Saturday, November 26, 2011

High Tea

Blessings of the Day: His love is deep and His love is wide. There's a cross to bridge the great divide.

Recently I was in the mood of going for High Tea. I've been wanting to go for some nice place to chill out and hang out with my friends and just talk and sip eat hot scones, sandwiches and sip yummy coffee or tea. Weekends are usually out for me - either for ministry work or to accompany KG or family. Finally, I managed to find a day after the Girl's Brigade camp ended. The camp ended on Monday and i concluded i would be too tired to work on Tuesday and needed a few hours of "recovery" me time, i told my friends let's meet for high tea the next day. (It was as if my client knew my camp ends on Monday evening, I need to work on some ad-hoc tasks right after the camp. I was soooo exhausted!)

My 2 friends whom I was meeting were my secondary school classmates cum eca mates. The place shortlisted was Goodwood Park hotel and since they had chose the place, I had the opportunity to go for International Buffet Hi-Tea or Western Buffet Hi-Tea. I opted for the latter because I always get to eat International Buffet in any other meal times like Lunch and Dinner. And I was hungry for scones :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake

Blessings of the Day: I've been reading OT for the past 2 months and it just made me realize how merciful God is and how deep His love have for us. Thank you Father =)

Saturday, October 01, 2011


As i browsed through my FB photos albums, there is a immense and deep gratitude dancing in my heart now - that God have given me wonderful friends in my life. Through the seasons - in bottom of the valleys, on the mountain tops, running with me through the race or just walking quietly alongside with me, there are friends whom I can count on. My prayer is that God will continue to use me to be a channel of blessings to the people around me whom in turn bless me so much.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finally Weekend coming up

Blessings of the Day: "My project is ending soon! hurray! This Friday will be officially completed!!!!"
Nirwana Hotel Resort
 I really procrastinate long enough. Once again, I decided to book the trip 2 days before this weekend and going to Bintan for a 2D1N. Just to get away and enjoy. So I am looking forward this weekend. Is like no more computer, email and work. Just really purely devoted to rest and relax.

I have never been to Bintan. So i am pretty excited. I have done some research online and found most of them were pretty exp.  But there were a few food place I can consider checking them out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Taste Of Surreal Culinary Adventure with Bob Blumer

Blessings Of The Day: God is good. After 2 rejections, we finally won a project from a MNC this year! Unexpected as I didn't pray about it nor think about it. I now pray God to bless this project and the hands who worked on this project. Glory to Him.
Glutton For Pleasure - Gift from Bob Blumer 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Rants Works Works Works

Blessings of the Day: I still have God, Kg, my family and friends in my life.

I've been pretty stressed lately. Is like I've got alot of things to do and yet I can never finish them. I want to go for a break and have a relaxing trip. But so far I see is unlikely.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Counting down to the day (again)

Blessings of the Day: In another 3 weeks time, I will turn 28!
Lychee Martini Cake From Pine Garden - is one my absolute favourite cake and is been my birthday cake for the past 3 years :) Photo Taken Here

Since last year, I've decided I will take time off on my birthday to spend a wonderful time with me, myself and I. This year too :)

I've decided to plan a time table to make enjoy the wonderful day that God had created me 28 years ago!

  • Go for a morning run
  • Head down to Wild Honey for breakfast/brunch ;)
  • Go window shopping and see if I can get myself a nice dress/shoes/bag (haha)
  • Randomly pick a bus and ride on it... see where it will take me to....
  • If not, I might want to sit on the Singapore Flyer!
  • Shop for a nice book for myself 
  • Go for a nice high tea @ The Rose Veranda  and spend time with HIM
  • Go for a lazy swim (where to find a pool in the first place?)
  • Catch Harry Potter @ Lido iMax *woot*
 Wah so shiok... and I wondered if I can recover from the Birthday celebration hahaha :)

    Friday, July 01, 2011

    An Evening with Samantha Brown

    Blessings of the Day: I get to meet a Samantha Brown hahaha :)) I have to blog about this!

