Thursday, December 27, 2007

Finishing Well for Year 2007 - Part 2: My Dream has Return

Blessings of the Day: Wow I am so thankful and I give glory to God. I've got back my results =) It is all good and GPA went up!! Praise God for his wonderful providence and the wisdom that He grant me. It was surely Him watching over me. =)

Let's rewind time back to Yes 2 years ago 2005

24th Feb 2005
1) The worst day of my life
2) Jehovah Jireh

24th April 2005
The Thin Envelope

It is very amazing when I search at the past articles the one that I jot down the past journey and thoughts of hoping to entering NUS.

The disappointment of missing the deadline to apply, the hope for able to apply despite missing the deadline and again the disappointment of being rejected. The ups and downs. From then on, I felt that the door were literally close and was not meant for me.

UniSIM opened up and I entered in and 2 years had passed. Never cross my mind that the joint program would open up and was given a chance to study in NUS for 1 semester. Do you know that history repeats itself when I tried to apply for NUS non graduating program? Horrible me.. i think i am so good at missing deadlines! About 2 months ago, UniSIM called me up and told me that they had not recieved the documents from me. The problem started because I had emailed them via my personal email account but instead they had emailed to my school email account thus I missed the deadline of submitting the documents. They gave me 1 day grace to prepare everything. Then more trouble came, I couldn't access my school email (i FORGOT my password!) to retrieve my documents and thus I cannot SUBMIT at all! My heart literally dropped and I thought forget it man. I missed the chance anyway before, so be it. By God's grace, UniSIM was super patient with me (very unsual), and gave me another 1 day grace. The whole school was waiting for me to submit ONLY. I was the problematic student who was 2 days late! I just can't stop grinning whenever I looked back. Haha.

After the submission was a success, NUS contacted me saying: "Your documents are not correct". I was really really fed up and thinking: I just want to study! Why can't you let me get in ?! Again I was given till to the end of October to submit. Being very last minute and also very busy @ work, I was super desperate on the last day because I need to go to the bank to get an authorized statement. MORE trouble was brewing away: The bank reply - "We need 1 Day to process." ONE DAY?! I have no MORE DAY to apply lar! Today was the last day!!! I nearly wanted to cry cos I really thought NUS hates me to core and never like me. Giving up hope...I wanted to really bang my head and cry, and you know what? The end of October is 31st not 30th. I had actually thought the deadline was 30th. I felt so unbelievable! Wasting NO MORE TIME, I rushed down to the bank and got it settled. By 31st October which was the actual deadline, I reached NUS and submit my application. Going to NUS was also another trouble cos I lost my way TWICE! I seriously think should I still study in NUS anot?!

10th Decemeber 2007
The mail came. Thick Envelope. I smiled =) I knew I had got it through. I opened up the envelope. I know was not the usual envelope that a fresh grad would recieve in their mail. Mine was probably thinner than them. But who cares? I got in. I got to study for 1 semester. So what is 1 semester? It is a dream that come true to me in another way. I am doing NUS next year for 1 semester for my electives. After 2 rejections, for the prayer, God gave me 1 semester in NUS. He answered 4 years later.

We often asked God why didn't you answer my prayer? Do you know how much those prayers means to us? But have you wondered for every unanswered prayer, a bigger and better plan is on its way to prosper you even more? Because our God is good and He plans to give us a hope and a future.

God's ways are better than man's ways. His thoughts are higher than your thoughts.

May my story of dream be an encouragement to all my friends.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finally =)

Blessings of the Day: I completed my final assignment of the Year =) I think i did pretty well for the coding and just average for the report writing. Sigh don't they realize all programmers hate to write reports? We only know how to print screens hehe.. but anyway I am glad the load is finally off my shoulder. I just prayed I can clear this module and get the certification. Sometime life isn't about memorizing all the facts and information- Life can be to me is an open book exam. Answers cannot be found in the textbook or classroom. But I am thankful God is with me to help me overcome this life open book exam :P Praise Him

I have so much to write and I know i hadn't been writing. As mentioned, this blog is going to change soon. To something that reflects my thoughts and character

Many things are coming up in Year 2008. It is going to be an exciting year for me and Keegan. My thoughts are coming soon once this Christmas is over.

