Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Random Ramblings!

Blessings of the day: Business getting better... i thank God for providing the leads. I think is good and getting better! GO GO GO!
Work is piling up. I just pray i can balance everything well.

Seriously.. i really dunno what to blog... i just come here to put a GB Flickr logo... I think Flickr is better compared to Multiply. It uploaded my photos within 1/2 hour for 162 photograhs. If I used Multiply, I will take up to at least 2 hours.

These are my memorable photos with the gals!

I tried the Singnet Free Wireless... now i can surf for free in library :)

That all for a random post...

oh... i remember.. i better start planning a 1 day JB trip with the cg soon...if i can.. i really want too..

oh no.. i forgot i have to start on Bethel Christmas Design.. Shoooot!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Blessings of the day:
I just finished my media exam paper the killer paper...but God is with me throughout the 3 hours paper. I thank Him for granting me the wisdom and a peaceful heart to complete this paper. I think I done my best and I am happy about it =). Praise God! I thank Him for good friends who prayed for me during these past few days when I was so stressed about this paper. I really thank God. Never in my life during the exam period had I walked so close with God. I am not exaggerating seriously, I carried my "Women's Devotional Bible" in my bag whenever I went to study. Every time I felt I hit the 100 degree boiling point of stress, the immediate response was to go flip the bible and look for peace and encouragement from God. Some of you know that my knowledge in God's word is super weak and I really don't know what passage to turn to. But amazingly the Holy Spirit led the way and always guides me to the appropriate verses for me to meditate on. God's hand is constantly on me guiding me. I only have to say: Thank You Father

Verses that carried me through:
1) Not feeling any peace, read Psalms 31: 9 - 24
2) Think God is not calling you or hearing you? Read 1 Sam 3:1-10
3) Still think God didn't hear your cry? Read Psalm 34:6
4) Is time to take proper rest and stop worrying, read Psalms 46:10

Hope this will encourage you too... not just for the students... we faced all kinds of exams in our life - boss, clients, work, studies, family, church and friends. May these verses - the eternal word of God, anchor deep in your heart and to carry you through the "exams" in your life.
Free wirless internet surfing for 3 years =D brought to your proudly by Singnet. Get wireless surfing on 1st Dec 06 onwards...

Official Website for information:
Singapore Hotspots ->

Best thing is ... you don't have to wait 1st Dec to start... you can start now... Singtel let you surf for free now! Check out the website above for more infor....

*grumble of the day: I am so dissappointed to find that Cheng San CC is the only community center not part of the hotspot! boohoo...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hang UP!

Blessings of the day:
I completed 7 chapters... still got 8 more to go.. count my blessings .. that i studied 7 ... wahhh how am i going to make it?! Trust trust in the Lord...
Today my nephew and I have the most interesting phone conversation i ever have in my entire life. I called him and wanted to tell him that I have to postpone the movie outing as Keegan have not finish his exams. The conversation goes like this after exchanging some hi hi and giggling...

Me: "Yiyi have to postpone our movie outing to Dec.. cos Yiyi and Shu Shu (kg) having exams and we cannot go out and play.. can we bring you and didi out on Dec instead?"

He: "Huh? Why???"

Me proceed to explain how important exams are + blah blah

Guess what was his reply?


.... proceed to .... hang up my phone!

I didn't believe that came from a 7 year old kid...I was so stunned that I went to say hello hello a few times...

So sad... he hang up on me :(

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Exam period

Blessings of the day:

I completed my exam project aka ECA on time and everything went well. Now looking forward to do well for my presentation on the following week Monday and the paper on Wednesday!

I am stressful.. yes stressed.. i am scared .. alot of fear... 15 chapters. Judging I had not do well for the first 2 written assignements for my media communication modules - these contributes more stress for myself. Alot of understanding and memorizing the concepts. My work on the other hand needed my attention. Sigh. I wish i can really drop my work and focus 100% on my exams now.

