Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Counting down to the day (again)

Blessings of the Day: In another 3 weeks time, I will turn 28!
Lychee Martini Cake From Pine Garden - is one my absolute favourite cake and is been my birthday cake for the past 3 years :) Photo Taken Here

Since last year, I've decided I will take time off on my birthday to spend a wonderful time with me, myself and I. This year too :)

I've decided to plan a time table to make enjoy the wonderful day that God had created me 28 years ago!

  • Go for a morning run
  • Head down to Wild Honey for breakfast/brunch ;)
  • Go window shopping and see if I can get myself a nice dress/shoes/bag (haha)
  • Randomly pick a bus and ride on it... see where it will take me to....
  • If not, I might want to sit on the Singapore Flyer!
  • Shop for a nice book for myself 
  • Go for a nice high tea @ The Rose Veranda  and spend time with HIM
  • Go for a lazy swim (where to find a pool in the first place?)
  • Catch Harry Potter @ Lido iMax *woot*
 Wah so shiok... and I wondered if I can recover from the Birthday celebration hahaha :)

    Friday, July 01, 2011

    An Evening with Samantha Brown

    Blessings of the Day: I get to meet a Samantha Brown hahaha :)) I have to blog about this!

    Samantha Brown! Host of Passport to Europe, America and Great weekends! She's one my fav host to watch when comes to TLC channel.

    When I first watched her host Amazing Homes, the background were pretty boring actually. But I continued watching because of her! Watching her displaying the different kind of expressions and experiences made it so real and you didn't feel it was scripted. (I cringed whenever a host presents when they looked like they memorized a whole chunk of words which didn't appeal to the audience at all! The saving grace was the beautiful place. ) However for her, it was the opposite! Yes granted they did show interesting things but seriously Samantha's personality stealed the whole show! I kept watching because of her! Finally when Passport to Europe and America rolled out, I was thrilled to see her again! She made me want to tour the 2 places even more!