Friday, May 12, 2006

Random Thoughts #2

Praise God!

1) I finally finished my last assignment and handed up today.
2) I finally finished my latest Korean drama
3) I finally finished packing my pig sty.

Recently a list of distractions:

1) A stack of Korean Dramas VCDs & DVDs*courtesty of my sister (how nice to bring it over during my exams)
2) A new game called the Wicked!
3) Starhub Cable - Trial 1 Month - All shows are available.

Now i finally left with only 2 weeks to my exams.

Another good friend of mine is leaving to Australia to study *sigh* With skype and msn, I am sure I will pretty much stay in touch with her as if she never left Singapore. She promised to blog too :) that a nice one. Looking forward to see more her updates. That means i have to save more $ so i can fly to Australia to visit Joan and P.P and Janet and...... PLANETSHAKERS! *dreaming*


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