Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Join Girls' Brigade Today!!!

Yes!!!! You experience Fun, Fullness, Friends and Fellowship!

You!!!! Young at heart! Don't hestitate to join us the Girls' Brigade !

Fantastic Beautiful White Smart Uniform - Tailor to FIT just For YOU!

A Servant Leader! Hurray!!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Overcome By Worry?

"What can I do with my worry? "

The next time you start to be overcome by worry, turn to God and remember that
(1) He is in charge,
(2) He can carry your burdens,
(3) He can take away your fear,
(4) He can sustain you, and
(5) He will never leave you.

Lord help me remember that nothing will happen today that You and I can't handle together.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I download all my personal and work emails in my email client, Microsoft Outlook. I don't usually delete emails but I like to sort them like Work, Personal, WWJD, and others... Webmail doesn't work for me as i run out of space pretty fast, so when I download all my mails it will be good for me because practically there are no limits.

Today I read the papers that if your emails size in your computer reaches 2GB, you will not be able to open your Outlook as it will hang. Fearing that I might reach that state, i quickly did a check on my mailbox size. Not surprised, my emails size is 600MB and +++

So i spent my evening to do housekeeping in my mailbox.

I run through them and some emails were dated as early as late Year 2003. Some emails brought a smile to my face... and as i read i felt encouraged some of the emails that friends had send me - concerns, thanksgiving, prayers, encouragment, sharing and many much more.

I also saw mails that brought me tears of comfort. Emails that I had wrote to my friends sharing my difficult times at work and studies and how these friends wrote back to me encouraging to go on. Prayers, Bible Verses, Quotes and Stories. Some were so sweet and find jokes to cheer me up.

Emails that say "Fill this up and send me back". It had a list of questions asking my friends how they thought of me. Words like Loud girl, Fun to be with... not very smart leh ... and many funny & ridiculous things about me... and questions like if there a promise for me, what would it be... all my friends replied: Eternal Friendship with you my dear friend

Emails from friends who wrote how much hurt they are going through or how things are not going well for them in their work, life, studies, relationships or ministries. How they asked for understanding and comfort. Some wrote that I had neglected them and often too busy to meet up with them and they felt hurt. Guilt just smashed hard on my face after reading those emails.
Apologies and reconciliation of friendship.

Emails from this fellow, call Teh Eng Chuan... seems like he always emailing people with lots of articles on God's word. How sometimes his emails seem to be irrelevant at that time, but when i look through my mails again, somehow God would use the emails/articles to give me answers on problems in my life

At the end of the housekeeping, i only managed to reduce to 500MB which is erm hmm.. kind of still alot because the above emails are the ones that I can't bear deleting them away.

My heart is very clean now and fills with peace from God. How amazing that God uses emails to spring cleaned my heart as well.

If your mailbox is liked my previous size of 600MB, maybe you can also go through your old emails and you will be surprised how refreshed you will be after spring cleaning your maibox.

Happy Email Housekeeping !

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We are the reasons

As little children
We would dream of Christmas morn
Of all the gifts and toys
We knew we'd find
But we never realized
A baby born one blessed night
Gave us the greatest gift of our lives

We were the reason
That He gave His life
We were the reason
That He suffered and died
To a world that was lost
He gave all He could give
To show us the reason to live

As the years went by
We learned more about gifts
The giving of ourselves
And what that means
On a dark and cloudy day
A man hung crying in the rain
All because of love, all because of love

We were the reason That He gave His life
We were the reason That He suffered and died
To a world that was lost He gave all He could give
To show us the reason to live

I've finally found the reason for living
It's in giving every part of my heart to Him
In all that I do every word that I say
I'll be giving my all just for Him, for Him
He is my reason to live

How wonderful to have a Father who love us so much irregardless how wretched we are, how naked and how helpless we are before God. How blessed you and I are... This Christmas my prayers that the love of God will touch the lost ones out there ... touching our loves ones who still don't know who Christ is or had abandoned their walk from God. Prayed for these lost ones...cos we all know... how much they need God.

Chirstmas - a day our Christ is born . He came so we may have eternal life, hope and experience His beautiful love. Do you still remember your First Love or have you forsaken your First Love the source of true love that our Christ had showered upon us?

I wish you a Merry Christmas & this christmas may you dwell in God's greatest gift =)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fried Mars Bars

I know this is nothing new... but to me i was excited to try this fattening dessert. Presenting to you the ....

Fried MARS BARS!!!

Yummy :) Fried Mars Bars make PY a happy girl =)

I was watching this show call The Cook's Tour and he was in Scotland discovering new food. Their food don't surprised me. Is their diet which surprise or shock me! Scotland people eat things without any regards to their health! They love fried junk food they will just dip anything into the batter to deep fry it! *Really anything* from fish and chips to pizzas to mars bars.. and the most ridiculous I saw were ... pickled eggs! They wake up in the morning and where do they go? They go to pub and have a drink first. After their first drink, they will head to have their breakfast and what accompany their breakfast? Another beer! These people are crazy! No wonder they have the lowest life expenctancy in the developed world!