Blessed Christmas Everyone =)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Finishing Well for Year 2007 - Part 1

Counting down 23 days more to 2008.

Will be looking forward to accomplish a few more things before the Year 2007 whizzed by...

- Final ECA for the PHP module in 21st December
- Completion of 2 projects by Mid December and Last week of December
- Completion of the long long procastinated work by December
- Re-launch a new look for our website by 1st of Jan
- Re-launch a new look for my BlessedHaven by 1st of Jan
- Setting a time aside to reflect my life my business my studies my walk with God my relationships and more...

Results are going to release on the 21st December. *nervous*

Blessings of The Day: We recieved great reviews on our project. Am really thankful for the wonderful group I had work with in this semester. Working with them was really fun, enjoyable and fruitful.

We are doing more editing before we submit this project for the Canon short film competition as the requirements are within 3 minutes.

which stands for Black and White

Monday, November 12, 2007

Counting down to ....

Exam is just 3 days away *WAH*

Dear Father:
Grant me wisdom and good memory!
Multiply Time and my Sleep!
Amen :)

A very interesting animation and I thoroughly enjoyed it :) I heart Kiwi :)

With God's help and strength, I know i can do it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Blessings of the Day: The documentary filiming went very well today. Weather was good and I praise God for He is good.

One word now - overwhelmed. I am feeling abit overwhelmed right now
  • Work Projects

  • Meetings

  • School Project

  • Assignments

  • Exams

  • Ministry

I am praying that I can manage my time to finish well in the month of October and November 2007. I know i can do it ... through God who grant me strength! Amen :)

Friday, October 12, 2007


Blessings of the day: I am so happy to hear Daren has arrived :) Welcome Daren :) Can't wait to carry you when i see you at the end of the year!

Quick Update:

1. Started a new 12 week course last week. I had to confess I've yet to read through my notes. How brave of me when 2 weeks from now I will have to submit my first assignment.

2. I've counted there are about 34 days left to my exam. So *exciting* 9 Chapters to go...

3. Next week Friday, practical test on video editing, audio recording, lighting setup and camera setup. My biggest fear? Lighting Setup and Camera Setup...

4. The next 3 weeks is going to be exciting again... We had confirmed our theme and now rushing on our script so that we can get the approval for our video shoot. I prayed that the video shoot will be as smooth as possible. Good weather please. That's very important. We are heading to Mohamad Sultan, Clark Quay, Little Indian and Harbour Front to recee and do our video shoot. ALL IN ONE DAY. Good weather please please... as for the documentary we are doing... shhh... not telling yet.. But the title will be *B&W* you can figure out that ;)

5. More and more assignments and reading up need to do ... sigh I hope I can manage it well.

6. uniSIM and NUS have a joint program and I am offered to take up to 10 credits at NUS to replace my uniSIM modules. The good news is I graduate by Dec 2008 *yippee* the bad news is more $$$ to be spent. *Thanks mom, without you, I don't think I can make it. I will make sure i earn triple the amount and bring you out for holiday soon * Well, I will see how God leads me. Not sure if taking up the course in NUS is a good thing. NTU courses are offered to me as well. Which means I CANNOT WORK next year for the first 6 months if i really decided to do 10 more credits in NTU. Because that would be like taking up to 6 modules in the whole semester. But if i were to take up a total of 40 credits in 2008 1st Semester it would mean i only have to do 1 module (10 credits) in 2008 2nd Semester... hmmm perhaps is not a wise choice.. i shall spread out my 50 credit units evenly... 25 each semester then.... oh God - please grant me the wisdom to make the right decision again!!!


1. Aiming to complete 2 projects before this month so that I can take time off for study and to do catching up.

2. Hope to close 3 project biddings... i know that sound ambitious...

3. Our current prayer for our business is that our work that can contribute to the Lord by becoming the channel of blessings for the community.


