Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bak Ku Teh

Blessings of The Day: Great! I've finally finished the project. Hopefully the client give a clear go *cross fingers* Starting to work on the new ones. Hopefully I can keep this momentum going on! Time to search for good Saigon tickets!

Bak Ku Teh for dinner! I think is one of the most easy one dish dinner :) Just that hunting for good pork ribs is kinda of hard. Yum.


I never knew blogger is so advance! :) Nice! I like my new blog look :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Blessings of the Day: Thank God for my beautiful mom. Even though she's naggy @ times, but I think no one can ever replace her! :) Thank God for also a nice MIL even though yes there are times she does get into my nerves.  haha
Mee siam is my mom's favourite food :) Thus my sister Sllow decided to make mee siam again. From scratch! We wondered why are mee siam are sold so cheap outside, there are definitely lots of work going on! But of course one can tell by the generous amount of servings. Each family member ate at least 2 big bowls of mee siam. We had both the dried and wet version. Both are my favourites but the wet one were kind of too spicy for me to take it. That's when I learned from my sister that she put in 80 chillis? I hope I didn't get the number wrong!

What did i do for my mom? I bake cake (again). This time it wasn't too bad but I know my carrot cake have lots of room for improvement. Love the cream cheese. Yum!

Goodbye Orh Nee

Will miss you both :( You've been such a pair of nice pets to keep even though you fight, bite me but you sure brought lot of fun and joy to our family.

Is such a painful experience to go through a lost. They are just pets and yet I will be feeling moody about it. What more when we experienced the lost of our love ones. I pray that God will grant me grace and mercy.

I just realized I never really blog about the 2 hamsters. Maybe i should for once.

Orh Nee is a rather yummy name given to my hamsters. Don't ask me why I named them after a dessert. I think is cute!

This lovely pair of hamsters were given by my good friend, G as wedding gift! The first thing I knew I got them as wedding gift, I was speechless. My thought was - "What am I going to do when they die?" (Such morbid thought)

KG was kind of resistance towards it.  He made me do all the cleaning of cage and feeding and refused to carry them which was perfectly fine with me. Soon towards the end, he helped out more and cleaned the cage weekly. Claiming that the hamster always looked happier and active when given a clean cage. -__-" Whenever we passed by a pet shop, Kg always said "Let's upgrade Orh Nee's home to a pent house!" I being the logical one, told him - "They are going to leave us in 2 years time, no need to upgrade. Just buy more nice treats for them."

My nephews and niece adored them.  Always asking me why didn't I bring them out to visit them. My niece was disgusted when told Orh Nee was a dessert, thinking it was mashed hamster. I had a hard time explaining Orh Nee was a name for the hamsters and were not to be eaten.

The 2 lovely hamsters will always be in my memory (and Kg i hope) haha :)

Life is so busy

Blessings of the Day: Can't think of one now. But since I must make a habit to count my blessing, I know that God always love me and I am His beloved. Thank God and AMEN. 
Life have been really hectic. Work piled up and is like forever no ending. The projects are taking much more longer time than expected. I am not productive at all :( Quite disappointed in myself. I wish I have lightning fingers and brain so I can work fast! :( No creativity these days too :S Oh ... God please grant me creative brains - i need plenty of the brain juice!

Some of the things I like to do now despite the madness schedule,
  • To set time aside to complete my pet project that is had been left on the shelves for at least 3 years -_-"
  • To cook at least three times a week for myself and Kg. (The frequency had dropped to almost once every 2 months *gasp*
  • To bake at least once a month for myself (Last weekend was baking frenzie :) )
  • To blog at least once a week!
I think that's all for now. Writing too many goals at one time is not going to motivate to me. Probably makes me even more down!

Press on and looking forward to June camp and hopefully a trip back to Saigon.