Still... I just added fried mars bars into my Happy Food list.

Fried Mars Bars are now available at Far East Shopping Center (beside Ya Kun) and it cost $2.95 with 4 mini bite sizes mars bars and 1 scoop of ice-cream (choosing between vanilla or chocolate) or if you wish to skip the ice-cream, they are quite happy to give you more mars bars =)

*warning: ultra sweet and ultra addictive!

Monday, December 12, 2005


I never felt so stressed since Sec 4.

I got 3 projects due this week and I had only completed 30% each in each project. I am going crazy soon.

Dark eyes, lack of sleep and bad tempered, snacking non stop ..

I desperately need a break after this week. God help me remember that nothing will happen today that You and I can't handle together.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


It had been almost, let's see... about 1 - 2 years since i left youth (teenage period) and enter into young adult hood. My definition of Young adult hood is from the age of 20 - 35 ... haha.. today i attended the "No Apologies" Workshop that are target for youths about abstinence. In fact it was my 2nd time attending this. What i enjoyed most about no apologies is teaching the youths about abstinence and at the end of the day there is this pledge card where you sign to promise yourself that you will save yourself for marriage. You then will have to find a witness or a person whom you are accountable to and get him or her sign the card for you.

As I looked at the youths today, many of them were keen to know what is being a relationship like or maybe even sex. Even when i was in my teenage years, i have my fair share of crushes on cute guys... especially who are into sports... I was once a curious and naive girl who want to know what is being in a relationship like so i enter into a (silly and very silly) relationship with a guy. I am very thankful that nothing happen ... cos during those days back in secondary school.. is common to hear my friends getting pregnant and dump and abortion. Very sad cases and worse ones would be dumping babies at HDB estates ... As i looked back, God had protected me. I am thankful that this thing only lasted a few months and it was not a deep relationship; it was more a hi-bye thing. Why am i sharing this? Because... today i happen to bump into him on the streets, 6 years since i last saw him. Keegan and I was shocked when we see him: Big sized, fats, tattoos on arms, heavy smoking breath...

EWWWWWW! Both of us were stunned and ewwwww ... i barely look at him for 1 sec and i lost my appetite for my dinner. I started to recollect my memories and begin to think what if I had continued in the relationship. What will happen to me?! Sound silly to some of you but i just so freak out by his look!

I am very glad that i made the right decision to place my studies as priority over BGR then during sec school days. It wasn't a sweet romance and in fact a very jerky and nerve-racking one. Cos you don't want your teachers to find out and they will call your parents and inform them!

Now BGR has a new meaning to me... is more than just a boy-girl relationship. It should be Building.Godly.Relationship with Christ is placed in the center of the relationship.

I am hungry now... my appetite had just returned...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I am feeling quite moody and depressed. The problem is I am not sure exactly what is the problem. I did a character analysis test on the Taylor-Johnson personality test. Some of the results I could remember off hand was:

Nervous - Extremely High
Light Hearted - Normal
Inhibited - Extremely High
Submissive - Normal
Subjective - Extremely High
Hostile - Somewhere High
Impulsive - Somewhere High
Self discipline- Somewhere low not too low

Pastor reminded me that i need to deepen my spiritual life and walk more closely to God, holding on to God's word. The result of not sharing my burdens (inhibited) and will add more tension to myself results in breakdown. On the other hand he see i can be light hearted as well ...but it could be a surface or a mask to cover myself. He encouraged me to share more and trust in Him. Learning to surrender to God will help me see things in a better light. Perhaps also i see that due to my lousy self discipline i tend to do things at the last min (which is very true) that also caused me to be so nervous and stressed up at the last minute and becoming very hostile and impulsive! =( I really need to lighten up and be more discipline.

Sometime I don't know what wrong with my family members. One moment they can be so supportive and one moment they can be so mean! I find it so hard to share with them my work and my dreams. Because they never seem to understand and when the matters became worse if i never shared they start to become very imaginative and think that what i am doing is a complete waste of time. My studies will commence next year and for no reason my mom kept thinking whether is a good thing to study Part time. She fear that my future is going to doom!!!

It looked liked that I have to get them sit down, cook them a nice meal + coffee and talk to them nicely and get my message across this time.

Monday, November 21, 2005


1) 2 Projects - Deadline in Mid Dec... More projects on their way

2) GB Camp - Expedition : Yet to plan anything yet

3) Good Frd's Wedding - No dress... Yet to buy

4) Pimples Sprouting All Over

5) Friends R on holidays - I can't go *sob*

6) Hair's dropping rate had increased 2 times

I am going nuts

*put the lime in the coke you nut*

If only I have Professor McGonagall's Time-Turner.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Your priority?


Spend time with Him... cos He hears all your prayers and your life =)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Thanksgiving - I am returning to school!

I got a letter from uniSIM that I got a place in the course. Praise God. It had been a long wait for 2 and a half years since I graduated from poly.