But I give thanks for the final assignment. I made an (not really remarkable) improvement but I was encouraged and especially thankful to see the efforts I've put in for the assignment paid off. My lecturer source out some of the students works and compiled the answers on a single paper and passed it to us. I was really shocked to see my work appearing as the model answer for the 1st question. Recalling during the times I already felt so stressed with my 1st question as I really did not know what I was answering. The time spent to read up the textbook and notes helped me and gave me a good gauge of this is how I should probably prepare my exam in this manner to gain a good standing for answering the questions.

8 More days - i placed my trust in God! Hopefully I can do better than all my 3 assigments!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Blessings of the day:
I give thanks for the beautiful creation - the work of God - awesome beautiful and amazing! Bob... the joy for our dearest friends Jeff and Huipeng!

Isn't he beautiful? Had a good time of fellowship with the cell group and the proud parents. Bob just looked so amazing. He didn't open his eyes but I can see he is a very strong and healthy baby! When he yawn ... he seem to use up all his strength to stretch himself and gosh the mouth looks so cute! He got 2 dimples too! For awhile we were puzzled and asked... how come Bob got the cute dimples? Mom replied and ya i was too puzzled too! Then the Bob's aunty (jeff's sis) replied... Jeff have what... didn't you all realize he got dimples? Oh he must been too fat... that why you all can't see!! hahaha that really funny.. and the proud daddy just didnt say anything and keep grinning from ear to ear! Mommy looks good and is enjoying Burger king fries on her bed.

I am so happy for them! May the Lord continue to grant them the joy to raise this child to be the man of God!

God is good isn't?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Come Dine with Me

Blessings of the day:
My mom is not going to Ipoh anymore! Praise Praise God! I really must give thanks for this answered prayer. Quoting Xinyi: "God is sovereign!"

I am absolutely mad about this cooking cum hosting dinner party show - Come Dine with Me. Why can't Singapore have such reality cooking show? Aside Jamie Oliver's cooking show, this is really one of my favourite from Travel and Living.

Each week, five amateur chefs compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. The prize? The host with the most points at the end of the week wins £1,000. Seriously even I don't win that sum of money, having 5 days of non stop good food are rewarding enough. I am also very surprise by the type of winner chosen:

Firstly you may not win the challenge even/if:
1) You buy the most expensive food to serve your guest
2) You hire entertainer to amuse your guest during the party
3) You create a 2 pages long menu
4) You introduce some kind of foreign object/culture/fruit that spoil the dinner
5) You try too hard to make everything work

Suprise Winnings goes to:
1) You can hire a caterer or restuarant to cook the food and you relax and taking a nap 2 hour before your guest arrive
2) You buy ready-made or pre-packed frozen food from supermarket
3) You make your guest happy by making them feel relax
4) Serve them food that are normal and easy to prepare but yet impressive in presentation
5) Impressive Home decor helps too


My favourite recipes and will surely try them out after my exams! YUM!


12 large raw King Prawns
6 slices of Parma ham
1 large red chilli pepper
1 clove of garlic
Olive oil
Knob of butter

Shell and clean the prawns, leaving the tails on. Cut each slice of Parma ham in half, length-ways, and wrap around each prawn. Finely slice garlic and seeded chilli pepper and sprinkle over the prawns. Pour over the olive oil and, using your fingers, gently mix in the marinade and season.

Heat a large, non-stick frying pan or wok and add some butter. Tip in all the prawns with the marinade into the pan. Cook for approximately 1 minute on each side and serve immediately with crusty bread and crisp salad.



1 kg plum tomatoes, halved
1 large onion, sliced
2 cloves of garlic, halved
A handful of basil
1 litre of chicken stock
3 sun-dried cherry tomatoes
Olive oil
1 teaspoon of caster sugar
Salt and black pepper

Preheat oven to 220/gas mark 7. Using a large roasting tin, heat the oil in the oven until very hot. Gently add the tomatoes, onion and garlic and sprinkle with sugar. Season generously and bake for 20-25 minutes. Stir, then add basil near the end of cooking.



