Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Things in my life are getting heavier. But i placed my trust on Him because He knows me the best.

The word "Trust" had carried me through the heavy work schedule.

T - aking one day at a time (Matt 6:34)
R - emember, all things work together for good (Rom 8:28)
U - nder no cirucumstances, should I worry (Phil 4:6)
S - tart everyday with prayer and thanksgiving (1 Thes 5:16-18)
T - he Lord will never forsake me or leave me (Heb 13:5)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I like Qq's latte. So i went to adopt my own kind.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This blog entry is dedicated to Pastor Paul and Janet. My dearest mentors.

Sob. I really missed P.Paul and Janet alot.

Seeing them walk through the departure gates. Tears just auto swell up in my eyes *WAIL*

The couple had been my (& keegan's) mentor when I was a 2 year old young christian.

It was in Year 2001 when I first saw Pastor Paul coming to Bethel. I still clearly remember he was a guest preacher. I can't exactly remember what sermon and what passage he was talking about. But what caught our attention was extremly long name - Pastor Paul Albert Tanchio

The whole service, never listen to what he was preaching, more on discussing with Kg.

"What country do you think he come from ar? SOOOO Strange leh his name. Paul ? Albert? Tanchio????? Wah So interesting! Maybe he is from Japan or Phillipines. Maybe some kind of exotic countries like Mexico or .. hmmm *giggle*"

Finally i think about 1 month plus, he was finally introduce in our church as the new youth pastor. Whoo! Sounds very exciting. Keegan and I was the only ones in youth cell then. Most of them weren't too interested every since the previous Pastor left. But being a new christian, i hunger deeply for God's word and look forward for cell group fellowship, i was excited to see a new Pastor. Keegan and I try hard to got everyone to come back. Pastor Paul was very quiet then. He told us he want to observe how the youths behave. We thought he was weird. Why this Pastor so quiet? Haha.

Slowly, he warmed up. I can also remember our very first bible study with the cell group was the book 1 Cor and 2 Cor. I loved his teachings. I learnt so much about that book. I still remember when he sit cross-legged on the floor. Then Keegan always push a old biscuit tin to Pastor Paul saying "Here, Pastor. Your "pulpit"!"

Years later we recount this. We laughed non stop.

Slowly the attendance in youth cell fall. Alot of them don't want to stay. I was sad and not motivated. But Keegan told me. I am tired. All my good friends are gone. I want to join them in another church. Then i say ok lor. You changed church also can. But you must tell Pastor Paul. I think is only fair you tell him and explain.

I cannot exactly remember the conversation with Pastor. We end up staying in Bethel again. Pastor Paul somehow convinced us. How? I not sure actually. But i glad we stayed. We did many bible studies. Our lesson was always on Thursday night and another one on Sunday afternoon. Janet started joining us. We got to know this couple better. They always share alot of their knowledge. We shared ours. I think then 18 or 19. Quite immature but somehow, they always shared and concern for us. They prayed for us. We are so thankful.

Not all the time is sweet. There are times of rebuke and scoldings from them too! There were a period of time, we hardly attended service. Finally Pastor and Janet rebuke us. But it was a gentle rebuke! I was extremely guilty!!!! I am glad that they did. Truly love and concern for your welfare, only brother and sister in Christ would teach you like this. Rebuking out of love.

For 2 years, We enjoyed great fellowships and prayers. Pastor Paul and Janet is really patient. (Can you imagine? We took 2 years to complete the bible study on Romans!) Whenever Keegan or myself are unhappy about our life like studies, family or anything. They always bring us out for a good meal. We felt so blessed and touched to have friends like them. They nv forget our birthdays. They love to sing and worship the Lord. They have a beautiful home and they always opened it up to us.

When we finally graduated from Poly, we moved from the youth cell to Judea cell. But despite that, we still keep close contact. Occassionally a drop by @ youth cell, meals fellowship.

At one time, I still remember very clearly it was in Year 2003. I hit the lowest period of my life. My family was almost breaking apart. Somehow i wonder what will happen to me. I asked God. Oh help me. Keegan just got enlisted in the army. No one was with me. I felt so down. And you know what? I didnt share anything with cell then. After saying a prayer, my phone rang. "Hi Peiying, how are you? Hows your new job and oh hows ur family? Keegan got enlisted already right? hahha"

I burst into tears. I can't believe it. Janet called. Immediately she asked if she can meet me up for coffee. I couldn't then cos i had already reached home. But she invited me to her house the very next day. I went and just poured my heart out to this couple. How sweet and how nice. They cooked a very nice heartwarming meal for me and prayed for me. Told me that everything is in God's hands and nothing will happen to me. They continued to pray for me.

