Thursday, August 31, 2006

Motivated and Quiet Time

Sounds mad, but yes recently i find myself quite motivated and enjoying at work though the work is piling up like mad. I thank God that each day I am able to cope the demand and work it out.

I been reading this great book about business. I think is not just another kind of book that teaches you how to earn more money in the shortest time but rather to focus on the mistakes I made at work and how I can correct it. Let me renew the book from the library. Will share more in my next entry.

1 month into my accountability group with Aiweig and Jemaine. It is great! I think the fact is now i have to be accountable to someone really helps me to focus on what to do with my life. Better get it right or else i got nothing to share in my group! Quiet time is now more daily. It also helps when Keegan remind me to do too. Sometime human are too forgetful!

The recent daily bread (past 3 weeks) talks alot about God's faithfulness and God's love. Actually I didn't really have to spent alot of time. But 15 minutes each day just to dwell on 1 passage that God had presented to you is really great. Everyday i am able to find something to thank God for. With a more grateful heart and attitude, I actually start to enjoy more work more now. Irritating clients still exists but I don't let them bother me much as before. God's words comfort me.

I shall strive to continue in this effort to do my daily quiet time. It is great. One way I had tell myself is, when i am hungry, I will find food and fill my stomach. Same idea, I will be spiritually hungry everyday, i will read God's word daily to fill myself. With this attitude, it had keep me till now.

More projects coming soon... zzz


QQ said...

Hi Py, dat's real uplifting news to hear. Your steadfast spirit towards devotion to devotion (i.e. time wif God) reminds me of my recent fixation on exercise...haha.

And I'm reminded of this verse, "For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come." 1 Tim 4:8

Go for the eternal glory...

Cheers *clink*

Peiying said...

*clink back*

thanks.. think ur excercise also were one of the reasons that motivate me!

Roborovski said...

I'm so encourage.. i better buck up myself!! anyway, is QQ fixated on exercise? that's so cool.. everyone's motivated to work on one area of their life...

i gotta pull up my socks! hehee