5 large potatoes
1 egg
1 onion

Lightly boil and mash the potatoes. Mix in half the mash potatoes, the egg, some chopped onion, flour and salt and pepper seasoning. Using a blender, blend the ingredients until the mixture is smooth. Then add the remaining potatoes and some hot chicken fat or oil. Bake in the oven for about an hour until golden. Serve with spit roasted chicken and vegetables, including tzimmes (sweet carrots).

*this is the most difficult recipe i ever seen. The host make it so easy to but to tell you the truth is really about the skill to cook that. This is the winning recipe which earn him that £1,000. I don't think i will cook that. IS TOO RICH!


Serves 4 as a main course

4 duck breasts
4 small apples, granny smith or similar
16 fl oz cider (dry vintage type)
5 fl oz crème fraiche
Large sandwich loaf
Olive oil for frying
1 oz flour (preferably sauce flour)
1 oz butter
Lemon juice

Peel and core the apples, leaving them whole, and coat with lemon juice to stop the browning. Carefully remove the skin from the duck using a sharp knife, but replace the now detached skin on the breasts. Put them in a roasting dish and season (under the skin).

Cut all crust from the loaf, leaving a neat rectangular block. You are now going to cut out the interior crumb leaving a box without a lid, with walls ¼” thick. Using the bread knife, carefully cut along one of the long sides, leaving a ¼” wall, and judging how deep you need to go (¼” from bottom). Do this on all four sides, making sure the corners meet neatly. Remove the crumb, at first with your fingers, and then finishing off with a spoon to level off the bottom.

Roast the duck breasts for about 25 minutes in a medium oven. The detached skins will baste and protect the breasts during cooking.

Bring the cider to simmering point and gently poach the apples until tender but still al dente (about 5 minutes - do not overcook). Keep them warm on the serving dish. Make a roux by melting the butter in a thick saucepan and stirring in the flour, cook gently for about 5 minutes but do not allow to start browning. Add any liquor from the duck (but only a very little fat, of which there will be plenty) to the cider. Add the hot cider little by little until you have a good coating sauce. Keep warm.

In a frying pan, shallow fry the bread box one side at a time in slightly smoking hot oil, gently splashing oil into the interior so that it cooks as well. Fry until a good golden brown (this can be done 1 hour in advance and than reheated for a few times in the oven if necessary). Put in the centre of an oval serving dish and arrange the apples around the outside. Place the duck breasts on end inside the box discarding the skins. Finish the sauce with the crème fraiche, then pour the sauce into the box until it is full. Hand remaining sauce in a separate jug.

When serving you will need to display the complete dish first, then cut up the box. One loaf will do up to about 8 portions. Delicious with new or mashed potatoes and a green vegetable


If you asked me why i writing all these down.. all thanks to Teck Hwee.., her posted photos on the home cooked dinner inspired me this blog entry.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The naggy feeling

Blessings of the day:
Oh goody! I cleared 1 project today =) Client is happy and good to LIVE in 2 days time. Yipee! That left with 1 more project + 2 more exams to go ...


I am feeling very negative these few days. I always having naggy + negative feeling when things are not confirmed. My fear always put me in a insecurity and jumpy mode making me feeling very kan cheong.

2 irratating clients whom i really dislike alot... is playing with their time and not replying me about whether to renew their contract anot. Expiry date is coming soon in about less than 10 days and they take things slowly. Although i very much would like them not to continue as they have always been slow in making payment and demanding when comes to requests, somehow there will be a negative feeling hanging around within me if they decided to terminate the contract. I should be glad and happy that they are over as I've no longer have to face them. But the negative feeling will instead put me in a self-blame and reflective mode - "What have i done wrong?!"

Glad + Gone < Self reflection + doubt
Really.. what wrong with me man... Keegan was more cool about these issues he told me not to worry and that these are things we can't control at all. It does not denote that clients leaving are a bad thing.

I really hate these troublesome clients *booo*