Many of you whom know me well will know how I yearn to return back to studies. For consecutive 3 years my application to the local universities (NUS, NTU and SMU) were rejected. The rejections were really disheartening. Looking at many of my peers who are already in their final year in their undergrad studies and I was still not able to study! I had tried to explore the idea of applying as a mature applicant, but the thought of waiting till I am 25 years old (that means July 2008) just make me feel even more "pek chek". I thought cannot wait so long lar, my brain won’t be functioning too well by then. Overseas studies were never really an option either as the amount of money spent is really too much for me and not wanting to put extra burden to my family expenses.

Begin to ask God what wrong with me, how come I never seem to be able to return back to study? Maybe is not time for me yet... But be faithful cos I know the Lord will show me the way.

The chance came when I saw the uniSIM ad in newspaper which the SG 4th local uni. I also saw a course that interests me greatly. I was excited as finally uniSIM were setup and approve by MOE for working adults to be able to study. Many encouraged me to apply and prayed for me. =) Thanks you!

When I went to clear my mailbox and i saw the sim logo... my heart begin to beat very very fast... and I realize is a thin enevelope.. and i was getting abit worried too when 1 month ago i learnt that over 2000 applicants applied and only 1000 places were offered. The worst thing? Poly grads formed the 90% of the 2000 applicants! So guess what? I glanced through and skip all the way to the last paragraph. I gonna show you what my vision show me :

............ denots skipping the words

"Whether you are studying ........., we hope you will achieve your potential............................"

Then i re-read again:

"Whether you are ......... career............. personal...... ........., we hope you will achieve your potential......I am confident that your study.............."

Too fast... Re-read again....

Then keegan exclaimed: "Eh they say Congrats! CONGRATS LEH!"

I scroll up and finally saw this line:

"Dear Ms Lu: Congrats ........................................................." (vision blurred)

Yeah! So silly me... why didnt I read the first paragraph? That is something about me. I always read things at the bottom. Especially magazine... sometimes i read from back to front.

Very sadly, I was not called for any interview for the scholarships. But I believe the Lord will provides. Should be either seeking for a loan or bursary awards to cover my education expenses. But Praise God =)

Hurray I am going back to study! >=D

Whoo hoo :D

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pasta anyone?

When you feel like cooking

Actually i had craving for pasta... hahaa so i decided to cook!

Yes Cabonara.... anyone? I use ham instead of bacon... and my sister had not taught me the authentic way of cooking ... so i am still using the ready-made sauce ... Nice button white mushrooms , onions, and herbs herbs herbs!

Boil a pot of hot water and add in salt and olive oil. Reason so your spaghetti will not stick to each other.. Oh yes stir occassionally... meanwhile.. prepare to .....

add olive oil to...

fry onions! .. hmm i wonder why it turned out like garlic instead.. i almost type "fry garlics"

fry fry add in the ham ....

then add the mushrooms too....

Add the sauce too... yummy *drools* u can also add water if you find the sauce too thick....

oh yes.. pls dun forget the pasta is cooking away...

Once cooked, drain the water and run the pasta under running cold water

Add olive oil..optional though.... and prepare to serve!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers !

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Sometime i just prefer something clean and neat and is readily available... although I would very much like to have my own personalized haven (after all that is my forte?) but time consuming....

So I take it that I had rented a nice "hotel" for my BlessedHaven and I will look for a permament haven in a couple of months down the road...

& I would preferbably my blog to have lotsa of food and travel pictures =) You know recently lots of pple talk about food? I would very much like to do the same too *drools*

Only my sister is so free & creative to personalize her blogskin every month.

Monday, October 24, 2005

His Love

His Love
Verse: 1 Cor 13:4 - 5
Composer: Unknown

D Bm
His Love ... is Patient
His Love ... is Kind & True
D Bm
His Love ... does not envy
His Love ... does not boast in pride
D Bm
His Love ... is not rude & hurt
His Love ... is not self-seeking
D Bm
His Love ... is not easily angered
His Love ... keeps no records of all wrongs

D Bm
Jesus ... our heavenly Father
Em A
Jesus ... our tower of strength
D Bm
Jesus ... who will carry us on His wings
Em A
Jesus ... His Love never fail!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mini Achievement

Just want to share my mini achievement.

I had manage to come up with the E-commerce site. The most impossible and the toughest that I faced so far. I still remember back in Poly days I cannot even write a simple program. I just couldn't! For some reason, I never seem to be able to come up with the logic. Never mind since is donkey years ago...

Allow me to present my client's site - Hua. It basically means her bags are all floral designed bags. Free advertising :) haha

Hopefully I will be able to do the same for Ripples and also more e-commerce site :P

My client is very sweet to me. She told me to select any 2 bags that I want from her stock :) My mom had already "chop" one ... i am still undeciding which one . haha =)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Breakfast - VERY Important :D

This week had been super hectic. Most of the time I am running out and each time I stepped out of the house, I would feel breathless, giddy and tired. The medic i consulted said I am amatuer coffee drinker that I shouldn't be drinking too much coffee... Pple like himself and those who drink 2++ cups a day for the over the past 10 years ++++ will not feel that effect. Is only when they stop drinking coffee for 1 day, they would be like walking zombies ...