    Samantha Brown! Host of Passport to Europe, America and Great weekends! She's one my fav host to watch when comes to TLC channel.

    When I first watched her host Amazing Homes, the background were pretty boring actually. But I continued watching because of her! Watching her displaying the different kind of expressions and experiences made it so real and you didn't feel it was scripted. (I cringed whenever a host presents when they looked like they memorized a whole chunk of words which didn't appeal to the audience at all! The saving grace was the beautiful place. ) However for her, it was the opposite! Yes granted they did show interesting things but seriously Samantha's personality stealed the whole show! I kept watching because of her! Finally when Passport to Europe and America rolled out, I was thrilled to see her again! She made me want to tour the 2 places even more!

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Bak Ku Teh

    Blessings of The Day: Great! I've finally finished the project. Hopefully the client give a clear go *cross fingers* Starting to work on the new ones. Hopefully I can keep this momentum going on! Time to search for good Saigon tickets!

    Bak Ku Teh for dinner! I think is one of the most easy one dish dinner :) Just that hunting for good pork ribs is kinda of hard. Yum.


    I never knew blogger is so advance! :) Nice! I like my new blog look :)

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    Mother's Day

    Blessings of the Day: Thank God for my beautiful mom. Even though she's naggy @ times, but I think no one can ever replace her! :) Thank God for also a nice MIL even though yes there are times she does get into my nerves.  haha
    Mee siam is my mom's favourite food :) Thus my sister Sllow decided to make mee siam again. From scratch! We wondered why are mee siam are sold so cheap outside, there are definitely lots of work going on! But of course one can tell by the generous amount of servings. Each family member ate at least 2 big bowls of mee siam. We had both the dried and wet version. Both are my favourites but the wet one were kind of too spicy for me to take it. That's when I learned from my sister that she put in 80 chillis? I hope I didn't get the number wrong!

    What did i do for my mom? I bake cake (again). This time it wasn't too bad but I know my carrot cake have lots of room for improvement. Love the cream cheese. Yum!

    Goodbye Orh Nee

    Will miss you both :( You've been such a pair of nice pets to keep even though you fight, bite me but you sure brought lot of fun and joy to our family.

    Is such a painful experience to go through a lost. They are just pets and yet I will be feeling moody about it. What more when we experienced the lost of our love ones. I pray that God will grant me grace and mercy.

    I just realized I never really blog about the 2 hamsters. Maybe i should for once.

    Orh Nee is a rather yummy name given to my hamsters. Don't ask me why I named them after a dessert. I think is cute!

    This lovely pair of hamsters were given by my good friend, G as wedding gift! The first thing I knew I got them as wedding gift, I was speechless. My thought was - "What am I going to do when they die?" (Such morbid thought)

    KG was kind of resistance towards it.  He made me do all the cleaning of cage and feeding and refused to carry them which was perfectly fine with me. Soon towards the end, he helped out more and cleaned the cage weekly. Claiming that the hamster always looked happier and active when given a clean cage. -__-" Whenever we passed by a pet shop, Kg always said "Let's upgrade Orh Nee's home to a pent house!" I being the logical one, told him - "They are going to leave us in 2 years time, no need to upgrade. Just buy more nice treats for them."

    My nephews and niece adored them.  Always asking me why didn't I bring them out to visit them. My niece was disgusted when told Orh Nee was a dessert, thinking it was mashed hamster. I had a hard time explaining Orh Nee was a name for the hamsters and were not to be eaten.

    The 2 lovely hamsters will always be in my memory (and Kg i hope) haha :)

    Life is so busy

    Blessings of the Day: Can't think of one now. But since I must make a habit to count my blessing, I know that God always love me and I am His beloved. Thank God and AMEN. 
    Life have been really hectic. Work piled up and is like forever no ending. The projects are taking much more longer time than expected. I am not productive at all :( Quite disappointed in myself. I wish I have lightning fingers and brain so I can work fast! :( No creativity these days too :S Oh ... God please grant me creative brains - i need plenty of the brain juice!