1. Year end camp Nov 23 to 25... exciting also ..... This year I've got an excellent camp committee members. May the Lord bless me with wisdom so that I can guide the team well. Praise Him :)


1. Using the word *Jialut* is not very nice especially these are all good news. Ok *Praise God* In the next 5 months, I will have 5 wedding bombs starting from this month and last all the way till Feb 2008. But on the highlight, the 4th wedding will be in Indonesia, Surabaya where my secondary good friend is getting married. I am excited because I've never attended an overseas wedding dinner. Ok suaku i know but I am STILL excited plus she is the first girl among our secondary school clique to get married! Wonder who is next...

2. 2008 is year where i heard alot of wedding bombing away... I've come to the age where my friends are getting married and getting pregnant with lots of kids... To tell you the truth, I am quite overwhealmed... haha

3. I am so SAD! Every year!!! I always miss the Canon Digital Photography Marathon :( Every year i missed it! First time - Evince. Second Time? - Anew ... Third Time? ZHSS Open House! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh *scream*

4. I would like to conclude I totally cannot make it for my advanced theory test. I am too ashamed to tell pple how many X times I had retake the test. Ok be fair to myself, I didn't put in effort to study *sigh*

5. I also would like to conclude I can now work on my left direction and right direction. *haha*

6. I like to conclude one more thing.. i am a dangerous driver... and i can conclude for sure i am not going to pass my driving test on my first attempt... *more stories next time * If i do pass on my first attempt by God's grace, I'll suggest you shall wear a helmet when you sit in my car the next time.

7. I like to speed... *woot*


In all situations, let's continue to look to God in prayer. Because He knows our thoughts. Trust in Him because our God know us the best than anyone else.

i miss cg updates, play time, word study, makan and worship. Accountabiltiy group is getting harder to meet up. Last month we missed one session :(

Old Friends
Worst! Hardly know what is their movement like... FOREVER i can't make it for the gathering!

Ok i done with updates, complaining, whining, moaning and screaming.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Take one day at a time

Blessings of the Day: Found a good website with 3 choices of online radio that broadcast Christian music from Australia. Check them out at

Short Talk: Facebook is the recent new addiction.

Lately been quite busy with school work. Work had also became quite busy and kind of too much for us to handle that I had to stop getting new projects otherwise it would be too overwhealming for me to handle. At the same time, I also tend to get worried WHAT IF there are no new projects coming in? Sigh too greedy of me. I can't handle such a big portions and yet want more food on my plate. Later suffocate or suffer indigestion...

Talking about indigestion ... Keegan wants us to eat healthily because he wants the both of us to live longer and enjoy life with each other. *haha*

Which i think it helps... because I seem to have become younger. :)

BUT occasionally i STILL want to eat some nice doughnuts. Oh they smell like Krispy Kreme also... but sad to say they taste so so ... I must find time to try the ones at Raffles City *determined*

Back to studies... I am kind of sad to learn our usual study place is no longer available. We are like two homeless kids. Library is out as we will never be able to get seats there unless we arrived there before the library opens which is insane by the way! Students queued up 1/2 hour before the library opened.

A course had been offered by the school and the good news is free as it is a pilot run by uniSIM and OUUK. I am taking it up which means I had extra module to take care next month October till Decemeber. I hoped I am able to manage this extra work load. It is on web-based applications learning PHP and MYSQL which is perfectly what I always wanted to learn. Had attempted to try it a few times on myself and borrow books from library to study them. Which of course it didn't work. Why? First I procastinate too much and end up worst.. incurred library fines as the books were sitting under the bed and I totally forgot about them. Hopefully I am able to clear the course and get the certification. Time management. This is so challenging. The consolation is the skills I learned are not going to waste because it pefectly fit my job.

