetent and last minute work, i gonna make sure, this will not going to happen again. Never!

Patty and I had been planning for our get together trip for several occasions and every time we fail to carry out. It is either run out of money or not a good time to travel. We both are the biggest procrastinator on earth. Let me count, we probably had tried to plan and travel to places like Langkawi, Perth and what else?? Countless...

So is finally KL because first the air tickets are dirt cheap. With all tax in, we are only paying about $45 for a return air ticket + out from Changi T1! Ok nothing exciting to shout about as we had been to KL several occasions but I guess we been hoping to travel together as we known each other since 2005 as online msn buddy mates. Traveling Patty will be fun!

Time is a factor so thus explain our 3D2N but short trip also means less money spent. The both of us are food lovers and we probably spent more time looking @ food than shopping. haha.

On the eve of our trip, we both were rushing like for deadlines, Patty on her assignment and me on my projects. It was also the first time we only started packing our bag 4 hours before our flight. My dad was kind and sweet enough to send the both of us to the airport. *thanks dad!*

Upon checking in, we both went to have lunch @ Toast Box. That's when i realized I had not eaten anything since I woke up. Curry chicken was yummy perhaps I was too hungry and anything will be yummy. A pleasant surprise awaits us as we saw Tommy Emmanuel! haha Ray's favourite guitarist! keke like 2 small girls, we took photos with him but forgot to got him to play a song and his autograph. Haha.

Just about 40mins more before we would board our plane, the both of us saw a promotion that gives away free complimentary 10 min head and neck massage :P We were quite excited and asked if was really true and tada it was! :P

Finally we board the plane and to our "surprise" we had to sit separately apparently it was a full flight to KL and so we two took the opportunity to "snooze" 1 hour before we reach KL finally. When we were there, we took the sky bus by Air Asia which cost about RM9 per pax and head to KL Sentral. From there we made our way via LRT and reached Hotel Equatorial.

We tried to ask for a free upgrade but apparently I think the guy didn't get my hint. But we did get a "lovely" view of the twin towers from our room. hahaa Patty was trying so hard not to laugh @ me for making such a ridiculous request. We were pretty satisfied with the room and the bed was such a comfortable one.

Patty's friend brought us to Pavilion to have dinner. It was both our first time even though I knew it existed last year and I didn't have a chance to go. It was another big mall but it had a alfresco opening dining concept which is pretty hip and happening. I was hoping to get dinner @ Mdm Kwan in KLCC and tada there was one in Pavilion! So finally I got to eat their signature dish - Nasi Bojari is a type of indonesian tri-coloured rice that comes with assam prawns, beef rendang and deep fried chicken drumsticks. Yummy! We also ordered a chinese dish hor fun with rice vermicelli. It was something unusual for Singaporeans and the order turned out great! 3 girls shared the 2 dishes as the portion was quite huge for us and we were saving our stomach for desserts. We tried the Chendol as well it was not bad but i thought my Malacca trip this year in June was nicer than the one @ Mdm Kwan. Nonetheless, it was a yum yum!

After dinner, we jalan in the big mall and by then, patty and i could hardly open our eyes. We were totally exhausted and I slept almost immediately the moment my head touched the pillow. It was a good 9.5 hours of sleep after 2 exhausting late nights at work.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Work Madness

Lord, May the work I built with my hands find favour in You.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Foodie Friends

Recently I got to know


Cool :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

HappyWhitsun Home - Ep 3 =)

I realize i never quite finish up what i had wanted to do which was to share my home renovation and all sorts.

It had been almost 3 months since the renovation completed! The home looks good and cozy and ready to be moved in which KG did yesterday finally. Yeah!

The whole home renovation, furnishings and mini small items was all within our budget. We praise God that He provided people who kindly blessed us with furnishing and help us in one way of another. We thank God that the home arrived at the right time too and we managed to secure a few good bargains along the way as we built our home together.

Living Room
  • Sofa from Sea Horse: This was one my favourite piece of furniture. Firstly is my dream L shape sofa and is comfy! Yes is off white and many of my friends commented is gonna get dirty or wait till kids come.. u will know. Alright, having said that while i will wait till kids come, white sofa shall stay! *muahahaha* My favourite part it comes with a extra set of sofa attachment which give me another reason to shop for ikea nice wooden/white tray. Imagine yummy cakes and tea/coffee and nice summer flowers. hmmm...
    Time spent to search and make decision: 2 months
    After 1 week we bought the price went up.. muahhaaha

  • TV from Gain City Marina Road Show: Hahaa best buy from Panasonic! Comes with HDMI Cable + $100 NTUC vouchers. This is so handy. Thank God we waited patiently for 2 IT shows to pass us by before we got such a good bargain.
    Time spent to search and make decision: 3 months and countless visits to the same outlet Courts, Best Denki and talking to different guys and till now we still think TV looks the same except the size.

  • Dining Table From Silver River Furniture Outlet: Ah i love my dining table! It is the first and the last impulse purchase. I am so into nice benches as part of the dining experience. KG didn't quite like it because he finds that he can't lie on his back while drink coffee. I told him that's is what sofa for. We are supposed to utilize everything at home :P Having said that, it is made of solid oak wood and so much stable than the ones we see in Ikea. This table is gonna be with me forever everytime i moved house! It is so zen looking ! Yummy!!!