    Some of the things I like to do now despite the madness schedule,
    • To set time aside to complete my pet project that is had been left on the shelves for at least 3 years -_-"
    • To cook at least three times a week for myself and Kg. (The frequency had dropped to almost once every 2 months *gasp*
    • To bake at least once a month for myself (Last weekend was baking frenzie :) )
    • To blog at least once a week!
    I think that's all for now. Writing too many goals at one time is not going to motivate to me. Probably makes me even more down!

    Press on and looking forward to June camp and hopefully a trip back to Saigon.

    Wednesday, April 06, 2011

    While I was away....

    What Facebook sent me after 4 weeks

    910 Photo tags?! Hmmm....

    Monday, April 04, 2011

    I am very much in love with....

    I can't help but really love their stuffs. The way they design their bags and things they look so fun and playful. Not mentioning the colours just made me feel so happy :)
    Recently we repainted our bedroom cos HDB came in to do repair works. We took the opportunity to change the colour of our bedroom.

    From this...
    back then the beginning.. no furniture nothing hahaha
    to this....

    Isn't this a nice katespade room :)

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Make kids earn keep

    Interesting article on how today parents teach their children about money sense and how a Professor from US gave his advices.

    Monday Blues

    Hmmm who ever said self-employed have no monday blues? I think is not true! 

    Lately ever since the deliberate decision of not going to FB during the lent season, I was pretty much focus on it. There were times, I type "" without me realizing when I launched my browser. My eyes & mouse cursor always got to quickly move to the "Close" button quickly in order not to view the feeds! Talked about addiction. Didn't realize my addiction to FB was rather severe! Finally in order not to give  in to temptation, I cleared all my browser cookies and the next time my subconscious mind or  auto reflex fingers keyed in "", all I'll see will be the login page instead. It was rather depressing to hear live feeds from KgBook or RayBook or other ____Books you named it when you can't really go in and view what's happening.

    Due to the strong commitment, I did get more productive at work and managed to be on the ball clearing as much works as possible. But it also got me abit overworked too! There were no "recreation" times for me after work. Cos all I did was work work work work! Kg at one point of time told me to perhaps "reward' myself to view FB only after working hours. Ha that almost got me to reconsider haha. But I decided not to give in and continue on with it. I think it was almost 3 weeks already! Time flies huh? But the amount of work stress seem to be quite overwhelmed at times and last Friday I've decided is enough! I should take a half day break for myself to do what I like to do!

    Talked about being a workaholic, I never felt good leaving my laptop behind on weekdays and always carried around. Yet i really needed a break! So I thought of a way, charged my laptop battery full and headed out without my powerpoint cables! I found a quiet Starbucks corner and did my work for another 3 hours or as long the battery could last me. Finally the battery died and that's when my real quiet time began.

    It takes a lot of discipline to say NO to work and give yourself time off. No wonder they said Singaporeans does not have sufficient rest and sleep cos all we do is work work work. Another 3 hours passed quickly when I did my QT and I definitely felt more refreshed (+ with a cup of green tea soy latte)

    Now what should I do next? Should i join church camp or should i head to Vietnam to visit a good friend of mine ? :)

    The travelling bug is here again :))

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Catching Up

    Sometimes i feel like a snail very slow in my learning. There are so much things to learn especially in my area of work. New things keep constantly appearing and the old ones are constantly being push behind.

    Yet this is something I appreciate that my learning path never stop. It is never ending and testing my ability to push myself up to the next level. I often feel very good that I am able to accomplish something out of my usual scope.

    Praying that God will continue to grant me wisdom and perseverance in this season of my work :)

    Monday, March 14, 2011


    Blessings of the Day: God gives me good and nice clients :)
    After CNY, I embarked on a new project.  The project had been fun and enjoyable with lots of stress added to it due to the tight timeline given.