The audio and video classes had been quite fun and tedious. It is a low-morale time for me as it is on Friday which means I had missed out the good things happening on Friday. Thankfully the instructors were fun and there were plenty of hands on. My group members were excited about the new idea and we just hope we are able to produce the kind of video and achieve the effect of what had been dicusssed on paper. One of the team members challenged us to work on this video and submit for competition which is next year Jan. I really find it a great motivation because we are not doing it just for grades but for ourselves. This group is indeed very interesting. *haha*

Busy is one word i want to sum up for this entry. But I will learn and remember to:

Take one day at a time - Matthew 6:34

Thank you Jesus! That a good reminder :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Where Was God?

currently reflecting Hebrew 13:5-6

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,

"Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."

So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?"

Yeah! Learning to be contented is one thing i struggle with but I know I will be happier when I trust the Lord who provides me and is my helper!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

i am small but not insignificant :)

Blessings of the Day: I had enjoyable time with my ex-colleagues this evening. It had been nearly 2 years since I met up with them. Glad that I went for the gathering. Most are all happily attached. Think going to get lots of bombs very soon keke...
I was reflecting the passage from Proverbs 30:24 - 28 and I thought I should jot it down because during this quiet time the Lord had finally answered my question.

Recently I've been under tremendous stress at work and studies. I had felt so overwhelmed by the pile of things I needed to do. I also felt helpless at times because I needed to handle so many clients at one go. Whenever I hit boiling point of stress, my temper got very nasty and I would start to scold anyone who came near me. I also felt depressed and I could go very negative that people around me will become negative after talking to me. Unfortunately negative people and negative me didn't turn out positive all the time.

My family had also been through tough times too. My mom fell down and injured her knee cap when she was doing housework. My dad too fell and sprained his foot when he was at the shipyard. Both were making frequent visitations to the hospital for checkup and physiotherapy sessions. My youngest sister was falling sick due to O level preparation stress. Lately my brother also just discovered he had weak heart and irregular heartbeat and was hospitalized a few times. Just when all were slowly recovering, my 2nd sister was constantly began to fall sick too. We nearly freaked out and got very scared that she might have blood disorder or even worse. Futher blood test results showed that she actually lacked of iron. Thank God it was nothing too serious. All these that were happening around me really put on tremedous stress on me. One could feel so helpless to see all your family members falling sick one by one and that is nothing you could do to help them.

These were the moments I began to ask God or rather questioned him - "How come I am so stupid? How come I am so slow? How come I can never finish all these work? Why am I feeling so tired all the time? Why am I so useless? Why I can't do this? Why I can't do that? Why are my friends doing better than me? Why??? Why can't I get smarter? Why our works can never please all our clients? How come he/she is critizing me this way???"

God sensed my frustrations. But I couldn't feel it then. I felt God was not answering my questions at all. I prayed about it. I shared with Keegan. But still I felt so alone at times. I felt that no one understood where I was coming from. I felt small :(

Despite that, I tried to pray and persistently do my qt, God's small advices each day enabled me to pass through each day's challenges. Some days ended well some days were not as I grumbled and procastinate from time to time. But I was thankful for when Weiggy shared how God had been her Enabler who constantly lift her up to handle each challenges in her work, studies and family. It wasn't easy when she shared and but despite that she was faithful that God would carry her through. That is what I called - Walking By Faith. And she did.

After so many months of crying out - finally tonight, God showed me this verse that woke me up from my negative thoughts. I felt happy and guilty at the same time. Happy that the Lord loves me for who I am and guilty for not putting my faith and trust in the Lord. But again I am thankful that guilty did not last long as God never intend to put the element of guilt in us and He only want us to depend on him even more.

Four things on earth are small, yet they are extremely wise:
Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer;
coneys are creatures of little power, yet they make their home in the crags;
locusts have no king, yet they advance together in ranks;
a lizard can be caught with the hand, yet it is found in kings' palaces.

- Proverbs 30: 24 - 28

I feel like an ant - of little strength and power but yet these creatures in their own weakness were able to create something magnificient and powerful. I am reminded that God showcases His wisdom and greatness even through the smallest things. All these while, being feeling small and insignificant, God chose to use the nature life to teach me and guide me.

