Wednesday, February 20, 2008


OK THIS POST WILL BE ON BLESSINGS OF THE DAY!!!!!!!! Rejoice with me for the Lord is good!

1) Kg cleared his exams and is now down to FINAL 3! Go Go Go!


1st for taking tests - this is one and only one that i always forgot to study! 2nd, I failed countless times and I was about to give up. 3rd, i only discovered the test date was next day when my faithful outlook calendar displaying a message "Advance theory test 10.30am @ SSDC" 4th, i panic and decided to go and sleep cos was already 1am+ in the morning. 5th I woke up the next day grab the "600 Final Theory Test Questions" book and walk to SDCC and read for 30 mins 6th I am in the room busy tikaming.. ok i did not tikam.. after taking countless tests I saw a few familar ones 7th I checked through 2 times reducing my errors from 10 questions to 5 questions 8th -I PASSED! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

So now I am going to take TP somewhere maybe in June or May. Will book test date next month!

I still learn my lesson - i must study before hand. Thank God i don't do that in my studies... haha

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Black Beauty

Blessings of the Day: I thank God for the friends who lend their support for Keegan during his most difficult time. God works in ways we cannot see.

My brain is exploding from all the works and studies. It is pure madness having to deliver assignments, storyboards and presentations every week. To count other work deadlines that constantly add on to my shoulder. Sigh - it is not easy. Really not easy.

I need a PDA smart phone seriously. I had considered since the beginning of last year and I had not made any action at all. In the midst I had changed phones nearly 2 years. Several models are hovering in my head - SE P1, Dopod, O2, HTC and HP. But smart phones are so expensive and is as good as getting another brand new laptop.

And now another new kid on the block - ok is not out yet. But the phone look so cool and almost like an iPhone. No I won't be aiming on the iPhone because Apple and PC aren't best friends.

I present to you: Xperia 1 - aka X1

This black beauty got what I want:
1) Camera 3.2pixels
2) Internet Explorer Mobile
4) Keyboard for me to type!

This is going to be a price of getting a brand new laptop for myself. Tonight am going to dream about Black Beauty.