    During the project progress, I would have to send updates to my client to update her the progress. Apparently due to the security issue, she couldn't view quite a number of my updates. I did not realize until the eleventh hour. All these time, I thought the website was down and that why she couldn't view the updates. Ah why must all the company blocked so many sites?!

    So the crazy weekend rushing impossible timeline of 24 hours to get things done and waiting for revisions. More crazy when I had to go for drill com on Saturday which means I lost another precious day to work. While I was grumbling about the silly issue why all these time I should have realize the problem and I wouldn't have to rush through the crazy deadline. Despite my planning, all things went haywire.

    I did eventually meet the timeline and even had time to make adjustments to make the work better. I am now tired and really grumpy.

    But why am i blogging about this when i should be sleeping.

    Well there were a minor hiccup, so while it is currently in progress doing some auto-resolving, I decided to blog about this. An sms came in and really made my day or my crazy weekend worthwhile.

    "... Thanks for working along side. Nothing like a vendor but like a team. Thanks for making this journey not so lonely :P"

    Awww, if only all my clients are like her. Appreciative, understanding (yes stressing me at times no doubt) but really genuine and nice clients to work with makes your efforts worthwhile to work hard for them.

    Thank you God for granting me such clients. You are so good :)

    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    Retired hubbies a pain

    Blessings of the Day: GB 48th attain Bronze for Pioneer team. Girls i am really proud of you all. How you've grown and matured. We are glad you are part of our life :) 

    Not that Kg is going to retire any time but before the article appeared, I have already foresee the problem. haha 

    Wednesday, March 09, 2011

    Spring is here...

    Well although i know in SG we don't really have 4 seasons. But look I am in love with all these spring dresses! Now with the nice USD exchange rate ... this is so tempting! :)

    How Nice

    Blessings of the Day: Lent Season - 40 days to reflect what Christ had done for us. Is a season to reflect your life and identify what are the things that hold us captive away from God's purpose. What have I identified? - Facebook. haha. 40 Days without FB and focusing on my work and spending time more effectively. Now I can't really complain 24 hours is not enough. Let's see what happen 40 days later. :) 

    How to nice to sit by the beach and design my favourite things with my mac book.

    P/S: i have a feeling my blog posts will soar these 40 days since i can't go into FB haha :))

    Thursday, March 03, 2011

    Steamed Goodness

    Photo and Recipe from Strait Times

    One of my fav dish :) Traditional Teochew steamed fish


    Blessing of the day: Is been a long time since i blog - work is like nv ending these days but however i think this year I shall do something different. Likely to stop taking new projects as I'll like to start something new or rather something that i have been putting one side for a very long time (almost 4 years) :) let's see how it goes... Positive Thinking Positive Attitude :)

    Tuesday, February 08, 2011

    Overwhelmed (again)

    Oh no i am so overwhelmed with work. Fear, Anxiety and many more negative emotions seems to be controlling me :( I need to prioritize and plan my time better. God is my helper! Be with Py!

    Be my stronghold and your prefect love will drive out my fears. Indeed!

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    Monday, January 24, 2011

    Blessed Wedding Anniversary

    Time flies. Yesterday we both celebrated our first year of wedding anniversary together.

    Reflecting the past 1 year, we both concluded, we fought with each other harder than before and also love each other more.

    New habits were formed, experiencing a new culture in our marital home for the first time. We are still adjusting and getting use to each other. We both have our weakness that makes the other party's blood boil and there are moments we both are touched by the simple gestures that the other party do for love.

    What's our new goal in 2011? We've been a spouse centered spouse, focusing on each other only and even expecting more. This year we've both agreed, we should be a God-centered spouse. Putting God first in our lives, the home, work and everything.

    May this year 2011 be a beautiful year for us as we look to God our source of strength and provider.