Friday, January 26, 2007

No Pok

Blessings of the Day: Scientists have found that laughter is a form of internal jogging that exercises the body and stimulates the release of beneficial brain neurotransmitters and hormones. Positive outlook and laughter is actually good for our health!

Adults laugh approximately 15 times per day, while children laugh about 400 times a day! When we grew up, somehow we lost a few hundred laughs a day. By learning to smile and laugh again, more easily and often, we could have a profound and positive effect on our health and well being.

So laugh now!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Blessings of the Day: So far so far.. I had maintained my best record in QT!!! 1st Jan to 23rd Jan 2007.. my QT mercury bar is going up! Yeah Yeah! =)

Today while I was doing my quiet time, I discover a book in the Bible that I've never seen before.

I was searching for the book of Jonah and just before I reached Jonah, I found this -- Obadiah.

How many times have you read the book of Obahdiah? Never? Well don't feel too bad... I think there are millions of Christians would be thinking... what is Obadiah all about?

Obahdiah prophesis judgement against Edom for her violence against Israel, promising that God will restore his people. This book remind us that God is in control and no one can fight against God's people and hope to win in the end. The final vicotory belongs to Christ and His Church.

We may think that we have in control and have prestige or power or success. We may be thinking of soaring through life like a eagle and make our nest among the stars, but God give a very very stern warning: "From there I will bring you down" (Obadiah 4)

When pride gets in our way, God says He will bring us down.

Powerful warning eh? God means business. God's people is weak thus the sin of pride take root in our hearts. Pride goes before a destruction, a haughty spriit before a fall (Proverbs 16:18)

Take some time to read the book. Read once, twice or evey 3 times. It is only 1 chapter with 21 verses. But like every book in the bible - it has a message for all of us.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy Thoughts

Blessings of the day: The doctor say OK! Everything is ok now! =) Praise God! Praise God!

Just got my course materials today. This semester is going to be another tough one - project in Java and a killer module on digital design. I really got to start it right! Please please someone remind me and push me - No More Last Minute - woah school here i come!

2 week back, something unpleasant happen @ work. Can you imagine I lost 3 deals in a day? yeah, I can't believe it either. was pretty down and I was just so upset. Grumble for a few days and I just couldn't believe it. Sigh... But it was a good wake up call. Currently I am now doing lots of self study to understand what is .net all about. It was not as difficult as I've thought. But I sure need lots of discipline to work on this.

Since I been recovering well, I am determined to be go back to my exercise routine. I really think badminton is fun! hehehe otherwise how do you explain the badminton court is so hard to book? Playing with the youths are also quite fun cos they really test your stamina. Time flies as I looked at them, when was the last time I took my O levels? Donkey years haha... or pig years!

I am thinking of getting a new bicycle too. Is another good form of exercise. I want to cycle to Upper Pierce at least once a month and do my monthly reflection there too. =)

Start it right, start it slow!

My new nick name of the year? Happy!!!

Proverbs 16:20 - "Whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he."

Psalm 146:5 - "Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help."

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 - Slow Down and Live!

Blessings of the Day: It is a great way to start Year 2007. I want to shout a big Thank YOU to all my sisters and brothers in Christ! Thank you for embracing me! GOD is sooo GOOD!

1st Jan 2007 - Daily bread article shown me a great way to start my Year 2007.

Many of our New Year’s resolutions may actually accelerate our pace of life instead of helping us to slow down. In a quest for greater productivity and efficiency, we overschedule our days, then rush through meals, drive impatiently, and wonder why the joy of living eludes us.

This is so true! We are rushing non stop in the attempt to complete our goals so that end of the day we feel acheieved. What's true is that we aren't feeling good and instead losing the joy of doing the work we once enjoy. Losing the joy we once we love.

Let's start slow and steady! So that all of us can win the race!

If you’re working hard to make a living,
Never taking time to smell the roses,
Now’s the time to heed the Bible’s wisdom:
Find true joy before your life’s day closes. —Hess