Saturday, November 29, 2008

Many things to Do - So little Time

Blessings of the Day: "Common Sense Granted to PY"
"Beg as loud as you can for good common sense. Search for wisdom as you would search for silver or hidden treasure. Then you will understand what it means to respect and to know the LORD God." ~ Proverbs 2:3-5
I absolutely have no common sense knowing I shdn't jump and i still jump. Now my knee cap is running to the other side.. Need to be more disciplined in exercising- swimming & cycling. No more jogging :( Boo Hoo~ Hope i can finish the 10km "marathon" on the coming Sunday.

I am getting abit panicky these days - the recession, the work, the studies :(

In anyhow just before 23rd Dec, I had a list of things to complete and to pray about!

1) Project #1 = Client A to cooperate with me!! Argh~
2) Project #2 = Client B to cooperate with me also!!!! :S
3) Ad-Hoc #1 = Client C continue to make more changes and so i can earn more from u *evil laughter*
4) Ad-Hoc #2 = Cliend D Where Art Thou? Please come back from Bangkok :(
5) Projects Biddings to go through :)

1) Finish the rapid prototype and sent off for user testings.
2) Write 1st Paragraph - Introduction

"Cooking Dash"
1) Pot Luck Party = BBQ/Kimchi Chickeng Wings + Katang Salad
2) AP Lunch = Fish Pie? Meat Ball Pasta?? or BOTH??
3) Family Christmas Party = Menu Planning in progress
4) Post Christmas Party = ....

2008 December, may it be a fruitful and God honouring one :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Going to the land of 买东西吃东西

hahahaha i am going going going to


shd i go disneyland?? *ponder very hard*

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Lord, Please use me as your instrument to touch the girls' lives. Amen :)


i need to focus!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Outsource SAF?

haha this was really funny and it woke me up while doing my research on Singapore globalization:

A Singaporean soldier was sent to Nepal to train with the Gurkhas to be paratroopers. One the first day of training, the instructor asked the Gurkhas and the Singaporean for volunteers to jump out of the plane. No Gurkhas put up their hands to volunteer. The Singaporean found it strange. These were the Gurkhas whose bravery were legendary and yet they didn’t dare to parachute out of a plane. The Singaporean thus decided to volunteer. The instructor seeing the Singaporean’s hand raised asked for more volunteers. Slowly, hesitantly, a few other Gurkhas raised their hands.The instructor was satisfied.

He then took out a parachute and said, “Each of you will be jumping out of the plane with this parachute”.

Oh…we can use parachute, ” the Gurkhas started whispering among themselves.


Just returned from kopi cos need to spend my precious friday night productively to do my thesis.

This evening a few of us went to attend a church member's mom funeral wake who passed away peacefully in her sleep. This church member or couple is a very jovial couple and always come across very positive. It touches and surprises me that the strength like this wasn't easy especially at this difficult time. As we listened to her sharing how her mom enjoyed high tea just with the children and manage to spend some time with the grandchildren. She kept saying "My mother died as a happy woman. Eat her fav dim sum, dressed in her new and favourite blouse and even now in the coffin." Her husband did a few posters of photographs of the happy memories of the mother in law and her family members. As I looked, it strucked me this is how funeral should be. We should be reminded that our loved ones had once spent the happy times with us and yes we greived but learning to treasure even more for our love ones who are right beside us now and to draw the strengths of our love ones who left us and to pass on this strengths to the next generation.

As she lie in there, i saw the smile on her face. I knew she was really peaceful. I looked back that this year wasn't a easy time for myself and Kg. We both experienced lost of loved ones as well. Looking at the couple jovial and encouraging spirit reminded that the hand of God is indeed with them and her family members. It was something I need to learn from them - being positive and most importantly faithful.

As I returned home, the song 有一位神 just popped up in my head and kept replaying non stop. Reminding myself I will need to be faithful and believed that all things will work in His time.

有一位神 有权能创造宇宙万物
有一位神 有权柄审判一切罪恶
有一位神 我们的神
唯一的神 名叫耶和华
有权威荣光 有恩典慈爱

有一位神 有权能创造宇宙万物
有一位神 高坐在荣耀的宝座
有一位神 我们的神
唯一的神 名叫耶和华
有权威荣光 有恩典慈爱