Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy@Work: Yummy Packaging

Japanese are a bunch of creative people. One day would love to move out from IT totally and focus on this instead.

Banana Juice Designed By Naoto Fukasawa

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wedding #5 - しんこんりょこう

Blessings of the Day: Finally the little ones said he is willingly to walk down the aisle as the page boy and the little cute niece as the flower girl.. Sigh they are just so funny :)
We are flying to Japan for our しんこんりょこう (Pronounced as Shinkonryokou also means 新婚旅行) 6 days via ANA! Tickets bought at a good price of $570 per person including tax.

Quite a good bargain. It is a pity that we couldn't take SQ (due to the timing) otherwise the flight would have been A380 nevertheless ANA is not too bad either! So what do I look forward most?
  • Mt Fuji
  • Tokyo Tower
  • DisneySea
  • Ryokan: Japanese Traditional Guesthouse and wearing the outfit Yukata and deep into cool Osen, natural hotspring!
  • 6 hours cycling tour around Tokyo
  • Food: Ramen, Bento, Sushi and whatever is edible and yummy!

Yokohama Ramen Museum