Saturday, May 27, 2006

Exam Fever GONE!

I finally passed this horrible week. It had been a tiring week been studying from morning till night. It is not easy to run the business too. It had been a habit to check my work emails every morning before i go off for my revisions... cos i was very afraid that my clients' sites bumped into some problems. But Thank GOD! I really thank GOD... nothing major came out except minor ones though but was solved within 2 hrs in the past mornings.

My Java paper on Tuesday was quite difficult. I made careless mistakes and hopefully i can still gain some sympathy marks. *sigh* Anyway I m glad is over. The specimen paper helps me to pull through and my lecturer had been nice enough to give hints.

My design paper which ended a few hours ago was good! I quite happy with the drawings and sketches of the work. So far it was actually my best piece compared to the rough sketches practices that i been drawing for the past 2-3 weeks. I gave up storyboarding in the end and proceed to do all my theory questions since i had been putting my time to study them. 2 unexpected questions turned up and i really want to murder my lecturer...

I had stopped studying in the library for the past 1 week. I gave up. Is too noisy and too much distraction. Too much $ spent on hot and cold mocha everyday...Keegan and i decided to go to Cheng San Community Center (CC) reading club and sign up again for the membership. That CC used to be our studying place during our O levels. So we paid $12 for 1 year reading club membership + $10 Passion 3 years membership. Which is really worth it - a conductive quiet environment for you to study... So quiet that you can fall asleep OR study 3 chapters in 2 hours. For me it was a mixture.. hehehe but very good.... i recommend CC reading club cos is soo good! i guarantee you will study without any disturbance unless nature's call...

Praise God. God is good. He had carried me through these tough times!

P/S: Judeans: Thanks for your messages to me during my first paper... those prayers had given me a sense of peace within my heart!!! Thank GOD for you guys!

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