Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Seth's Blog - We Can do It

Lost the bid. Feeling down and moody. But yes His ways are higher than mine and there are better things in front of me.

Too often, it seems, this attitude is missing from teams, organizations or the community.

It's missing because people are quick to opt out of the 'we' part. "What do you mean, we?" they ask. It's so easy to not be part of we, so easy to make it someone else's problem, so easy to not to take responsibility as a member of whatever tribe you're part of.

Sometimes it's missing because people disagree about what 'it' is. If you don't know what you're after, it's unlikely you're going to find it.

And it's missing because people confuse cynicism with realism, and are afraid to say "can". They'd rather say 'might' or even 'probably won't'.

Just about everything worth doing is worth doing because it's important and because the odds are against you. If they weren't, then anyone could do it, so don't bother.

Product launches, innovations and initiatives by any organization work better when the key people agree on the goal, believe that they can achieve it and that the plan will work.

Do we have a cynicism shortage? Unlikely.

Successful people rarely confuse a can-do attitude with a smart plan. But they realize that one without the other is unlikely to get you very far.

Count me in. Let's go.


Monday, March 15, 2010

The Dinner

Blessings of the Day: I've just returned from the tiring 2D1N recruits camp. The camp was good with the ice broke and I got to know my squad girls better - Yun Ting, Dion, Wai Hua and Jaymin. Very sweet angels and active ones too. Looking forward to a good squad outing in June.
As I returned home, KG was very happy to see me. It felt good to see your family smiling at you greeting you at the home door. Perhaps I've never experienced that it in my own home then becos my parents would be busy with something or other things and likewise for my siblings too. This is considered peaceful and good already (becos no one is fighting @ home) So when Kg greet me at the door, I was surprised and frankly speaking I didn't quite know how to react.

As i unpacked my bag and started to wash the clothes and at the back of my mind, I needed a good comfort meal after the camp. I was thinking of something wholesome and warm, just as I wanted to tell KG that let's had the clam chowder soup that was resting in the freezer, He excitedly said to me, "Let me cook you a dinner tonight!" I was like eh, is ok, i can do it. He insisted and said rest and once ready, he would call me out.

Feeling rather stunned (since the greeting), I obliged since my muscles were aching like mad. So i rest and soon there was this nice aroma in the house. I started thinking what was he possibly cooking since the fridge was virtually empty (cos we had Seng Siong @ our home below, we can always get fresh supplies of food below anytime).

Then when he came to me, he said oki dinner ready! *very happily* This time I was really curious what was he up to?! When we walked towards the kitchen, i saw 2 bowls. I laughed.

In the bowl, there were rice and topped with a sunshine fried egg (wah very pretty! Better than mine), one hot dog, chilli and soy sauce. He said ok try it! He told me to mix around with the egg yolk. I lifted up the egg, and i saw more crab meat and stirred around and took the first bite. I know it sounds funny, but it was good. Haha. As I ate slowly, he said there were more hidden surprises below. So i started to stir the rice and lo and behold.. I found scallop. The scallop is not the scallop you are thinking. Is the small dry scallop that Chinese use for cooking soup. Hahaha. As I ate, I noticed he actually took hashbrown and mashed up with the rice!

To me that was a Chinese version of Korean Bim Bim Bap. LOL. A pity I've forgotten to take the picture.

We ate the dinner that Kg cooked for me. I was feeling very comforted. It was indeed a wholesome dinner. The best thing was this guy talked so much as we ate our dinner. He kept saying.

KG: "Wah I can't believe I cook such a delicious dinner tonight"

Me: "..."

KG: "We only have 2 bowls to wash tonight! Because the kitchen is clean! The pots and pans are washed. Including the rice cooker! "

Me: "..."

KG: "This is so delicious! You want to learn how to cook this?" as he continued munching his dinner.

Me: "Can you cook this the next time when I am feeling tired/unhappy/lazy? I like to list this as my next comfort food. Thanks!"

KG: "..."

Hahaha. I am bless to have this wonderful husband.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am a child of God

Blessings of the Day: "For the past 2 weeks, I brought my MIL to the Teochew senior citizens fellowship. There would be worship ( in Teochew of course), sermon (thankfully Mandarin was available) and followed by lunch fellowship.