No wonder so many ants crawling in front of me. :P These ants are to serve a reminder to me that God gave them ability to survive till today. One thing after reading this passage, my heart lightened up and was assured that God never see me that way. He knows what are my weaknesses and He chose to let it happen. I was thankful for sure because feeling so lousy about myself all these while, God had freed me from all these negative thoughts. Is ok to be slow. Is ok to be weak. Because only through God, his strength is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor 12.9)

The next time you feel small and insignificant - look at an ant again and marvelled at how small & weak but yet at the same time it is still surviving.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Blessings of the DAY: Studies getting busier... Work piling up like Bukit Timah... May God help me and multiply time so that I can cope better. In times of busy moments like this, I prayed that I will be more close to God even more. Hang ON PY!

A good & classic movie is something that I like and I will buy the DVD or VCD for myself. Good movies I had enjoyed are like -

Forest Gump

Lord of the Rings - All 3 movies

Il Mare

Minority Report

Howl's Moving Castle

Spirited Away

plus a few more ....

adding to the latest fav movies collection: Jay Zhou - Secret 不能說的秘密

Not going to tell the whole story here.. have to admit though, I watched the underground manner. But it was really an excellent movie so I am going to buy the DVD once is out.

I am always attracted to anyone who can play the black and white keysboard. When my sister told me Jay was the one who composed these piano pieces, I am even more impressed with his music talents. The female lead is also another key reason I like to watch. Girls who are gentle and play the piano are always so attractive *awww*

“What's the melody you played the first day we met?” asked Lun,
“That's my secret.” Yu whispered in his ear.

Another key element I liked about the movie is the twist and the unexpected ending.

Whether this movie has a sad or happy ending - it leaves the decision to the audience.

the last one.. piano duet!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jamie Oliver Show

Blessings of the Day: Hurray!!! Jamie now on Youtube!!! i can watch as many times as I want!!!

Jamie Oliver BBQ Podcast Seabass, Sweet Corn

As a special summer treat Jamie bake Seabass cooked in the ground with a fantastic roasted sweet corn recipe on the side.

The depressed baker

Blessings of the Day: I managed to find some food in the end i had some left over chicken wings for on...

Sigh. Baking Bug had bitten me. Off i went to bake my favourite honey and banana bread. All went well intially till i notice something not quite right....

After baking... it does not resembled the beautiful caramelized banana honey bread that Jamie had made in his book. Mine look like pale pebbles. Worst.. I think pebbles look better than mine.

One word - Depressed. I am very depressed now. I didn't had any proper dinner and had to head for my class at 7pm. I thought the warm bread would serve nicely with a cup of milk and butter for supper. At 1.30am - the bread did not look promising at all.

After a taste test, i decided to ... discard everything before my family discouraged me from baking. Or worst, ban me from the kitchen. (that feeling is as good as taking the computer away from me) When my dad learnt i was going to bake bread - he PLEADED me not to do it. Come to think of it, my father never plead me. That shows how lousy my bread making skills are.

But i LOVE baking! Maybe is just the oven temperature (is getting old... 12 years old oven). Maybe i need that $400 kitchen baking mixer from LG.

I been buying things like
1) SpringForm Pan for making good cakes
2) Piping bag to make their beautiful icings on cupcakes or birthday intials for friends
3) Measuring Cup (save me from all those headache)
4) Parchment Paper for the cakes and cookies

but none of them help to aid my baking
1) The black forest cake baking was a disaster
2) The Meringue was a failure too
3) Now my honey and banana bread failed me too...

I am a depressed baker.... depressed depressed depressed....

I am determine to become a better baker. After driving lessons - next a baking lesson.

Before then, i will still want to perfect the best honey and banana bread in the world. Ok not in the world but in my home...

*stomach growl*


The aftermath..

Dad: Py, where is ur bread?

Py (mumbling): Eat finish..

Dad: Huh? You eat everything by urself?

Py (mumbling): yaya

Dad (obviously don't believe what i had just said) turned to ask the youngest: JY, did you eat Py's bread last night?

JY: No lar.. sleeping already.....

Dad (laugh loudly): HAHAHA Like real! She must had threw it away! HAHAHAHA

PY (run away) trying hard not to laugh...

