Thursday, October 05, 2006

Not easy

Not Easy Number 1
It is 3.50AM and i am BUSY with my assignment. Singapore Media Model... why can't I just have the gift of writing? Actually not true. I think I have... the word limit is 1500 words for a 5 questions which worth between 10 marks to 30 marks each. And guess what? Is only part a and b - I reached the 1000th mark. These is really good.

Not Easy Number 2
Telling my dear friends to remember to TRUST in God and because God always provides a way out. When I hit the wall, suddenly I seemed not able to utter words - "TRUST" in God so easily. It is easier to repeat 100 times to my friends about trusting.. when comes to myself.. uttering The Lord's prayer perhaps since more easier than saying "TRUST THE Lord"

Not Easy Number 3
Handling 2 modules is a challenge per semester but i think is still manageable. But imagine the shock I had when I was only offered 1 module for next semester. A quick mental calculations shows that I can only graduate in 2009 June. Reason for the only 1 module ? The remaining modules are not available next year. Argued with the staff with SIM and managed to get them to put me in another module. Another problem arised. Taking this module is like committing suicide, I've yet to take the foundation modules. What am I supposed to do with this? Sadly i struggled and take the original module which was offered to me next semester. Struggled too long, I've missed the deadline... *argh* need to call the school tml

Not Easy Number 4
I need to stop blogging and return to my assignment now.


Not easy ar!

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Qq said...

Awww man!! Everything seems to be pouring at you at one go...thanks for hanging in there though...May God help you...