My MIL was still quite ok but she was very shy. She worries a lot of like fearing of embarrassing herself or me. But as I encouraged her, she was more comfortable and decided to go provided I was with her. I do thank God for the open heart as she is comfortable with me as well. Basically I kind of got her to know more aunties and elders as well. This morning she was quite funny behaving like a small kid. She wanted to use her rest day to catch TV dramas at home and using my work as an excuse that i should go work and is ok to leave her alone at home (to watch tv) haha Thankfully, she still went for the fellowship at the end."
Today sermon was preached by a China preacher. Usually I have zero listening power when comes to mandarin sermon. I usually switched off and go to the auto-pilot mode (read my bible). What a coincident, i did a hard reset last week and all my applications (including my bible) installed in the phone was gone. So I had no choice but to find other things else I would fall asleep pretty fast. However within 5 mins, the preacher caught my 101% attention. She preached with so much passion and that alone touches me. I think she was preaching on the passage in proverbs or maybe psalms. (haha I am clueless when comes to chinese bible). She was entertaining and most of the time the elderly managed to give her full attention. Although you could see some aunties or uncles dozing off half way which was normal.

What the preacher shared today was very apt in my current life now. After married, I missed my home and sometimes I caught myself feeling lost and I would find myself muggling deeper in my work to numb my homesick feeling. I too sometimes felt lonly even though I found it rather amusing as I thought most couples are feeling blissful and romantically in love in their first 1 year marriage. However I thought of married life beyond that blissful feeling. KG and i shared common goals which was one key reason that brought us very close together. I realize that besides depending on my partner, i need something more than that to fill that gap.

Today the preacher reminded me I am the child of God.

Whenever she read this verse "You are my child" (says God) that line strengthen her. I thought "So powerful meh? I heard and read this verse dunno how many times but why didn't i felt like her" and she continued. "How do you feel if today you realize you are related to LKY or LHL? You are the son/daughter of LKY or LHL? or the grandchildren of the 2 political leaders? Wouldn't you feel powerful? Rich? Protected?"

Eh good comparison! Indeed if today I know i am related to any of the ministers in Singapore, I will feel proud. hahaa. If the 2 guys are just pure human and i would feel that way, what more of my Heavenly Father who created the earth and the universe. I should feel even more strengthened! I finally understood what the preacher was trying to say. (This time I turned around and watched my MIL expression. She was listening intently! :) )

Child of God. How privileged is that.

Are you a child of God too?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Okie This July!

Abit random but ya I am saving up to get this camera for myself hahaha :P

Semi Pro camera instead of DSLR Camera.

Monday, March 01, 2010

March 2010

We are approaching like a quarter year in 30 days. Time flies.

I am reminded that I need to constantly remind myself what role I am in now - a wife, a daughter in law and even a better daughter to my own family.

On my table, I placed 6 photos that remind my loved ones.

1) My Parents > They are so dear to me. Every day there was a moment I felt like slacking, I would look at my parents photo and remind myself to work hard so i can give my parents a good life.

2) My 4 sisters > Our age gap are decades part from my youngest sister (8 years) to my oldest sister (12 years). We had never been closed during our younger days. But thanks to God who enabled me to love my sisters for who they are, we are brought closer for the past recent years during new years, birthdays and christmas. I believed that is God's love in me that brought me closer to my sisters more than ever.

3) Family Photo > the photo taken right in front of the cross right in Bethel. I will always be reminded how the very moment that God miraculously bring my whole family to church. This photo a testimony of how God is real and how true He was. If in doubt, look at that picture and be reminded of God's faithfulness.

4) A wedding photo with my parents together with Keegan > The wonderful occasion that got me very emotional that a time where I leave my parents and cleave my husband. I often envy my friends who continued to stay with their parents after married but eventually I know that sooner or later my parent will too leave me physically one day. All these taught me one thing, I needed God even more, to cling onto His strength and be reminded that I need to be faithful that God will bring them to know Him more.

Year 2010 is going to be a smashing year for me.