Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas 2006

Blessings of the day: I am well ... recovered... thank you God and your prayers. I lost 3 kg. All thanks to laxatives & also the pathetic appetite I have for the past 1 week. Almost like kitten share of food BUT my appetite is coming back. Tonight I finally ate 1/2 plate of white rice and 1 bowl of udons. Good good.. my 3kg will come back in awhile.. who cares about weight now? Health is more important after all these.

Oh This Christmas... very special to me. Aside food feast is the main highlight my family is coming to Bethel to attend the service. What delight me the most was she had asked if she can come to church this Monday. I was jumping with joy in my heart. May the Lord guide me and help me. I have learn is not an easy task and to me it had taken more than 3 years. But the Lord is good. Just wait for the harvest period.

A Christmas prayer for my family.

Tomorrow shopping for Christmas food @ Suntec ... Oh great I can't wait!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ma Maison

Blessings of the Day:

Aiweig's mom and sister and Alison got baptised this morning. Teared non stop when I hear their testimonies. So powerful... the work of God.... Amen

Last Saturday was a shopping day. Oh boy how long have I not shopped... City Chain were having Christmas discounts and I've been hunting for watches for my 2nd sister. Finally after 3 weeks of searching - found a chic sporty looking Addidas watch going for 50% discount. Unique green pastel colour for my sister! I think she would love it ... staring there for almost 30 minutes... I've decided the hunt shall end and I purchased the watch. Guess what... since this is such a good bargain.. i shall be a "better" sister (earlier was good sister cos i purchased for my elder sister) and purchased the same watch in a different colour for the youngest sister.

Seeing the 2 sisters have 2 new watches... I begin to feel alittle tiny winy bit of "jealous" cos they have new watches and I have none *sulk* standing there for another further 20 minutes... I told the sales guy *shyly* and said... can i have one more piece same design? The sales guy gave me a look *wow rich girl* look and I now become the best sister in the world cos i know how to pamper myself... haha i am a happy girl cos i got a new watch! *sound so silly* haha

Alrighty fast forward in the shopping trip.. my objective is to introduce this Japanese Western Restuarant in Bugis - Ma Maison which means My Home in French.

Singapore Site:

The restuarant reminds me of a Japanese show I watched a few years back.

The settings looks more cosy then the Japanese drama show. My sister revealed to me she first came to know this restuarant when she was my age! *Gasp* The prices are almost like Jack place. If you hold Citibank credit card you get 10% discount and on Monday is Ladies night and you get 20% off for A-la Carte menu. Some of the recommended dishes are:

1) Escargots - half a dozen for $9.50
2) Baby Potatoes with mustard mayo with herbs
3) Hamburger Steak with Cheese
4) Omelette Rice with Brown sauce and Shredded Beef
5) Any dishes that comes with the Speciality Brown Sauce *must try that sauce*

I simply love the ambience - great for girls gathering like we 3 sisters... anyone wanna join me for another trip to Ma Maison? =)

Ma Maison Restaurant
#02-51 Parco Bugis Junction
Tel: 63384819

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Shopping Website

Blessings of the day: I have such a wonderful time catching up with my good friend, Shangying. Talking to her make me realize I have not catch up with my dear friends for since August. Alrighty that not too long right? They are throwing eggs at me for not turning up this Saturday again! Perhaps to invite them for the Christmas Event in Bethel would be a good chance to catch up with all of them!

My best gal friend business is up running! She sell bags and accessories too!

Check out D-Xquisite website @

This December there will be 5% discount for all purchases made online!

Happy Shopping and remember to sign up as a friend of D-Xquisite to get updates on upcoming products =)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lulu Pizza Kitchen

Blessings of the day: Mandy's mom got baptized today at the chinese side. Praise God and indeed it encourages me that one day my parents will be saved as well. Continue to pray for the salvation of my whole family.
The Chefs: The Lu Sisters =)

Pizza toppings and Suggestion - 2nd sis
Dough maker - Me LAR- I managed to make it thin crust! Horray!
Diners - everyone

Looks dark..cos we used dark sauce .. presenting the Chicken Teriyaki Mushroom Homemade Pizza

The base is the leftover rosemary bread that I've made the night before... Toppings are tomatoes, sweet basil leaves and top with a small piece of bacon and mozzarella cheese
Presenting to you - *oh no i forgot what is the name for this *faint*

This is one classic pizza which we all love - tomatoes base sauce, mozzarella cheese, bacon, sweet basil leaves and more more more mozzarella cheese finished with pepper and salt! That is before cooking by the way...

Pizza in Suana

The finished product! *drools*

The two pizzas are mini size and in odd shape = They had a reason for being like these... No one in the family dare to try my suggested recipe = Nutella Chocolate with Banana.. i am banana over chocolate ok?! So my sister said.. "u try sample size ok?" Then I did.. so that explains the irregular shape for the other one.. oh .. is actually the leftovers of the chicken, bacon, mushroom and finished with more more more mozzarella cheese !

The banana chocolate is nice ok! You serve it hot with Macadamia Ice-cream.. Tell me if it doesn't make you drool!

Recipe available at my cranium multiply soon!