Monday, May 28, 2007

About Me

Blessings of the Day: I had a good rest on Sunday though I return to work half day earlier... But glad that i finally clear the paper. Hope the results will be good although it was a killer. Oh well..

I had been tagged. Well I can't even remember when I played this tagged game :P hahaa thanks to my friend, Huisi.. Talking about her... she is my junior back in secondary school days. We were in the chinese dance and time flies man. :P Thanks ya... ha

the rules:
# Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself.
# People who got tagged must write it in their own blog and state this rule clearly.
# At the end of the game, list down 6 people to be tagged and NO TAGBACKS!!!

10 little things about me...

1) My love for cooking was inherited from my Father.

2) I told the most lies from Primary 1 to 6. Everyday at least 2 - 3 lies. Wonder what wrong with me...

3) I fall in love in Computer .. it was not games but Microsoft Word Application... Again i wonder what wrong with me... I sat beside my eldest sister when she attempted Microsoft Word to type her report. My 2nd sister and brother did the same thing too. 3 of us would sit and stare at the computer screen. One by one they would doze off cos they found it quite boring eventually. But for me, I was too fansinated by the whole thing.

4) The skill of cycling was self-mastered... at the age of 10 years old.

5) I go to Changi Airport to relax and always pretend I just return from overseas.

6) The truth is ... I never gone clubbing before. Yes, I don't think I will. Ha.

7) I like to picnic, bbq and sit by the beach.

8) I ate bbq cow's tongue before. Yum :)

9) Whenever i was poor during the student days, i would do handmade gifts for Keegan.

10) My first cooking experience was actually baking. I loved to bake cookies actually than cooking initally. I baked cookies almost once every two months when I was a student. One mutual friend whom I don't really fancied commented that she pitied my future husband cos he could only eat cookies as I didn't know how to cook normal meals. I almost wanted to stuff my cookies down her throat.... (ROOOAAARRR)

Alright... i shall target the next 6 friends who likely to read the things i write

1) Qingqing (Hey Hey You YOU!)
2) Ai Weig (weiggy who love KTV)
3) Rachel (oakley oakley oakley)
4) Litong (tong tong mei mei ! hehehe)
5) Siybl (your name came into my mind cos i tot i saw you linked me in your blog ;) )
6) Jiayi (but i guess you wouldn't be free huh?!)

can i target more??

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Exam Fever

Blessings of the day: *Eyes Big Big* I finished my report yeah yeah! *jump*

I am having exam next Saturday but seriously my mind wanders to end of June.. keekee..

Xena: Ok PY please focus... you want to fail your exam is it?

PY: *weep* Nope! AND I don't want!

Xena: So You better buck up and stop dreaming!

PY: *weep abit more and wide the tear away*

Xena: Muahaha

Py: *eyes big big* Back to the pile of books....

Things to study...
1) Analogue Wave ~ Half Done
2) Digital Wave ~Half Done
3) Ear
4) Eye ~ Done
5) Sampling ~ Half Done
6) Aliasing
7) Digital Video Broadcasting
8) Bits & Bytes
9) + many more calculations!

Pray for wisdom, good health and i don't panic...!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Blessings of the Day: Yesterday, we had our early Mother's Day celebration at Ling Zhi located in Liat Towers. (Yes *pointing* Liat Towers) God is good.. we had an very enjoyable evening.

My parents came in the latest *big shot VIP always arrive late ... not surprising * the moment they sat down - i just went shooooot... and ask my 2 sisters if they had brought camera with them cos my mom told me she wanted to take a nice photo with her husband aka my father.. Then they said erm no.. so end up we replaced with photos using our phone camera instead...

The way my parents took photo looked kinda of awkard. Both of them seem to be like a very shy couple who had just started dating. That didn't look like one who had been married for 37 years. My mom smile sweetly and my dad gave a very "mian qiang" smile.. and there was this big lobang gap between the 2 of them. They looked embarassed especially my father... then after 2 shots... I couldn't tahan anymore... I called the shots and I took my father's mobile phone.

Me: Oei Sit closer leh... No need to be shy shy lar...

Parents sat closer after prompting...

Me: Oei... can smile more happy anot... Father can you please give a more radiant smile.. dun black face leh...

Father blushed abit and try to smile and while opening his eyes bigger abit.. Mom started to giggle...

Me: Oei... Oei... Father can you please put your hand over mommy and be more loving? *started to put my hand over my sister shoulder to show example as if my dad didn't quite get what i was trying to say*

Father blushed even more! But!!! He really placed his hand over my mom's shoulder! *woot* Mom was over the moon! She smiled until her eyes small small :P

Sweet? I thought it was the sweetest photo I ever saw my parents had taken. My dad was so shy! I never seen him like this before! My mom was so happy and looked like she just won top prize in 4D. I set the photo as the wallpaper in both my parents mobile phone before passing it back to them. For the first time, Dad didn't grumble when I "messed" his mobile. He glanced at his mobile... smile *abit* before placing the mobile back in his pocket.

When we finished the dinner, the children replied.. "Let's not be light bulbs. you two going dating ar?" Mom replied "yeah" then we said ok and informed them we were going for part 2 dessert after dinner. When my parents stood up getting ready to leave.. i went "Daddddy!"

He turned around and looked at me.

We gave a cheeky look.. and I said "Eh hold mommy's hand leh! Walk with her lar!"

Then my father gave a fed up look and just went "ROOAARRR..."

My mom giggled and red faced...


What a fun Mother's Day celebration :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Blessings of the day: Holding fast to Christ and He gave me the will to see through my stressful day. I kept pressing on mumbling "My Lord is my shepherd" and with that my strength is renewed.

The whole of past 1 week - my life seemed to filled with worries and anxieties. Yesterday when I lie on my bed, I just want to pull the covers over my head and forget everything.

Jem shared with me and weiggy on Phil 3:12 - 16 - Pressing on .. to complete the race together... while during the accountability group. I drew this before I shared my struggles... i think that pretty much sum up my thoughts...