Monday, October 24, 2005

His Love

His Love
Verse: 1 Cor 13:4 - 5
Composer: Unknown

D Bm
His Love ... is Patient
His Love ... is Kind & True
D Bm
His Love ... does not envy
His Love ... does not boast in pride
D Bm
His Love ... is not rude & hurt
His Love ... is not self-seeking
D Bm
His Love ... is not easily angered
His Love ... keeps no records of all wrongs

D Bm
Jesus ... our heavenly Father
Em A
Jesus ... our tower of strength
D Bm
Jesus ... who will carry us on His wings
Em A
Jesus ... His Love never fail!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mini Achievement

Just want to share my mini achievement.

I had manage to come up with the E-commerce site. The most impossible and the toughest that I faced so far. I still remember back in Poly days I cannot even write a simple program. I just couldn't! For some reason, I never seem to be able to come up with the logic. Never mind since is donkey years ago...

Allow me to present my client's site - Hua. It basically means her bags are all floral designed bags. Free advertising :) haha

Hopefully I will be able to do the same for Ripples and also more e-commerce site :P

My client is very sweet to me. She told me to select any 2 bags that I want from her stock :) My mom had already "chop" one ... i am still undeciding which one . haha =)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Breakfast - VERY Important :D

This week had been super hectic. Most of the time I am running out and each time I stepped out of the house, I would feel breathless, giddy and tired. The medic i consulted said I am amatuer coffee drinker that I shouldn't be drinking too much coffee... Pple like himself and those who drink 2++ cups a day for the over the past 10 years ++++ will not feel that effect. Is only when they stop drinking coffee for 1 day, they would be like walking zombies ...

But but i just beginning to love coffee.. I can't survive without my hazelnut white coffee! So yesterday I decided maybe I should stop coffee especially I am not really a heavy (coffee) drinker yet... so i switch to..... Lipton Herbal Tea instead. Very healthy! Hot water no sugar... Plus today i had a very good breakfast to accompany my Herbal tea- homemade wholemeal bread with sizzling ham + egg. Very healthy again! Use olive oil to cook my egg and ham and no butter or mayo in my sandwich.. Usually i will love to have those in my bread.. but must be healthy u know!

A good breakfast energized U.. so after eating those healthy stuffs... i didnt feel giddy or breathless for the first time. Good right? So the moral of the story please have a good and healthy breakfast to kick off ur day :P

3 cheers for completing my project! Horray!

oh 3 more cheers.. TGIF

Oh yes one more thing my breakfast today shall be cranberry herbal tea with sizzling ham + chees on toast :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

IT nerd

Recently lots of cool gadgets caught my attention!

Sony Ericsson Z520i

I just love clamshell phone! :) I always thought very elegant and tai-tai people uses clam shell phone. This phone comes with exchangable front and back covers designed to suit your mood (how cool!) and when you get a phone call or a sms, the phone will light up with impressive mini lights (like disco lights) plus not forgetting... the usual camera phone ....

The drawback: No mp3 as the ring tone :(

Then as i look around.. another phone caught my attention too!

Song Ericsson P990i

A PDA phone.. very good ... can even surf the net and check emails on the go! The P990i has a 2 megapixel digital camera with video.

Drawback: do i really want to be contactable at all times?! eek....

USB Cafe Pad

Are you one of those who love to bring a cup of hot kopi or teh into the office in the morning? In air condition with minus zero degree condition when hot blazing sun is just right outside the office, the hot drink don't stay hot at all.. That not exactly a cool thing right?! So guess what... if you have this cool gadget... your drink stay hot too .. wah... That is such a HOT stuff!

So this cool pad will work once you plugged into your laptop/computer USB port and you can have pipping hot coffee on ur desk :) I heard it work on cup noodles too!

Drawback: I don't work in an air-condition office...

Apple Nano

When i first saw this.. I thought it was Nachos... sadly it is not apple nachos.. is Apple NANO

Is only 0.7mm thin and 42 grams!

2Gb... 500 songs...

Not to be eaten...


OSIM I-desire!

I know i know.. you probably had heard too many times.. But i just love Osim :)

The name really fit my thought.. I-desire Osim! Or .. Osim I-desire U!

But it will only exist in my dreams... this cost a whopping of $7800...