  • My dream kitchen! Ok not really since is small and it doesn't have an island. It will be nice to have one. =)
  • Oven From Mayer: This was such an exceptional surprise! I got a good deal for this and it comes with a promotion price for Chef Knives! Although not very well-known brand but i think for a start, the chef knives were good enough. The Oven still had not made opened its official baking yet and yes i am looking forward to create magic! Hurray!
  • One of my kitchen highlight will be spice rack where i am going to place all the dry bottle herbs there. Another highlight is the book rack where i am gonna store my cook books and the files of recipes i seen in magazines. Now i was told it was not practical because the books are going to turn yellow. Sigh ok i wonder if i shd get a proper book shelf and put in the kitchen now. hahahaa
  • Now where to find a nice recipe book holder :P

Study Room
  • All furnitures are from Ikea! We didn't feel we should be spending part of the renovation to built bookcases and tables. Thus everything are from Ikea instead. As the room is green, most of the furnitures pieces are dark brown oak colour. Hmmm feel so serene and forest. Like some kind of environmentally friendly room ahhaa. I wish the green would be darker though, so far it looked abit too light till. For shelves, we bought the open type like lockers format. More boxes from Ikea to store our loose items like letters and personal belongings to make the space neat. Now how I wish if Ikea got a glass box then i would have place my soft toys in. That will be nice and keep them out of dusts.
Master Bedroom
  • Our room that can only be utilized next year Jan. Currently is the most simple one. Smack right in the middle is our king size bed from Sea Horse too. We are so pleased that we got a good price with 50% and additional 25% more. The storage bed and mattress all came under $1.2K. It was a good buy and seriously how long did we hunt for it.
    Time Spent: No need to hunt, every sunday without fail after service, we will visit compass point seahorse outlet, test the bed, jump the bed, lie on the bed, calculate and asked questions till the point the people inside knew us recognized us and can't be bothered to entertain us. We've also reccee other places and were shocked to see a good reputable bed mattress like Sealy will cost $1.5K & above. Since we both grew up familiar with Seahorse brand thus it make sense to get what we were comfortable on. After we made our purchase, we still make weekly trips in just to see if the price went up or down. haha!
  • It was one of the most memorable. I did my homework as usual by reading forum and posting questions and shortlisted to just 3 outlets. We found the outlet "Lighting Arcade" @ Balestier Road one of the best buy. The shop is small but low and behold, there are gazillion lightings inside! My favourite light would be the "ice-cube" and "netting" right @ our passageway. Hanging lights cost quite abit and thus pushed up the budget. But I was still glad that everything exceed the budget by a couple of dollars so that's wasn't too bad! =)
The rest of the home furnishings > Ikea Ikea Ikea :) I love Ikea!!! i still haven't got enough stuffs from Ikea yet! :P

We enjoyed every single moment of process from furniture hunting, bargaining and setting it up. It really put a smile on our face when we came up for cleaning for the past 2 months. Living here would be fun and yes may the home we live in be a channel of blessings to our friends who visit us. =)

Now back to my work... so much work! Oh my goodness!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I realize that recently my management of time is terrible. Not as if it was prefect in the past. But really recently ... it was just so messed up! Everything is so last minute!

Sigh God please help me to be a good stewardship of Your time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Graduation Shots

Blessings of the Day: Still in the mood of graduation *finish liao*

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I've Finished The Race!

Blessings of the Day: To God be to Glory.

Last year I felt I went through a rehearsal

This year... is for real! And it is the final lap!

我终于读完了!我终于毕业 了!

It had been a bitter sweet journey for me. Not that I went through alot of trials but yes it was quite a fair bit of obstacles. As I sat in the hall waiting for my turn to receive my certificate, thousands of one things ran through my mind.

I still remembered the many disappointments I faced when I applied for various local uni after I finished my poly. I remembered facing the disappointments from my mom that I cannot enter local Uni. I remembered a lot of things.

But I thank God that I can graduate today with a degree. It was HIM who enabled me to do all things.

I guess I've been waiting for very long for this day to come. Today my parents, my 2 sisters and Keegan turned up to support me. Some of my classmates said, "eh you attended the ceremony twice?" I know! Frankly speaking, I didn't feel anything last year hahaa, yes i was happy but for today, I was very overwhelmed. Even now as I am typing this blog entry. I am just choked with thanksgiving in my heart that I finally reached my goal and my dream.

It was not easy for me, because I often felt I am not a very bright person. I don't scores As or As* for every subject. From Primary school, to Secondary school to Poly. Even when I entered into workforce after poly, I often felt very inadequate. A few times, or many be multiple times a day, I felt so stupid & dumb ! Argh! Why can't I ever get things right? Why don't I have natural talents like some of my friends do. If I were to ever admit what I am most envy about.. that it would be talents. You will never find me envy a person with materials possessions because at the end of the day, I know if I work hard enough I can get the items that I want. Somehow I often felt talents are like inborn ability or God's special favour on the person.

For the past few years, I questioned/seek/prayed/asked God what talents He had given or bless me with? I wondered hard and long enough. Today I think i got the answer.

God had granted me perseverance.

I looked back, if not for perseverance, I will not be able to finish the race. If not for perseverance, I would give up in IT. If not for perseverance, I will not be where I am today.

I may not be the A* student in class or the most talented and biz person in the business world. But yes God granted me perseverance to complete what I had set my mind on. And in the process, He mold me, change me, teach me and most important He moved before me and determine my steps of where I seek my goal. I took longer than usual but I believed it was His intention to lead me today outcome.

Proverbs 16:9
In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

Thank you Father. All Glory to Your name as You lead me in my business for Your Glory. Amen.