Friday, August 03, 2007

Self Discovery

Blessings of the Day: EXCITING! This semester is exciting. Looking forward tonight class :D wheeeeeee

You Are 50% Left Brained, 50% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

Oh no!!!! Why am i so balanced? Can't you give me abit more for left brain. Actually quite ok ... maybe very well trained by own job - 50% for my login programming 50% for my designing and creative skills.

How nice....

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is comforting. You crave a relationship where you always feel warmth and love.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

Must always remind myself God is my 1st Love!


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Friendship, Travelling and God

Blessings of the Day: The Lord's eternal love and grace never fail to amaze me. Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that save a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now i see.
Somehow i lost the gift of blogging. Don't feel like writing don't feel like doing anything. I seem to switch from online writing to my own personal journal. I think the privacy of writing one's own words in a book is much more better than online. But I still like to record down my trip in Australia which is nearly a month ago. But instead of going day by day, I think I will jot down the significant events in the journey that has left a deep impression in my heart.

The Rocks


Pastor said he was going to beautify the pasta

Prawns in VSOP & homemade wonton

Joan: I Love Mashed Potatoes

We are at Hyde Park

Beautiful Blue Mountains

We had such a wonderful time of fellowship. Pastor and Janet were two very wonderful couple who took good care of us throughout the 4 days. Their warm hospitality helped me and Keegan got in settled very quickly. Every meal, whenever we said grace, we always thank God for the wonderful couple who had ministered deeply in our lives. Pastor took time and showed us his artworks that he had done in school. Every piece of art work he had painted, reflects strongly his passion and the love for Christ. We couldn't help but felt very touched and inspired. A few times, for some funny and weird thoughts, I would ask Keegan "Do you think we come at the wrong time and we shouldn't have disturb them?" Keegan would assured me that I was thinking too much and surely enough, Janet dropped me an email after we left by telling us that they were very happy to see us after so long. The most enjoyable time with the couple was every single meal we had together. We cooked and enjoyed one another company. Pastor was a fantastic tour guide and we were so amazed. Everywhere corner he turned, he rattled off non stop about the point we were at. We jokingly said he should apply to be a tour guide and he could bring people around. Without them, it was impossible to visit all highlights by ourselves. After 4 days of intensive travelling in and out of Sydney, I think Sydney wasn't that hard to explore after all.

Posing with our new Kola friend

Together in Blue Mountains

With the artist - that his painting behind us

When we travelled to Brisbane, I must admit I felt a little bit lost. I wished I had spend the whole week in Sydney instead to spend more time with Pastor and Janet. They had took so good care of us and suddenly we are on our own. Joan even shared with me "PY, i feel so stressed" "Why???" "I scared I am not a good host and a good tour guide!"

Joan with her best friend, Fish & Chips

We decided to enroll to Hogwarts School

But tata both Joan and I were so wrong. Firstly, I felt excited cos finally we could explore Brisbane on our own without driving around. Travelling using the public transport. In Sydney, we hardly had the chance as Pastor and Janet would drive us around. Joan on the other hand displayed a new her. She brought us around to the town to get our next few days groceries for breakfast and dinner. She brought us to her life group (aka to singapore cell group) and to town to eat fish and chips and to catch a movie. When we looked at her room - which was a garage by the way. I suddenly felt like hugging this sister in Christ of mine. Witnessing how she came to Australia on her own to study and live here, this was certainly not easy i thought. I began to ask her how did she feel when she first came here. She recalled "Shoot! This is for real. I am in Australia! Every night, I would cry myself to sleep. I missed home." It took her 6 months to really get to know her life group members well before she start to open up. I told her - "I admire you Joan. I can never do it if i come here to study" She had proved herself and had really grown up. Before she went to Australia for her studies, she was a very mature girl. Now she became even stronger and more mature. She learned to cook on her own, chores, get her own groceries, getting to know people in church and to study. Joan is a girl whom I had felt that she played quite an important role in my life. As a young christian back then, she was the first friend whom I get to know in Bethel. I thought she was same age as me, later i knew she was 4 years younger than me. Her constant encouragements always perks me up and encouraged to go on and not give up. Her faith with the Lord were always so strong and close. Joan i said was a woman of God. Needless to say, Pastor and Janet are also my good friends who had mentored me during the first few years of my christian walk. The trip hold many good memories with them.