But but i just beginning to love coffee.. I can't survive without my hazelnut white coffee! So yesterday I decided maybe I should stop coffee especially I am not really a heavy (coffee) drinker yet... so i switch to..... Lipton Herbal Tea instead. Very healthy! Hot water no sugar... Plus today i had a very good breakfast to accompany my Herbal tea- homemade wholemeal bread with sizzling ham + egg. Very healthy again! Use olive oil to cook my egg and ham and no butter or mayo in my sandwich.. Usually i will love to have those in my bread.. but must be healthy u know!

A good breakfast energized U.. so after eating those healthy stuffs... i didnt feel giddy or breathless for the first time. Good right? So the moral of the story please have a good and healthy breakfast to kick off ur day :P

3 cheers for completing my project! Horray!

oh 3 more cheers.. TGIF

Oh yes one more thing my breakfast today shall be cranberry herbal tea with sizzling ham + chees on toast :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

IT nerd

Recently lots of cool gadgets caught my attention!

Sony Ericsson Z520i

I just love clamshell phone! :) I always thought very elegant and tai-tai people uses clam shell phone. This phone comes with exchangable front and back covers designed to suit your mood (how cool!) and when you get a phone call or a sms, the phone will light up with impressive mini lights (like disco lights) plus not forgetting... the usual camera phone ....

The drawback: No mp3 as the ring tone :(

Then as i look around.. another phone caught my attention too!

Song Ericsson P990i

A PDA phone.. very good ... can even surf the net and check emails on the go! The P990i has a 2 megapixel digital camera with video.

Drawback: do i really want to be contactable at all times?! eek....

USB Cafe Pad

Are you one of those who love to bring a cup of hot kopi or teh into the office in the morning? In air condition with minus zero degree condition when hot blazing sun is just right outside the office, the hot drink don't stay hot at all.. That not exactly a cool thing right?! So guess what... if you have this cool gadget... your drink stay hot too .. wah... That is such a HOT stuff!

So this cool pad will work once you plugged into your laptop/computer USB port and you can have pipping hot coffee on ur desk :) I heard it work on cup noodles too!

Drawback: I don't work in an air-condition office...

Apple Nano

When i first saw this.. I thought it was Nachos... sadly it is not apple nachos.. is Apple NANO

Is only 0.7mm thin and 42 grams!

2Gb... 500 songs...

Not to be eaten...


OSIM I-desire!

I know i know.. you probably had heard too many times.. But i just love Osim :)

The name really fit my thought.. I-desire Osim! Or .. Osim I-desire U!

But it will only exist in my dreams... this cost a whopping of $7800...

How many projects must I do to cover this cost.. maybe Osim one day can look for my services.. i can do one in exchange for a chair...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I see Butterflies!

The butterfly-knot tying feelings are coming back again...

what if?


1200 vacancies... and 2100 over applicants applied...

I will know the outcome at the end of the month.

Eek.. what if?!


Not easy

HotSpot of the Day
"I want to holiday but got time meh?!"

Tonight, I was still contemplating should I go for cell group since Channel 8 "CSI" last episode... ... very tempting you know since is PLAY WEEK @ CG.....

I still turn up for CG... and i must say is good! Everyone in cg will agree with me... I will scan the letters what we had done .... dear dear... how our brother in christ write letters... *hmm* Good time of fellowship ... Look out for the updates @ Judea Cell

Recently a parent wrote to Strait Times about Should Teachers seek to convert Pupils...

The mother/parent wrote...

This girl corresponds with her teacher on MSN Messenger and one day while I was surfing, she started asking me about Christianity and Buddhism. I found it strange that she would ask me these questions and not her parents. Apparently her teacher had been asking her to attend Saturday worship services by XXXX. A Buddhist, she replied that her parents would probably not let her go for the service. The teacher told her it was not up to her parents to decide, that she was free to make upher own mind, and kept pressing her to go for his church's service.

MOE replied on this:

The Ministry of Education takes a firm stand on religious proselytisation by teachers. Our schools are secular, and teachers should not be engaged in proselytising their students. We otherwise face a real risk of undoing the multi-cultural and multi-religious sensitivity and harmony that Singapore has built up over the years, and which our schools seek to cultivate in each new generation.

Teachers are expected to be good role models for their students including being sensitive to other religions and cultures, and teaching them respect for their parents. We invite Ms Thio to provide us with the necessary details by contacting me or the school concerned, in order for us to look further into the matter she raised.

None of this will stifle teachers' efforts to communicate effectively with their students, during and after school hours, as part of their efforts to nurture and guide their students. Schools have guidelines with regard to their teachers' communications with students. Teachers communicate with their students outside school hours when they need to, on matters pertaining to their studies, school activities and holistic development.

Parents and teachers have to work together to nurture students into good citizens. If parents have concerns regarding any activity during or after school, we encourage them to approach the school directly so that clarifications can be sought immediately.

