Thursday, October 05, 2006

Doing What We Can

Sometimes we may get discouraged because what we're doing for the Lord seems unsuccessful. (Ya i am one of them!) The children in the Sunday school class we teach are restless and inattentive. The neighbors we're trying to reach with the gospel are politely indifferent. The members of our own family are far from the Lord. (YES! My family is one example) The world we lift up to God in fervent intercession grows increasingly violent and anti-Christian. All of this can add up to deep soul-discouragement. (depressed already...)

Listen to the words of a Salvadoran clergyman who was murdered for his fearless denunciation of violence and injustice. He wrote: "We plant the seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise. We lay foundations that will need further development. . . . We cannot do everything, and there's a sense of liberation in realizing that." This attitude helps us to do small things and to leave "an opportunity for the Lord's grace to enter and do the rest." (Amen!)

That agrees with the apostle Paul's encouragement to be faithful in our tasks and to wait on God who "gives the increase" (1 Cor. 3:6-7). Don't allow discouragement to cause you to quit. In God's own time our work will bear fruit. (Thank you Father. That is very assuring thought from the Holy spirit)

Praise God for the timely reminder.

Anew-ers! I think we can do it for the 14th October event! Let's strive hard! God is our portion and strength! Praise HIM!

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