Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Random Ramblings!

Blessings of the day: Business getting better... i thank God for providing the leads. I think is good and getting better! GO GO GO!
Work is piling up. I just pray i can balance everything well.

Seriously.. i really dunno what to blog... i just come here to put a GB Flickr logo... I think Flickr is better compared to Multiply. It uploaded my photos within 1/2 hour for 162 photograhs. If I used Multiply, I will take up to at least 2 hours.

These are my memorable photos with the gals!

I tried the Singnet Free Wireless... now i can surf for free in library :)

That all for a random post...

oh... i remember.. i better start planning a 1 day JB trip with the cg soon...if i can.. i really want too..

oh no.. i forgot i have to start on Bethel Christmas Design.. Shoooot!

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