Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day @ T3

Reporting LIVE from T3 Departure Gate B3 :)

Can't wait to mai dong xi chi dong xi!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Standard Chartered Marathon 2008

Blessings of the Day: It was my first marathon but surely not my last! :)
How we decided to join the marathon was something I found it rather amusing. In 2007 2nd December, Kg and I was taking a train to SK library to chop seats for kg's last cramming for his exams. When we board the train we saw a runner wearing the SCM shirt dozing off in the train. Glancing down the train cabins, we found quite a number of people wearing the same shirt dozing off too... And it just occurred to us that we wanted to do the same thing - to join the marathon in 2008. That's it! We just want to join! HAHA. *actually i secretly like their addidas shirt alot - and that why i wanted to join wahahaha*

Early 2008, there was a women magazine SHAPE 10 km marathon too, I had wanted to join to kick off my training early, however i missed the deadline! Due to the overwhelming response, within 2 months, all 5000 places were snapped up! Argh~ this had definitely taught me a lesson that I should register early for the SCM as well. Immediately July 2008, the early bird promotion was introduced, I quickly registered as a mixed team with Kg, my brother in law and sister. In July, I had started to train my stamina for the marathon.

2 months later during the officers' retreat, i injured my right knee while *jumping* -_-" . I went to see the doctor and discovered I might have injured my ACL - the inner knee ligament. I was horrified when I started to do my research online reading about torn ACL. I was very very afraid that my ACL might be torn... the next follow-up visit showed that I had a runner knee - a common symptom that happens to women with big hips especially. After the swelling went down, he also discovered my muscle mass in my right leg was smaller than my left leg. He recommended that I'll start to take glucosamine and plus do some exercise that will help to strengthened my quadriceps muscles by doing cycling and swimming but no running! If physio therapy don't work, maybe arrange a surgery for me *faint* When I asked if i could still take part in the marathon in Dec, he just gave me a *sick* smile. Slowly the pain was subsiding and I could climb the stairs without feeling any pain but my right knee was still feeling quite weak. I would wear a knee guard from time to time if I anticipated that I would be doing alot of walking during the day in erm hmm high heels. Since then my training had also stopped since I was instructed no more running.

When 7th December Sunday arrives, I was clearly excited but back in my head was *sleep sleep*. Kg would not be running with me as the timing for mixed team had changed. The guys proceed first and followed by the ladies at 8.15am. The atmosphere at the padang was indescribable - everyone was clapping and cheering for the runners who ran past them. It was such an encouraging and motivating event. At 8.15am sharp, all of us started running. YA I RAN! How can i NOT RUN? Everyone was running around me! My hair just stood up! I was so excited and clearly soaked into the running fever atmosphere!
I ran and limped. I told myself "Take it easy PY.. just land on your heels so there will be less impact on your knee" - everyone was looking at me but after awhile, everyone was just running/jogging/sprinting and listening to their mp3. When I passed the 1km mark after 15 mins, I was pleased :D I had expected to take about 30 mins? HAHA... I decided to brisk walk/jog very very fast to keep my speed going on. I started to get abit sian when I didn't see any more route markers. I kept anticipating perhaps I passed my 2km/3km or even 6km? When i turned my back, I was amazed at the long long long stretch of blue girls behind me! I was clearly not the LAST! WAHAHAHA :P The view was buildings and buildings but it was just so fun to run down the streets like this. Most of the time I ran in parks and stadiums during my training and not through buildings like these.

When I ran on the ECP - the view was just so beautiful. The pandang, the flyer, the marina bay and the esplanade. I can't stop but feeling what a good choice I had run in this marathon. When I finally saw the route marker - it states "5km" and you can almost hear everyone on the road saying "WHAT? I've only DONE 5KM SO FAR?" and that includes me haha. But a glance on my watch - I spent about 45 mins! I was super happy again!!! In my past training session, I was covering 5km in 30 mins! To brisk walk in this manner 45 mins - i reached half of my distance! I told myself keep it up PY! :D I just needed to spent another 45 mins and I could finish this 10km run!
As I walk, it clearly became very challenging and tough. The route was never ending! Just you thought you can turn into the padang, the route shows you had to go towards the flyer, i really felt so stretched. I tried to run to increase my pace but my legs were starting to shiver non stop. The morning sun at 9am+ was extremely hot and I was insanely thirsty yet I didn't want to drink too much water otherwise it would be made harder for me to run. My body temperature was rising and I just kept looking on - where is that finishing line???

At times like these, most people had already started walking instead of running. The route also became more crowded as we merged with the half marathon runners. Most of the runners were drenched with sweat and yet pushing themselves till the next level. Some runners took out camera and started snapping one another. Some runners were holding up a sign board saying - Running for a Cause - the Heart Foundation - and rest saw and started clapping and cheered for them. One runner wore shirts with message displayed - "with God - anything is possible". As I approached the finishing line, I saw more people - volunteers, passer bys and tourists cheering for us to finish the race. "I know you can do it!" / "You are reaching soon, don't give up!" / "I see the marathon runner in you! Keep going!" *Touched*

Approaching the last 500 meters, I prayed to God " oh let me run like how I used to run in my school's sports day. Pleasseeeee" Then my legs stopped shivering, and muscles tightened... I sprinted all the way to the finishing line.

I couldn't stop grinning... hehehe

:D i finished at a timing of 1 hr 39 mins.

My knee? Oh actually I think it got better. Was swollen after the run... yes but after that I thought my knee looks ok now. Hmm I see how, i am doing a follow up tomorrow and I shall let the doctor take alook. hehehe..

I heart running!

Next year I will do 2 more 10km run - Shape and Standard Chartered Marathon 2009 and followed by a training to go half marathon in 2010 and lastly a full marathon by 2012 :)

Oh that how we both felt after the marathon