Saturday, February 04, 2006

1 Py not enough, I need many many Py.

Once again, i return to school.. this time as a student. After 2 and a half years of long wait. I finally begin to have a chance to sit in the lecture hall looking at old musty lecturer with a pair of glasses. Strands of white hair on his head. Wisdom or age? I am now a proud owner of a brand new of pencil case with the familar stationary like mechanical pencil, ruler + other essential things that will last me for this year. Hmm let's change it half a year instead cos i will be working hard to use up my pen inks and pencil leads.

Now that my school work had settled in my life, I begin to get abit worried. I am worried that I can't do well. My greatest weakness is that i don't have a sense of time. I lose focus and priorities when things get abit over too much. I begin to look at the current list of responsibilties that I am holding on now. It looks so scary when i saw the full list. I can't bear to look at the 2nd time. I feel like chucking it and stuff it under the bed and let it cover with cobwebs and dust and one day while cleaning my room, I will (unknowingly) use the vacuum cleaner and suck it up. How nice. haha

Suddenly I wish I am the real Xena. The one who can handle every tough situation that comes to her. When the problems come, she is able to tackle and bring them down. She is not afraid of failures and can shoulder anything that is heavier, bigger and stronger than her.

Back to reality, I am Peiying. Not Xena.

Last week before CNY, i did spring cleaning in my bedroom. I saw this book that i mentioned before in my past blog -a book written by Elizabeth George - Life Management for Busy Women.

I shall re-read this book. Maybe reading it the 2nd time will prepare me to deal more of my new responsibilities at work, study, family, friends, relationship and with God.

May the Lord grant me his strength and wisdom.

Press on my dear friends who are like me... holding on to so many "portfolios"...

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