Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Life is Hectic

Life is so hectic! :(

i need to really slow down now... can't do so much anymore at one time...not super woman ... am human.

Oh may the Lord please sustained me.

I have no idea that my lecturer are moving so fast! He is doing 2 chapters in 1 lecture. If not for the basic background, I really have no idea what's going on. It looked like I have to work extra to catch up with him. 2 assigments due end of Feb. Oh dear. One of it is on doing photography of daily objects that i see everything. Should I photograph my room? It look like a mess. Perhaps there are plenty things to write about my room? Oh, man ... i am desperate in need of ideas!!

I really hate this client. No way your site is going to be listed under my shopaholic links. Argh!
Work been piling up like a huge mountain. How am I am going to move this mountain?! I really need to have faith like the mustard see and say "Mountain Disappear!!!" (okok, i understand the verse just that when i think of mountain i am always reminded of this verse from Matthew 17:20

But on the other hand. My nicest client's (the lady who sell flower bags) is going to be featured on Channel 8 next week Tuesday on "I love Shopping 2"! Wow!!!! Suddenly it makes sense to me that whatever business you do, as long you put in 101% of heart and soul into it, you will do well and the business will begin to harvest the results. =) That also means our work for her had been very good. Oh! I am overjoyed!

My Life
But i think my life is not balanced now. I feel so overwhealmed at times. Feel like suffocating. =( I recognize that there are times i need to spent time with God. I been so involved alot of things. I felt my heart harden at times, like is ok to skip my quiet time, is ok that I forgot to say grace during my meal. These may seem small to some of you but I don't think is right. Something is not right. Just not right. But i can't really identify the source.

I really need to learn to be still. To be still so that i once again feel God again.

Happy Valentine Day to my dear friends =)

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