Friday, May 25, 2012


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Saturday, November 26, 2011

High Tea

Blessings of the Day: His love is deep and His love is wide. There's a cross to bridge the great divide.

Recently I was in the mood of going for High Tea. I've been wanting to go for some nice place to chill out and hang out with my friends and just talk and sip eat hot scones, sandwiches and sip yummy coffee or tea. Weekends are usually out for me - either for ministry work or to accompany KG or family. Finally, I managed to find a day after the Girl's Brigade camp ended. The camp ended on Monday and i concluded i would be too tired to work on Tuesday and needed a few hours of "recovery" me time, i told my friends let's meet for high tea the next day. (It was as if my client knew my camp ends on Monday evening, I need to work on some ad-hoc tasks right after the camp. I was soooo exhausted!)

My 2 friends whom I was meeting were my secondary school classmates cum eca mates. The place shortlisted was Goodwood Park hotel and since they had chose the place, I had the opportunity to go for International Buffet Hi-Tea or Western Buffet Hi-Tea. I opted for the latter because I always get to eat International Buffet in any other meal times like Lunch and Dinner. And I was hungry for scones :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake

Blessings of the Day: I've been reading OT for the past 2 months and it just made me realize how merciful God is and how deep His love have for us. Thank you Father =)

Saturday, October 01, 2011


As i browsed through my FB photos albums, there is a immense and deep gratitude dancing in my heart now - that God have given me wonderful friends in my life. Through the seasons - in bottom of the valleys, on the mountain tops, running with me through the race or just walking quietly alongside with me, there are friends whom I can count on. My prayer is that God will continue to use me to be a channel of blessings to the people around me whom in turn bless me so much.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finally Weekend coming up

Blessings of the Day: "My project is ending soon! hurray! This Friday will be officially completed!!!!"
Nirwana Hotel Resort
 I really procrastinate long enough. Once again, I decided to book the trip 2 days before this weekend and going to Bintan for a 2D1N. Just to get away and enjoy. So I am looking forward this weekend. Is like no more computer, email and work. Just really purely devoted to rest and relax.

I have never been to Bintan. So i am pretty excited. I have done some research online and found most of them were pretty exp.  But there were a few food place I can consider checking them out.