Saturday, March 18, 2006


My Weekend Update
Updated March 18, 2006

Main activity: Girls Brigade CAMP

Hung out with: Girls, Jemaine, Mandy, Siew Yean and Pei Szu

Funniest thing: I laughed?

Worst thing: I laughed too much?!

Time I got home: What home?!

Time I was supposed to be home: What home?! ok nv mind i slept at staff lounge.

Latest time I woke up: 7am

Most suspicious activity: i almost strangle all my girls.. tat not suspicious at all.. is so obvious on my face!

Hottest outfit: Ya i was hot and sweaty in my GB blue shirt

Laziest outfit: GB Black Shirt

Plans for next weekend: no camp pls...

i am too tired to write what happned.. thanks to qq who provide a quick update template...

1 comment:

katina said...

hahahaha. this is so funny. your humour + qq's quite alike ah.