Hmm...certainly ... this issue is very real especially we are got BBGB in ZHSS... and one letter or one word from the parent to the school.. is good enough to close their door to BBGB... I can still remember very clearly that while during one of the year in recruitment drive... many parents asked me if we forced their daughters to go to church on Sunday or to read the bible. Worst... there were lots of competition with other CCAs.. many uniform groups kept arrowing us :(

I realize I had to be very careful with my words when I share the gospel to the girls... Because certian words can be very powerful and they can remember very well what you said. I had a friend who used to be a "underground church goer" as her family were buddhists, it was very difficult for her to attend church on Sundays. Guess what her friends said... especially her mentor/cg leader...

"You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength! If your heart is for God.. nothing can stop you from attending church... You should not be bothered by what your parents said.. just ignore them. Just walk through the door. God will open His ways for you so you can come to church... God will bless you."

I think somehow those words made my friend so confused.. she didn't attend church for a period of time and her relationship with her parents soured.

I don't think I will ever want to tell that to my girls...what will happen?

Continue to pray for the ministries in ZHSS... is certainly not easy to guard this mission field.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Going bananas

HotSpot of the Day
"In case you are getting real sick of the song that is playing at my blog for the past few weeks... well you have to bear for it another few more weeks... cos i tend to be very forgetful.. the song is to remind me to watch the drama serial every monday and tuesday night ... hehehe *giving apologetic looks*"

So is true! Secret recipe is having a "Buy 1 get 1 free for the SLICE OF CAKE" promotions!!! CHOCOLATE Banana Here i COME!!!!!!

I dun care if i turned into a round cake or a huge banana.... I just want to have my cake and eat it :D

Hurray! Happy Children's Day :D


Monday, October 03, 2005

Tip of the Day

HotSpot of the Day
"Apply baby oil (size of a 50 cent coin) on to your hair roots half an hour before you bath. After that shampoo your hair and condition as normal. Your hair will turn out to be softer and smell nice like a baby"

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

IT talk

HotSpot of the Day
"11.40 pm... and i am craving for.... macdonald hotcakes ... with lotsa of honey and butter :P~"
i don't know if that happens to you, sometimes when I work extremely hard during the day, I look forward to a good meal. Or cook something nice to cheer myself.

Recently i discovered a new software by Googles. Hmm maybe it had been here for quite sometime only then i realize its existence (how lousy for a IT person like me). Check it out Picasa by Google. If you think Photoshop is too "cheem" (difficult) for you, I think you will enjoy Picasa. What I like about this is the built in feature of doing collage. Saves me lots of time instead doing the manual way in Photoshop.

Some sample pixs that I took.. If you like black and white or sepia print... they offered you the effect with one click =)

So cool isn't? I don't have much pictures in my laptop.. wait till I go back to my main PC and play with the software...

Work had been stressful and 1 deadline is coming up pretty soon.. But thank God Kg is clearing his leaves beginning of next month which means he can jump in the wagon and save me ...

Back to my retreat... sigh still can't believe the whole chunk of entry is gone... but it had been a good retreat.. like what Mandy say.. good for the soul and the tummy =)

Most imptly, I had re-discover the motivations and passions in serving this ministry. The retreat had help all officers to know about the different needs and motivations and how it can be helpful in the growth of the ministry. It also highlighted some of our needs or motivations could be a stumbling block not only in our lives but also the youths' lives. Must really find time to blog those stuffs again.

i feel like baking this week... any suggestions or requests?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I am so angry and upset. i wrote a super long entry on the retreat.. and then .. when i click enter.. the entry was gone and they tell me to relogin again?!


Thursday, September 22, 2005

When the Answer is No Answer

I'm going to attempt the impossible. I am going to tackle THE BIG QUESTION especially popular in the wake of hurricane Katrina (and now Rita on the way), that being: the question of God's sovereignty. If God is in control of everything and He is a loving God, how can He let something like this happen?

As human beings who claim to follow God, we are often put in a position of having to answer for Him. This is unfortunate, since we are none of us, God, and if God is not going to give us an answer, on what grounds can we possibly think that we might be able to explain one to someone else?

Put on the spot with questions like this, we usually end up trying to show how good ultimately comes of these horrific things, but that is never a satisfying answer, especially for one who is in the middle of experiencing nothing but loss and devastation.

Here is a believer's dilemma: The Bible has absolutely no qualms about presenting a world where bad things can happen to good people and good things can happen to bad people. It is entirely un-self-conscious in this way. God does not seem at all challenged about accepting responsibility for that which befalls us that we determine is good or bad.

The pill we have to swallow is this: Our inability to accept these paradoxes is our problem, not God's. God is not hauled into court by our questions. God simply will not sit on the witness stand and have His activity scrutinized by us. I suppose we can scrutinize it all we want but that will get us no closer to understanding God or having Him reveal His motives to us.

So we are left to make our way - to figure out, as both Job and Solomon did, how to accept difficult things from Him and still honor and worship Him.