How many projects must I do to cover this cost.. maybe Osim one day can look for my services.. i can do one in exchange for a chair...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I see Butterflies!

The butterfly-knot tying feelings are coming back again...

what if?


1200 vacancies... and 2100 over applicants applied...

I will know the outcome at the end of the month.

Eek.. what if?!


Not easy

HotSpot of the Day
"I want to holiday but got time meh?!"

Tonight, I was still contemplating should I go for cell group since Channel 8 "CSI" last episode... ... very tempting you know since is PLAY WEEK @ CG.....

I still turn up for CG... and i must say is good! Everyone in cg will agree with me... I will scan the letters what we had done .... dear dear... how our brother in christ write letters... *hmm* Good time of fellowship ... Look out for the updates @ Judea Cell

Recently a parent wrote to Strait Times about Should Teachers seek to convert Pupils...

The mother/parent wrote...

This girl corresponds with her teacher on MSN Messenger and one day while I was surfing, she started asking me about Christianity and Buddhism. I found it strange that she would ask me these questions and not her parents. Apparently her teacher had been asking her to attend Saturday worship services by XXXX. A Buddhist, she replied that her parents would probably not let her go for the service. The teacher told her it was not up to her parents to decide, that she was free to make upher own mind, and kept pressing her to go for his church's service.

MOE replied on this:

The Ministry of Education takes a firm stand on religious proselytisation by teachers. Our schools are secular, and teachers should not be engaged in proselytising their students. We otherwise face a real risk of undoing the multi-cultural and multi-religious sensitivity and harmony that Singapore has built up over the years, and which our schools seek to cultivate in each new generation.

Teachers are expected to be good role models for their students including being sensitive to other religions and cultures, and teaching them respect for their parents. We invite Ms Thio to provide us with the necessary details by contacting me or the school concerned, in order for us to look further into the matter she raised.

None of this will stifle teachers' efforts to communicate effectively with their students, during and after school hours, as part of their efforts to nurture and guide their students. Schools have guidelines with regard to their teachers' communications with students. Teachers communicate with their students outside school hours when they need to, on matters pertaining to their studies, school activities and holistic development.

Parents and teachers have to work together to nurture students into good citizens. If parents have concerns regarding any activity during or after school, we encourage them to approach the school directly so that clarifications can be sought immediately.

Hmm...certainly ... this issue is very real especially we are got BBGB in ZHSS... and one letter or one word from the parent to the school.. is good enough to close their door to BBGB... I can still remember very clearly that while during one of the year in recruitment drive... many parents asked me if we forced their daughters to go to church on Sunday or to read the bible. Worst... there were lots of competition with other CCAs.. many uniform groups kept arrowing us :(

I realize I had to be very careful with my words when I share the gospel to the girls... Because certian words can be very powerful and they can remember very well what you said. I had a friend who used to be a "underground church goer" as her family were buddhists, it was very difficult for her to attend church on Sundays. Guess what her friends said... especially her mentor/cg leader...

"You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength! If your heart is for God.. nothing can stop you from attending church... You should not be bothered by what your parents said.. just ignore them. Just walk through the door. God will open His ways for you so you can come to church... God will bless you."

I think somehow those words made my friend so confused.. she didn't attend church for a period of time and her relationship with her parents soured.

I don't think I will ever want to tell that to my girls...what will happen?

Continue to pray for the ministries in ZHSS... is certainly not easy to guard this mission field.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Going bananas

HotSpot of the Day
"In case you are getting real sick of the song that is playing at my blog for the past few weeks... well you have to bear for it another few more weeks... cos i tend to be very forgetful.. the song is to remind me to watch the drama serial every monday and tuesday night ... hehehe *giving apologetic looks*"

So is true! Secret recipe is having a "Buy 1 get 1 free for the SLICE OF CAKE" promotions!!! CHOCOLATE Banana Here i COME!!!!!!

I dun care if i turned into a round cake or a huge banana.... I just want to have my cake and eat it :D

Hurray! Happy Children's Day :D


Monday, October 03, 2005

Tip of the Day

HotSpot of the Day
"Apply baby oil (size of a 50 cent coin) on to your hair roots half an hour before you bath. After that shampoo your hair and condition as normal. Your hair will turn out to be softer and smell nice like a baby"