Monday, July 31, 2006

Bad Mood = Bad Cooking

Today I realize something that i never realize before...

I cannot cooked if i am in a very bad mood...

My food will turn out too _________

1) Salty
2) Burnt
3) Sweet
4) Oily
5) All the Above

OR worst inedible...


Saturday, July 22, 2006


I was going to sleep after bathing. But there are so many things on my mind now. I really need to jot it down. plus my hair is semi-wet.... so i decided to come here to write...

I turned 23! That is nearly in my mid twenties. Whoa how time flies.

As i spent my last day as a 22 years old girl... i reflected how God had been so faithful in my life.

It was a pleasant surprise that Jasmine bought me a cake to celebrate with the GB girls. I am totally not aware and wasn't expecting anything. In fact I was quite flustered cos I was late! hoho. It was a pleasant surprise.

I recalled when i first join GB as a helper when I was only 18 years old. I was like just a few years older than the girls and sometime is so hard to lead them cos especially you like their "Seniors". Neverthless, under Jasmine's guidance, Mandy, Jemaine and Siew Yean encouragement, i grew. Thank you ladies!

Today cg bs topic was on 1Tim12.4 How we should set an example in speech, life, love, faith and in purity. How appropriate to reflect on these verse on my birthday.

I don't know how many people look down on me just because I am young. Actually at 23... young meh? I think I am proud of my age. I actually wish my maturity level like say 32? That not too bad right? But one thing i can be thankful is that God didnt just place 1 role model or mentor in my life. He placed many! In fact i think is like 10 + . I really think is a blessing to have so many godly people around me. I am constantly uplifted by these people around me. Sometime i wonder why do I show so much interest in cooking. Today i just realized, i think when i cooked for my family, friends and love ones. I want them to feel happy. Cos these people are making me feel very blessed in life. yes there are up and downs but without these people whom care and love me, i will never be able to walk till today. I am thankful for everything! Cooking has actually become a form of expression for me to show them Thank YOU!

Of course, my cooking doesnt turn out fantastic all time. Once i accidentally added too much salt in the scrambled eggs during chalet... cg just continued eating them. HAIYO!

God really loves his children alot. What did we do to deserve such great love?

I am feeling actually abit down but God's love just keep me going on.

Thank You Father =)

Happy Birthday to myself *hug myself*


Friday, July 21, 2006

Moblog #3 - Tiramisu Big Challenge

My sister birthday is this weekend :) so i told her i gonna bake a tiramisu cake for her since she so nice to sponsor me a bottle of Kwala Kahlua!! My challenge started at Singapore 8am ! i completed everything (including washing up at 11am)

Baked Sponge coins ready to be soak in a mixture of warm coffee Kwala Kahlua yummmmm

My cake.... ready to be soaked with coffee Kwala Kahlua and smother over with my mascarpone cheese...

After all the deco ..... .. here is the master piece.

Although that are many flaws here and there.. but i guess that is what home-baked cake looks like... with many flaws. anyway the cake is going to be in our stomach later... hahahh

Now the verdict of the taste shall reveal on Saturday by my sister! *pray* please let the cake taste ok! PLS!!!!

Having left over egg white.. i will be making Pavlova on Sunday

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I cooked this when i was so sick of eating vegeterian dinner every day.

Potatoes and Hotdogs never taste so good :) yumm

Monday, July 10, 2006

Moblog #1

I don't have the gift of writing so i decided to start a new trend in my blog....

taking MMS pictures and show you :) A pictures speaks a thosand words :) hhahaha

Here is my first 1st moblog entry!

Karyn is learning to play piano! Potential Musician right?

Back at home... I saw a notice on my younger's sister PC...

hmmm closer.. oh man not again...

Cos everytime when my mom help us to clear the mess in our bed rooms.. we will never be able to find our things.. i don't grumble because i think i shd be nice to my mom and at least say thank you and request more politely that is ok she don't have to ...

Hmmm my sister is going to be deep trouble tonight... mom is now quite upset when she see these!

More interesting moblogs coming up next.... before i end of... here is one more for you !

Italy !!!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

God's Grace

This July 21st - BlessedHaven turn 1 year old. I looked back at my online diary/blog I realized I am also 1 year older ... coming soon I will be 23 soon. I reaching the mid-twenties! *gasp*

Actually I personally think is fine. I just find that as I grow older, more responsibilities are on my shoulder. Do you feel the same way?

This Aug, it also marked 1 year full time in PH. I think so far i am doing fine. But i know I surely need more improvement. I thank God for all His blessings and provisions so far. The client base had expand and God had provided 2 helpers in the business to cater for more demands in our work.

I don't denied, yes I faced failures for the past 1 year. I faced rejections. I think more this time compared when i was working free-lance. I always asked myself - can i still do it? Can i still hold on? Can it substain me and the rest? Am i better off without it? I really felt quite low many times. Especially when i faced difficult situations.

Everytime I doubt my ability, God always uses the failure that I went through and give me a lesson.

One thing that i experience in my work is that God is very real, alive and active.

I also thank God that He lead me back to study again. I was able to apply my skills in my school assignments and what I've learnt in school to apply back in my work. What more can I ask for? I had wonderful friends in my classes and they are so helpful whenever I need help. What more can i ask again?

And I will sing of your love and your mercy forever
Reaching down from above, with a plan for my future
I'll forever proclaim all the goodness and power of Your Name
I will worship you Lord all my days

Friday, July 07, 2006

My Superman Returns

The last time i watched superman was the age of 9-10 years old. The guy (i cannot recall his name) was a handsome chap who co-starred with Teri Hatcher in "The New Adventures of Superman"

That my memories of Superman... who always changed in the telephone booth..

haha who cares now

The New Superman Returns in movie theatres is one handsome and cute SUPERMAN!

Looked at his cute curl on his forehead! *Scream*