By saying this, I am not suggesting we have a faith that has nothing to do with our feelings of frustration or desperation. We don't just paste a scripture verse, or a “God knows what He's doing” over the question and walk away, unconnected with the feelings that forced us to Him in the first place. (This is why some Christians seem so unattached to their true feelings, because they have gotten good at doing this.) Even God's Son cried out “My God, why have you forsaken me?” from the agony of the cross… and He knew why all along! He just wasn't a robot. I think He was merely being entirely human in that moment. It's human to ask. It's human to not get an answer. It's human to be frustrated. It's human to alternate between trusting God and fighting God.

So where does this all end up? Well, here's my best attempt: Never stop asking, seeking, and pounding on God's door for answers; just don't expect Him to always come out and give you one. However, He will always come and put His arm around you and comfort you. That much I know.

Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable His judgments, and His paths beyond tracing out! Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been His counselor? Romans 11:33, 34

~ John Fischer is the Senior Writer for Purpose Driven Life Daily Devotionals.

The most comfort thought in the article that reminded me God never fail to forsake us. Still with us despite the many unhappy things that are happening around us.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

It had been a blessed event. It had brought me closer to the Lord. During the prac whenever I get frustrated, I almost lost my temper or patience ("~) i apologize for these and u all really had been really really patience towards me and i seemed to have the most problem when comes to coordination. This bunch of friends are really great! You all are a gift from the Lord. Thank you Evince team =)

Friday, September 16, 2005


Remember you have a date with Evince this coming Saturday, 17-Sep 05?

Come and journey with us on this coming Saturday as the Lord continues to reveal Himself to us, His great and wonderful plan for us. Reach out & let's come together to proclaim His existence, His goodness and His marvelous great love!

Date: 17 Sep 2005
Time: 4pm - 6pm
Venue: Bethel Presbyterian Church - Annex Hall

We can't wait to see you there!

Evince^05 Team

Check out our cool t-shirts ... almost everyone are wearing it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lord, help me remember that nothing is going to happen today, that You and I can't handle TOGETHER

Monday, September 12, 2005

something to look forward tonight - my fav Stairway to heaven.. *sigh* i wish she nv regain her memory and will fall in love with the guy who does so many things for her... oh i wish ...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

It had been a hectic week. I taught a group of P5 students on macromedia flash. Been quite sometime since I taught such a big class.

A school approached me to see if i am interested teaching full time as an IT trainer. Thinking my current work load is quite heavey i told them I won't be able to commit full time. But they continued to say that they offers part time as well. Part time usually will be during schools holidays. Hmm no harm. is also an opportunity to learn as well ... oh well difficult can they be...

ya right... i immediately was drained on the first day. I woke up @ 6am and had to be in school by 7.30am and it went on for the next 4 days .. very very draining.... though actually i realize i taught the students less on the 3rd and 4th lesson cos i given them projects to work on. Looking at those kids really reminds me when i was in my primary school days. I think if i am a student, I would hate myself! Myself as in the teacher. I think i am super mean. The more active and naughty students especially the boys are extremely noisy (girls some too!) i always tell them one more word coming from you ... you are out of my class... and i love to give them the piercing fierce look from my eye.. and they will cringe in their seats! In the past i always secretly doing things and hiding behind the folders thinking the teacher is blind and totally oblivious of the things around her... ya right i am kidding myself.. standing there i can see every single student computer even if their computer is facing at the wall... but thanks to the window... the reflection I always know what they are up to...ya pericing look @ them!

My greatest frustration didnt came from the students but the school clerk who refused to cooperate with me. I think all school clerks have this frustrated and short-tempered attitude on them. anyway long story... all school clerks... 1 word HORRIBLE!

Greatest job satisfaction comes when my students say they enjoyed learning flash 5 and kept asking me to teach them more .... hehe

On friday was very very hectic.. but very thankful that i recieved lots of help in getting the evince t-shirts. So happy the shirts turned out fine though actually there is a slight mistake on the design.. hmm i shall not say anything since no one notice.. hehhehehehe

Saturday i got a nice GRADE A rose... from the GBHQ... very sweet of them! And the rose somehow really make me feel so peaceful & at ease even now as i type this blog .... the rose blooms and seems to be smiling at me :) very beautiful rose... the most beautiful rose that seem to been giving out a kind of red and sweet glow. The rose is as huge as my palm... what do you think huh?

Evince prac... was feeling very frustrated.. thinking i almost burst... cos we still didnt get lots of things right...but later things got better after that... everyone was very encouraging ... and i think Evince had really made a huge change in all our lives ..this special event that we want to bring ourself closer to the Lord to worship Him. Maybe is time for me not to focus so much on whether we sing and play well or whether we are on time or on cue or what ever so... even with the mike fail and the whole thing flipped upside down.. I should be focusing on the Lord cos Lord is the one who in charge of all these. He using us to help pple to worship and enjoy a great time of fellowship with Him not our own purposes. But His purposes.

5 more days left folks. Let's commit and focus on the Lord cos We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength! Praise You Father !

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i am currently conducting an IT workshop teaching P5 students about Macromedia Flash ...

