Friday, July 21, 2006

Moblog #3 - Tiramisu Big Challenge

My sister birthday is this weekend :) so i told her i gonna bake a tiramisu cake for her since she so nice to sponsor me a bottle of Kwala Kahlua!! My challenge started at Singapore 8am ! i completed everything (including washing up at 11am)

Baked Sponge coins ready to be soak in a mixture of warm coffee Kwala Kahlua yummmmm

My cake.... ready to be soaked with coffee Kwala Kahlua and smother over with my mascarpone cheese...

After all the deco ..... .. here is the master piece.

Although that are many flaws here and there.. but i guess that is what home-baked cake looks like... with many flaws. anyway the cake is going to be in our stomach later... hahahh

Now the verdict of the taste shall reveal on Saturday by my sister! *pray* please let the cake taste ok! PLS!!!!

Having left over egg white.. i will be making Pavlova on Sunday


Qq said...

you make it look so easy...i wonder how it tastes?? ;p~

u shld watch this hk drama showing on scv now...abt this gal who is working towards becoming a good pastry chef.

Peiying said...

Qq i dun have Channel 5x :(