Hot Thick Chocolate *yummy* too bad too full and we only manage half a cup

Our strawberries ice-cream

Through this trip, we got to know Nelson better too. He is also another one of the funny BB guy. This guy once said "Tell me all your secrets. Secrets are safe in Brisbane" Thank you for being such a wonderful friend who offered to drive us around and visit those places. Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast will be impossible without your help.

At the beatiful King Cross Beach

It was also my first trip with Keegan to such a far place. Many of my friends thought we were on honeymoon trip. Haha but of course not . Looking back, Keegan shared this with me: "I never expect to go such a far place with you. But it was really fun and enjoyable travelling with you." It was a very challenging time to plan the trip with Keegan. Working together to plan this was quite a test to our relationship. But I was glad we pulled it off.

Keegan & Me

God is great. Through this trip we learnt so many things about His word through the two different churches we attended over there. In Sydney church, we learned about not to be a snob. Whether you are rich or poor - we are all the same before the Lord. In Brisbane church, we learned about the funding your own ministry and in the season of waiting - which is between the season of sowing the seeds and season of reaping the harvest. These are all valuable lessons that we had brought back. We realized even when we moved from places to places, God's hands were with us and always teaching us new things everyday.

This had to be one my best trip i ever had. Friends, Fellowship, Fun and God.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 1 & 2 - Australia

Day 1 - Singapore - Australia, Sydney

We took a midnight flight. Exciting while lazing in Starbucks coffee den... our cg pop up from nowhere and gave a surprise send off :) Thanks folks you all are sweet... and in return we are getting honey for everyone. :)

Our flight was at 12.30am but we went in around 11.45pm or maybe early 12 midnight. After a funny send off, keegan and i went in to the customs and suddenly we were so lost. We didn't know what to do! Asking a nearby officer, how do we know which boarding gate are we supposed to go as our boarding pass did not state any number? She kindly showed us a TV screen right infront of us *we were so blind!* and we looked - SQ231 .. Boarding gate status: Last Call... HUH LAST CALL?! The officer just went "Oh dear.. u all better run... Gate 28 is pretty far! RUN!!!!"


After passing Boarding Gate 20... we looked up at the screen: WE GOT ANOTHER SCARE OF OUR LIVES!


WHAT?! WE RANNNNNNN UNTIL Keegan got leg cramps and my face was as pale as a white SHEET!!!!

When we reached boarding gate 28, we were soooo relieved.. GOT A SUPER long queue right outside the gate! Wah bian.... then my hands were shivering and legs turned like jelly! Keegan and i didn't talk to each other for like the next 30 minutes- just to catch our breath and recovering from our shock.

Even after the queue and getting all clear, we sat there for at least a good 15 minutes before we board the plane. What an exciting start off...

(Lesson Learnt: Plane won't take off especially your luggage had been checked in... they'll wait for you at least 30 minutes... which it did happen as there 2 no-show passengers...)

Day 2 On the plane - over the great dessert of Australia and touching down...

Beautiful sunrise. Sleepless night but thankfully with Krisflyer entertainment. Breakfast were so so only but we were already counting down to touch down Sydney. We did our quiet time on the plane (eh special leh =) )and then the moment we touched down. We loved the weather! 15 degrees celsius! A beautiful blue winter morning. We can't believe we were finally here after 3 months of waiting since we first bought our air tickets. Everything seem almost like a dream! But wow we were finally here!!!