More details coming soon .... meanwhile i need to get more nourishment...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

yawn today had been a packed day from 6.45 am to 10pm... but i started my morning with a very blessed note :)

I wanted to wake up at 6.30am this morning but of course i fail miserably.. i woke up at 6.55am instead. Was ready by 7.05am. Looking @ my watch thinking *chum no time already i need to be church by 7.30am plus i need to withdraw money to prepare for the change* No choice, i took cab down instead

Met this cab uncle ... told me he was a christian when he learnt I was heading to church. Continued to do sharing like his church is @ some ulu ulu place near telok blangah place methodist church ... also heard of Bethel too and been there once..*Wow* He mentioned that after sending me to church, he was going home to pick his family then head to the church to go for service. I was like *wah* good ... :) and he said before he drove taxi, he worked in some timber industry for a few years then switch to taxi driving.

For many years he never worked on Sunday cos Sunday is the sabbath day a Holy Sunday for the Lord .. to rest and have a fellowship with his family. However one Sunday morning, his church had combined service and it is at 10.30am. Woke up early in the morning nothing to do, he decided to drive his taxi and worked. Before he started his job, he said a prayer: "God, I know today is Sunday. But I just feel like working. May the work i doing now be glorifying and pleasing to you. Make it yours and do your will" When he shared this part, he was super excited and exclaimed: "Guess what!? The whole morning, i was fetching pple to church!!!! I felt so happy and that was the first time i felt job satisfaction and God was working! I drove pple to church so that they will not be late and can be on time for the Lord! I never wasted my morning. " Huge grin plastered across his face and he just couldn't stop smiling.

I was so touched and blessed by this testimony that he shared and he said ever since when there is a combined service or when he wake up extra early, he will drive on Sunday morning and somehow God always arrange pple to take his cab to go church :) I was his first christian passenger today! hehehe

Begin to think and also started to reflect, had my work been glorifying and pleasing to God as well? I guess it had :P but of course everything is to God to be glory :)

When nearing to church, we turned in the road at "Jalan Girang", and the uncle surprised me. He said: "Hey is that your church members?" I was thinking uncle can tell we are bethel pple HAHA ..... i peered out and saw Auntie Pauline and Ben. Quickly stopped the taxi and asked them to get in so they won't have to walk so far.

Upon reaching the church, Auntie Pauline just whipped out a $10 dollar note and paid my cab fare. I was like ??!!!!! AH? What are you doing? That's my cab ! The taxi uncle just laugh at me and accepted auntie Pauline's payment instead! ARH! And she just kept saying never mind lar.. is OK! N silly Ben just giggled nonstop. No matter how hard i tried, she still refused to accept my payment.

Blessed morning ... Thank you Father :)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

This week i am extremely "swui" (unlucky)

Last Sunday, while attempting to walk up the slope, i lost my footing and slipped and had multiple slight cuts on my right elbow.

2 days ago while washing the dishes, the knife slipped and I got 0.5cm cut on my fourth finger on my left hand...

Today i was packing my sister's magzine on her table and underneath lies a hideous looking blade waiting to ambush me. Of course...what happen... when i placed the magzines on the table, i didn't know and place my index finger on the blade... and I made a double 1cm cut...

sob... =(

Thursday, August 25, 2005

It had been almost 1 month since i left my job. Many wondered how i am coping. Am i enjoying my life? most friends called me up and saying you must be free now... can we meet for a lunch or dinner or supper or shopping? hmmm as i look at things around me i still think i am busy. Sometimes i wonder what i am busy with...

I finally able to work on full time on the business that i had started with Keegan 2 years ago. It wasn't easy. I faced alot of setbacks and i think many times i wish i could give up and just enjoyed life and work. But after working for a few months, i knew that wasn't something that I was looking for.

I could remember every single failure that I did for the past 2 years. Countless... I lost projects, I made clients unhappy, i made my partner unhappy, i made myself unhappy. i made everyone around me unhappy.

Around this year Jan/Feb, I started to question what was my goal and where was my motivation? Why am i working so hard every night till 2 am working in a dark and getting countless scoldings from my poor sister who is sleeping and had to endure my intense noisy typings? ( * i had since changed to a quieter keyboard)

Slowly i detest what i was doing... i hated it. i hated programming. i hated designing. i think i almost went into depression. i hate what i was doing.. i just hate COMPUTERS!

i just cried to keegan. Is too hard. is way too hard.. i want to give up.. i want to GIVE UP! or at least he agrees to pull out of the project and i will do this alone. and i just do whatever i want...
What happen in the end..

After a few days... he told me ...let's re-evaluate our goals, missions and motivation. Why did we started this?

God. That was my answer. Maybe it sound strange/weird/puzzling to some of u ...

When i was in poly, i always wanted to do a website. I had no talents in leading word, no talents in evangelizing, no music talents to play for the Lord, seem to have nothing good to offer to the Lord... . That was when i thought of creating christian website as a offering to God. A Christian Youth website that targets the whole singapore. To reach out and to bring them closer to God. That had always been my dream.

I lack of skills agian... i don't how to do a good website. -_-"

I nv created this dream...somehow...

