Monday, October 23, 2006

Blessedhaven Out of Blogger Message

Blessings of the Day:
Last week I was doing daily bread and I learn that counting your blessings promotes good physical health and people who kept weekly gratitude journals reported fewer aches and pains than those who recorded daily hassles or netural events.

Exams are round the corner.. and i really don't think i can blog alot of things.. but still i must must blog first! Blogged my blessings!

Anew Blessings
Weeks of practices... Frustrations... Burning lotsa of midnight oil... preparing... coordination... praying.. planning... These are the things that all of us went through for Anew event. What did we gained from all these? I witness - God love moving in every member of the team. God's faithfulness in all members. The sharing of prayer requests .. and how prayers were answered. How God lead our worship leader to plan the flow of worship Transformation and Living Sacrifices... Everything falls in place.. because.. we trusted our Father who will lead us. I am very thankful I was part of this talented team. I was also going through a tough time at work and studies. But however the weekly practices.. the songs sang during the worship was very ministering and it helped me to cope with the daily challenges. Not just me.. everyone.. everyone was ministered by the songs. Quoting Foong Peng... when we sing God's songs .. is actually like a preacher sharing the word of God. For us we share the word and love of God through the words in the music. I never thought of it this way before... how true. Praise God.

My Studies
This semester isn't going to well for me. I've got very good but extremely strict lecturer.. Sigh.. can you imagine.. my classmate and I got the same ans for our assignment and our lecturers are different.. she scored an A.. and I've got a C :( sigh.. is exams is less than 1 month time. 2 more assignments due next week. Trust the Lord will carry me through this busy and stressful period.

My Work
1 Project should completed by last week but was delayed till this week. Another website will be up end of November. Oh man.. God help me to focus and discipline in my work and multiply my time time time...

Muahahha i finished all 24 episodes.. now i can study and work in peace! 23 year old.. still smitten by the romantic relationship shared by the crown prince and princess *awww*

Addition: Harry Potter and half blood prince!
My dearest youngest sister got the book! Now.. hmmm i hope i am not too distracted wahahaha...

For my exams! GO GO GO!

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