Thursday, November 23, 2006


Blessings of the day:
I just finished my media exam paper the killer paper...but God is with me throughout the 3 hours paper. I thank Him for granting me the wisdom and a peaceful heart to complete this paper. I think I done my best and I am happy about it =). Praise God! I thank Him for good friends who prayed for me during these past few days when I was so stressed about this paper. I really thank God. Never in my life during the exam period had I walked so close with God. I am not exaggerating seriously, I carried my "Women's Devotional Bible" in my bag whenever I went to study. Every time I felt I hit the 100 degree boiling point of stress, the immediate response was to go flip the bible and look for peace and encouragement from God. Some of you know that my knowledge in God's word is super weak and I really don't know what passage to turn to. But amazingly the Holy Spirit led the way and always guides me to the appropriate verses for me to meditate on. God's hand is constantly on me guiding me. I only have to say: Thank You Father

Verses that carried me through:
1) Not feeling any peace, read Psalms 31: 9 - 24
2) Think God is not calling you or hearing you? Read 1 Sam 3:1-10
3) Still think God didn't hear your cry? Read Psalm 34:6
4) Is time to take proper rest and stop worrying, read Psalms 46:10

Hope this will encourage you too... not just for the students... we faced all kinds of exams in our life - boss, clients, work, studies, family, church and friends. May these verses - the eternal word of God, anchor deep in your heart and to carry you through the "exams" in your life.
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