Janet picked us up from the airport and wow! She was 5 months pregnant! And we swing to the domestic airport and picked up future lawyer, JOAN! That was so exciting especially we had not seen them for almost more than half a year. First stop we head to Sydney Fish market and got our fresh sashimi. Oh, you know I never have the courage to eat raw food. But funny enough, when i loooked at the fresh salmon - it looked really really good. And that when i gave in (to temptation) and had my first piece. Now I officially declared - I like to eat raw salomon *fresh ones pls :D)

Next we also head to Pastor's workplace where we picked him up and went to his place to drop our bags. Then after late lunch, we went around with Pastor driving us introducing the streets of Australia.

Peaceful and Quiet on a saturday afternoon. That was when I noticed myself kept dozing off - tired. We head to Pastor Paul's school and we were suddenly wide awake! Because his school resembled the Hogwarts Castle! haha. That where we snapped lots of photos :)

Back home, Keegan konked out at 9pm and followed by me and joan around 11pm. No dreams that night - one word "tired"

Love Sydney!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back from Holidays!

I am back from holidays! There are tons tons tons of things to write about this trip. Many thanksgivings and lots of funs :) Will write the trip once I have the time tonight. Lots of fun photos!

I missed Pastor, Janet and Joan even more now *sob*

But they will be back end of the year *hurray*

P/S: The last time I remember i wrote something about writing 9 days of entry about trip. Erm impossible cos is too much work. So maybe reduce to Sydney tour and Brisbane tour :) hehehe


Monday, June 25, 2007


Blessings of the day: We finished the impossible task - a project that will take at least 3 working weeks to 4 working weeks. Keegan and I did the job in less than 1.5 weeks time. Really thankful that we worked together as a team. Oh Yes, thanks to Ray so sweet for helping me to paste the CD stickers :)

Last 2 Saturdays - two parties! :) Fun Fun Fun Fun

1) Keegan's Surprise Belated Birthday Party

Pre-booked everyone on 2 Saturdays ago, the plan took me 1 month to plan. In the midst of my exams preparation, Keegan and I almost "killed" each other off. A few times the plan was almost discovered by him accidentally. I had to find some other reasons to distract him. As a result, there were so many misunderstandings - luckily each argument managed to close well *finishing well lol * The results: Keegan was unexpected and he did think i was up to something. He was thinking that I was setting a candle light dinner for him. *faint* of course not! What was he thinking? Keegan told me: I want to cry.. but i am a man.. cannot cry ...

Great my plan was succeeded!

2) Family BBQ

This BBQ is to celebrate belated Father's Day, belated birthdays of - my sister and brother in law.

I like this round of BBQ. The selection of food was yummy and very fun to prepare. There were a few glitches here and there. Guess what my mom actually went to East Coast and "chop" the nearest shelter from our BBQ - 12 noon. Every 15 minutes to 20 minutes, a phone call would ring and often hurried me and my sisters to prepare faster and come down! :( We were so upset with her and nearly want to snap at her. To make matter worse, my kitchen pipes were choked.. and my kitchen was flooded :( The plumber came in at 4pm and managed to fix it in an hour time. After cleaning up, we finally head down to East Coast.

OH yes, I must congratulate myself - i can now set up a decent bbq fire now! Hurray!

My sister special new recipe - lemon grass chilli bbq wings - and i am sad... cos i didnt had a chance to eat!!!! ROOOOAAAARRRR

We prepared kimchee prime ribs... oh man i must really say - they are sooo juicy - finger licking good! I love the burnt part of the prime ribs! My sister really did a fantastic job! I am gonna cooked more of that ribs in future :)

Aspragus wrapped with bacon streaks were mine creation. Nice right? It beautified our bbq instantly. WAHAHAHA. Of course it taste good lar. Didn't you know Aspragus and bacons are best friends? Of course with a streak of fresh herbs like rosemary !!! The wrapped aluminium foil is bbq salmon with fresh herbs like rosemary and dill drizzled lots with black pepper, salt and olive oil. I heart heart heart salmon :) Plus a couple of few pork chops :D

OH yes, what is bbq without otah and satay? Those round stuffs are portobello mushrooms with garlic, butter and of course herbs..

Finally the Happy Family Shot :)

P/S: Pink makes me fat. Sigh why did I buy that pink polo shirt ? :( why am i slouching in the photo too?! :(