Keegan have his own share of sharing about the love that Pastor and Janet shown to him. Do ask him. =)

These little acts of love and concern. God gave them to me. I really thank them.

Thank You Pastor and Janet. Your love had touched my life and keegan's life.

Thank you for teaching us bible studies
Thank you for mentoring us
Thank you for scolding us
Thank you for cooking lovely meals
Thank you for listening to us
Thank you for being there whenever we call you
Thank you for the support that you've shown in BBGB
Thank you for showing us what is like to serve the Lord
Thank you for showing us what is like to worship the Lord
Thank you for showing us what is like to love the Lord
Thank you for sharing our joy, sadness and our achievements

Thank you for everything.

We look forward to meet you up again (in Aussie i hope). Silly me. Yes i still cry whenever I think that you two are not in church anymore.

May the Lord be with you and bless you. Praying for you two. Thank you my dearest mentors.

Life is Hectic

Life is so hectic! :(

i need to really slow down now... can't do so much anymore at one time...not super woman ... am human.

Oh may the Lord please sustained me.

I have no idea that my lecturer are moving so fast! He is doing 2 chapters in 1 lecture. If not for the basic background, I really have no idea what's going on. It looked like I have to work extra to catch up with him. 2 assigments due end of Feb. Oh dear. One of it is on doing photography of daily objects that i see everything. Should I photograph my room? It look like a mess. Perhaps there are plenty things to write about my room? Oh, man ... i am desperate in need of ideas!!

I really hate this client. No way your site is going to be listed under my shopaholic links. Argh!
Work been piling up like a huge mountain. How am I am going to move this mountain?! I really need to have faith like the mustard see and say "Mountain Disappear!!!" (okok, i understand the verse just that when i think of mountain i am always reminded of this verse from Matthew 17:20

But on the other hand. My nicest client's (the lady who sell flower bags) is going to be featured on Channel 8 next week Tuesday on "I love Shopping 2"! Wow!!!! Suddenly it makes sense to me that whatever business you do, as long you put in 101% of heart and soul into it, you will do well and the business will begin to harvest the results. =) That also means our work for her had been very good. Oh! I am overjoyed!

My Life
But i think my life is not balanced now. I feel so overwhealmed at times. Feel like suffocating. =( I recognize that there are times i need to spent time with God. I been so involved alot of things. I felt my heart harden at times, like is ok to skip my quiet time, is ok that I forgot to say grace during my meal. These may seem small to some of you but I don't think is right. Something is not right. Just not right. But i can't really identify the source.

I really need to learn to be still. To be still so that i once again feel God again.

Happy Valentine Day to my dear friends =)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

1 Py not enough, I need many many Py.

Once again, i return to school.. this time as a student. After 2 and a half years of long wait. I finally begin to have a chance to sit in the lecture hall looking at old musty lecturer with a pair of glasses. Strands of white hair on his head. Wisdom or age? I am now a proud owner of a brand new of pencil case with the familar stationary like mechanical pencil, ruler + other essential things that will last me for this year. Hmm let's change it half a year instead cos i will be working hard to use up my pen inks and pencil leads.

Now that my school work had settled in my life, I begin to get abit worried. I am worried that I can't do well. My greatest weakness is that i don't have a sense of time. I lose focus and priorities when things get abit over too much. I begin to look at the current list of responsibilties that I am holding on now. It looks so scary when i saw the full list. I can't bear to look at the 2nd time. I feel like chucking it and stuff it under the bed and let it cover with cobwebs and dust and one day while cleaning my room, I will (unknowingly) use the vacuum cleaner and suck it up. How nice. haha

Suddenly I wish I am the real Xena. The one who can handle every tough situation that comes to her. When the problems come, she is able to tackle and bring them down. She is not afraid of failures and can shoulder anything that is heavier, bigger and stronger than her.

Back to reality, I am Peiying. Not Xena.

Last week before CNY, i did spring cleaning in my bedroom. I saw this book that i mentioned before in my past blog -a book written by Elizabeth George - Life Management for Busy Women.

I shall re-read this book. Maybe reading it the 2nd time will prepare me to deal more of my new responsibilities at work, study, family, friends, relationship and with God.

May the Lord grant me his strength and wisdom.

Press on my dear friends who are like me... holding on to so many "portfolios"...