Tuesday, January 24, 2006


*Disclaimer: This is written under a tremendous stress of 3 projects due this week so anything that is written below is 90% nonsences... I just come here and blurt some things out of my mind to clear my head. Words in Bold are my sensible and logical thoughts*

I can't believe it! CNY is just a few days away. I am not ready for it. I been working too hard for the past few weeks i need a break! Whoooo that why i come here to do some blogging.

I am so glad i cleared one project finally.. there are a few more projects to go.. and they are going to be able to complete only around mid feb. Meanwhile work had been good. Thank God that He had been providing business opportuntities for me and keegan to work on. Projects had been overwhealming that we need help now. So if you got friends who have a IT background, knows how to design websites and also do back end programming, can work under tight deadlines and have a strong interest in web designing, please let me know.

Now that being a boss, i certainly had a new perspective of how bosses worked. Is really headache when you decided to hire somebody cos you have no idea on how his or her background is like and the constant checking of the work. Whoo talk about Donald Trump. haha... But on other hand, a boss will never be able to work alone if things get out of hand so he or she needs help! So eh... i think all employees are treasures. Talk about appreciation. Must appreciate them cos they lighten boss work load. Must be a good boss and a good testimony.

2 years ago, my view of a good boss must possess such ability:

1) Kind and understanding
2) Encouraging
3) Giving Guidance
4) Close 1 eye
5) More understanding
6) Gentle rebuke and correction

now let me see if i have those qualities: haha

1) Kind and understanding: hmm so far... i been ok
2) Encouraging : YES.. that one i sure have.. HAHHA
3) Giving Guidance: I chum .. i keep looking for pple who are independent and no need to give advice one... i sure not that kind of boss who know how to give guidance
4) Close 1 eye: I been closing 2 eyes
5) More Understanding: Yes ..........
6) Gentle Rebuke & Correction: So far.. keegan been doing this.. not me.. HAHA

Lastly i don't think i will be like Donald Trump blurting these 3 words at my staffs in future
- You are Fired!

*Read the 1st line again - Disclaimer *

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