Monday, October 30, 2006


Blessings of the day:
I finish my 2 assignments on time and 1 day before the deadline! Praise GOD! Amen amen amen :D

After finishing the 24 episodes of Goong.. my next korean drama is.. Lulu Princess ...

I just realize all my show is the princess and prince show hahaha *nice nice*

2 more weeks to my exams! and 2 more projects and 3 more coming! God multiply my time and brains.

Xena Charge on!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Technology Update

Microsoft came out with the latest IE: Internet Explorer 7... so I went ahead and download the new explorer...

Now everything on my screen seem to look squash. The color and feel looks different too...

They seem to copy Firefox... haha

One good thing i like is the Internet Tab within the same Internet Explorer. Very useful *think think* Actually Firefox also support that too. Somehow my soul had been captured by the Microsoft Giant..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Testing Multiply out ~ FAILED

* repost cos multiply failed lar...

24th Oct Blessings of the day: Today the PSI was good.. it was between 30 to 50! Thank God for the wonderful weather though I spend my day indoor most of the time!

Today when I woke up, I've already got my agenda of the day planned last night...

Keegan and I cracked our brains together to see how we can spend the day ..

Option 1) Movies? Nah~ dun want to spend $9.50 on a movie ticket...

Option 2) Shopping? Nah~ window shopping is a torture especially on a public holiday...

Option 3) Explore Vivo City ? Nah~ Vivo city will be extremely crowded on a public holiday

Option 4) Go Pasir Ris Beach and chill out? Nah ~ what if Haze attack again? Plus Cg outing to Sentosa beach this coming Saturday... reserve the beach outing on Saturday...

Option 5) Study then? Nah~ worst.. library and CC are closed.. cannot study...

Option 6) Stay at home? NAH (x3) ~ IS BORING!

Buahahaha.. guess what... an idea struck me...

We decided we shall spend a day at our Singapore Changi Airport...

Things we did

1) Brought story books and lecture notes (his idea) to read

2) Rent a DVD from PLAY and watch it on our laptop

3) Drink kopi and english teh

4) Listen to our MP3

We spend 1 day just like that doing the above and it was good one.. I figured out 3 questions for my assignment and it was rather relaxed watching people walk by... with music plugged in.. became kind of like a relaxing therapy session

I think we also choose a less popular or unknown cafe - Cafe dunno what name.. (see i can't even recall despite spending 5 hours there). Sofa wasn't that comfortable as there is this particular sofa's seat sank in very deep.. like as if a super huge size guy or girl sat the sofa before me and broke all the springs in the sofa... but nevertheless.. shiok!

I shall plan another trip again and probably make it earlier and aim at the comfortable sofa seats at Pacific Coffee (i think)...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Blessedhaven Out of Blogger Message

Blessings of the Day:
Last week I was doing daily bread and I learn that counting your blessings promotes good physical health and people who kept weekly gratitude journals reported fewer aches and pains than those who recorded daily hassles or netural events.

Exams are round the corner.. and i really don't think i can blog alot of things.. but still i must must blog first! Blogged my blessings!

Anew Blessings
Weeks of practices... Frustrations... Burning lotsa of midnight oil... preparing... coordination... praying.. planning... These are the things that all of us went through for Anew event. What did we gained from all these? I witness - God love moving in every member of the team. God's faithfulness in all members. The sharing of prayer requests .. and how prayers were answered. How God lead our worship leader to plan the flow of worship Transformation and Living Sacrifices... Everything falls in place.. because.. we trusted our Father who will lead us. I am very thankful I was part of this talented team. I was also going through a tough time at work and studies. But however the weekly practices.. the songs sang during the worship was very ministering and it helped me to cope with the daily challenges. Not just me.. everyone.. everyone was ministered by the songs. Quoting Foong Peng... when we sing God's songs .. is actually like a preacher sharing the word of God. For us we share the word and love of God through the words in the music. I never thought of it this way before... how true. Praise God.

My Studies
This semester isn't going to well for me. I've got very good but extremely strict lecturer.. Sigh.. can you imagine.. my classmate and I got the same ans for our assignment and our lecturers are different.. she scored an A.. and I've got a C :( sigh.. is exams is less than 1 month time. 2 more assignments due next week. Trust the Lord will carry me through this busy and stressful period.

My Work
1 Project should completed by last week but was delayed till this week. Another website will be up end of November. Oh man.. God help me to focus and discipline in my work and multiply my time time time...

Muahahha i finished all 24 episodes.. now i can study and work in peace! 23 year old.. still smitten by the romantic relationship shared by the crown prince and princess *awww*

Addition: Harry Potter and half blood prince!
My dearest youngest sister got the book! Now.. hmmm i hope i am not too distracted wahahaha...

For my exams! GO GO GO!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I am simply so overwhealmed by my work and studies!!!!

I wanted to blog since last week but i don't have time..

1) Anew Event - my after thoughts...
2) My Studies
3) My Work
4) Palace!

BRBTB! = Be Right Back To Blog!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Doing What We Can

Sometimes we may get discouraged because what we're doing for the Lord seems unsuccessful. (Ya i am one of them!) The children in the Sunday school class we teach are restless and inattentive. The neighbors we're trying to reach with the gospel are politely indifferent. The members of our own family are far from the Lord. (YES! My family is one example) The world we lift up to God in fervent intercession grows increasingly violent and anti-Christian. All of this can add up to deep soul-discouragement. (depressed already...)

Listen to the words of a Salvadoran clergyman who was murdered for his fearless denunciation of violence and injustice. He wrote: "We plant the seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise. We lay foundations that will need further development. . . . We cannot do everything, and there's a sense of liberation in realizing that." This attitude helps us to do small things and to leave "an opportunity for the Lord's grace to enter and do the rest." (Amen!)

That agrees with the apostle Paul's encouragement to be faithful in our tasks and to wait on God who "gives the increase" (1 Cor. 3:6-7). Don't allow discouragement to cause you to quit. In God's own time our work will bear fruit. (Thank you Father. That is very assuring thought from the Holy spirit)

Praise God for the timely reminder.

Anew-ers! I think we can do it for the 14th October event! Let's strive hard! God is our portion and strength! Praise HIM!

Not easy

Not Easy Number 1
It is 3.50AM and i am BUSY with my assignment. Singapore Media Model... why can't I just have the gift of writing? Actually not true. I think I have... the word limit is 1500 words for a 5 questions which worth between 10 marks to 30 marks each. And guess what? Is only part a and b - I reached the 1000th mark. These is really good.

Not Easy Number 2
Telling my dear friends to remember to TRUST in God and because God always provides a way out. When I hit the wall, suddenly I seemed not able to utter words - "TRUST" in God so easily. It is easier to repeat 100 times to my friends about trusting.. when comes to myself.. uttering The Lord's prayer perhaps since more easier than saying "TRUST THE Lord"

Not Easy Number 3
Handling 2 modules is a challenge per semester but i think is still manageable. But imagine the shock I had when I was only offered 1 module for next semester. A quick mental calculations shows that I can only graduate in 2009 June. Reason for the only 1 module ? The remaining modules are not available next year. Argued with the staff with SIM and managed to get them to put me in another module. Another problem arised. Taking this module is like committing suicide, I've yet to take the foundation modules. What am I supposed to do with this? Sadly i struggled and take the original module which was offered to me next semester. Struggled too long, I've missed the deadline... *argh* need to call the school tml

Not Easy Number 4
I need to stop blogging and return to my assignment now.


Not easy ar!