Saturday, November 11, 2006


Blessings of the day:
I give thanks for the beautiful creation - the work of God - awesome beautiful and amazing! Bob... the joy for our dearest friends Jeff and Huipeng!

Isn't he beautiful? Had a good time of fellowship with the cell group and the proud parents. Bob just looked so amazing. He didn't open his eyes but I can see he is a very strong and healthy baby! When he yawn ... he seem to use up all his strength to stretch himself and gosh the mouth looks so cute! He got 2 dimples too! For awhile we were puzzled and asked... how come Bob got the cute dimples? Mom replied and ya i was too puzzled too! Then the Bob's aunty (jeff's sis) replied... Jeff have what... didn't you all realize he got dimples? Oh he must been too fat... that why you all can't see!! hahaha that really funny.. and the proud daddy just didnt say anything and keep grinning from ear to ear! Mommy looks good and is enjoying Burger king fries on her bed.

I am so happy for them! May the Lord continue to grant them the joy to raise this child to be the man of God!

God is good isn't?

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