Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lulu Pizza Kitchen

Blessings of the day: Mandy's mom got baptized today at the chinese side. Praise God and indeed it encourages me that one day my parents will be saved as well. Continue to pray for the salvation of my whole family.
The Chefs: The Lu Sisters =)

Pizza toppings and Suggestion - 2nd sis
Dough maker - Me LAR- I managed to make it thin crust! Horray!
Diners - everyone

Looks dark..cos we used dark sauce .. presenting the Chicken Teriyaki Mushroom Homemade Pizza

The base is the leftover rosemary bread that I've made the night before... Toppings are tomatoes, sweet basil leaves and top with a small piece of bacon and mozzarella cheese
Presenting to you - *oh no i forgot what is the name for this *faint*

This is one classic pizza which we all love - tomatoes base sauce, mozzarella cheese, bacon, sweet basil leaves and more more more mozzarella cheese finished with pepper and salt! That is before cooking by the way...

Pizza in Suana

The finished product! *drools*

The two pizzas are mini size and in odd shape = They had a reason for being like these... No one in the family dare to try my suggested recipe = Nutella Chocolate with Banana.. i am banana over chocolate ok?! So my sister said.. "u try sample size ok?" Then I did.. so that explains the irregular shape for the other one.. oh .. is actually the leftovers of the chicken, bacon, mushroom and finished with more more more mozzarella cheese !

The banana chocolate is nice ok! You serve it hot with Macadamia Ice-cream.. Tell me if it doesn't make you drool!

Recipe available at my cranium multiply soon!

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