Thursday, March 23, 2006

Is not just about Christians

I liked what the author wrote. How true. We need Christ more than anything in our lives.

It's not about Christians
by John Fischer

I have heard it said that more people are offended by Christians than by Christ. I'm not sure this has ever been statistically verified, but it seems true in my experience. How often have you begun a conversation with someone who is not a Christian and had them bring up either Christians they know who are bad examples or a negative stereotype of Christians that they have bought from the media and used this as a reason why they are not interested in discussing it any further? One bad influence can go a long way toward erasing the whole.

I once had a neighbor whose pastor ran off with the church secretary and money from the church coffers. He left the church, never forgave that pastor, and projected his poor behavior on anyone who had anything to do with Christianity.

So what do we do about this? Well let's start with what we don't do. We don't have to defend bad Christians. Poor or inconsistent behavior of Christians never has to be a threat to sharing Christ with someone. Turn it, instead, into a reason why we all need him.

The reason I am a Christian is not because Christians are such grand examples of human beings. I don't have to prove that our guys are better than your guys. I am a Christian today, because of Jesus Christ and what he has done for me. If it's true that people are less offended by Christ than by Christians, then by all means, talk about Jesus instead. Who was he? Who is he today? What did he do for you? What can he do for anyone who believes?

Keep the focus on Jesus and how much you need him. Talk about what he's done for you? How much he means to you. Tell your friends, "Yeah, I know there are a lot of lousy Christians out there, but it's not about Christians. It's about Christ. If it were all about Christians, we'd all be in trouble. Even the disciples didn't always get it right."

Knowing we don't have to defend the behavior or attitudes of other Christians leaves us free to focus on Christ and this is exactly what we want to do. It's all about Jesus. If and when you do talk about Christians, talk about yourself because you are the Christian you know the best and the one who needs Jesus the most.

And the next time someone brings up a poor Christian example, just say: "Yeah. I agree with you. I wouldn't want to be one of those people either. You know, that's exactly why we all need Jesus!"

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