Keegan had a similar thought.. he also wanted to do something .. for the Lord. He want to run a business (anything). He was very inspired by his fellow bro-in christ who was runing a biz on his own with other christians and how they managed to work and grow and yet at the same time able to contribute their time to serve in the ministry.

When we came together 2 years ago to discuss this: we were very very excited about this mini work. A work when we prayed about it that we can use to glorify God. Business built on the foundation of christian values. We have visions that we can reach out to the youths who will work in the company with us.. and not spent time outside idling around.

That was our visions.

It picked me up again and we continued to move on.

We named our business PH. Some asked me.. why this name?

Hub as we all know means to connect several computers together. We connects you know... haha

Polaris... it also means North Star. What so special about this star?

-Used as a navigation aid and to chart navigational maps (God gives direction eh.. and God also asked us to be the light and salt of the world. Gives the youths or anyone non christians a good testimony)

-Our Creator created the stars. I was reminded in Psalms 8:3 "When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place."

Lastly, this verse further enhanced my faith.

Shining as Stars - Phil 2 : 12 -18
Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose. Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life—in order that I may boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor for nothing. But even if I am being poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice and service coming from your faith, I am glad and rejoice with all of you. So you too should be glad and rejoice with me.

God always sent pple in and teaches me and guide me.. i am ever thankful. At the end of the day the business may work out.. or may not work out. But at least I tried. Keegan tried. We both tried =)

7 cheers for God :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

i am feeling so dead now...

i have no ideas on how to work on my projects.. my brain is not working! argh~!

Maybe I should go to AMK library and chill out abit.. i am getting stressed.. or maybe to Dome cafe at Bishan CC .. that place got a nice ambience and i can sit there the whole day stoning...

I had a number of deadlines plus a couple of few committments here and there.

My brain is so dead... now... too much brain cells just died...

I haven't exercise for ages and I think my head is getting heavier...

I got a nightmare too...

What's happening to me?!


Previously on the korean drama... i don't think i will rent.. I'm depressed enough.. I should spent money to make myself happy not spent money to make myself depressed for one week after watching the 20 epiosodes... the 20 episode guides had caused me moody for the whole day... what for spending $ to cry in front of the TV and more $ to buy tissue paper or use toliet paper. Instead, I shd rent shows like The Maid or The Ring or Jun On so i can scare myself and that will force me to sleep early at night instead of staring at the com in the wee hours of the morning.

okok i will not even rent horror movies to scare myself silly....

I will go and sit by the beach and enjoy the cool sea breeze and that's so much better... maybe by then I get my brain working and more creative juices will come...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Should I or Should I not?

*flashback on Monday evening*

I had a soft spot for Korean drama ... especially the sad and draggy drama. Recently Channel U is showing Stairway to Heaven on every Monday and Tuesday. I was aware but didn't really want to catch it. I was going to catch American next top model on Channel 5 and when i turned on the TV ... Stairway to Heaven was in front of me. Less than 5 mins. I was hooked. First episode there were alots of crying and lots of jealousy in the show. AHHH...

*flashback to the present.. now*

I cannot stand it if i were to wait for 20 episodes to show on every week Monday and Tuesday. The suspences were killing me. So Should I or should not... rent the 20 episodes show?? My sister warned me to get a hold of my emotions... she said most of her friends watched the show would become depressed for many days due to the sad and tragic drama...

I don't want to be feel depressed.. but surely there are romantic scences that will make me happy? At most i shall skipped the parts on crying and where jealousy that torn pples' hearts?

I spent the whole night to look for a good english site that will tell me the whole synopsis of the story. Surely there is one crazy fan who will spend her ( 100% is a "she" .. it will never be a guy) time building a website dedicated to this story....







YEAH! A fan, Kyrstal build this site, an english site on the story of Stairway to Heaven!


I am going to read all her 20 episodes guides and will decide if I should rent the show...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Camera is probably one of the best and useful inventions in the world. it capture beautiful things and so you can always look back and see the wonderful memories.

I thought the fireworks were really very beautiful. But it turned out soso in the pictures. I think that if my camera does not have "Fireworks" mode i think the photos might have turned out worse. Some of the more satisfied shots.

Buildings night shot. Brand of tripod used: PY's hands

NDP Preview Fireworks

Another attempt....

Fireworks Festival ~ France

I wish i got ray's camera :|

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Last Monday, I finally found time to cook lunch =)

I made....

Shepherd Pie AND Bacon & Mushroom Aglio Olio

My next dish is to learn how to make nice lasagna. Any yummy recipes to recommend?
Top 10 (crazy) things that happen when i was young

1. Drank the whole Super Big Size Big Gulp by myself. I got asthma as a result :(

2. Played with my neighbours boys and bluffed them that i was a boy not a girl ... hehhee

3. Prank calls - on police, fire station ...anything...just call and talk some kind of foreign language

4. I stole the mechanical pencil's cap. Because the cap had a plastic pearl that looked like the "Pearl" in the TV dramas that i was watching then. I took the cap and left the mechanical pencil behind. I lost the "pearl" within a day because some of my classmates took it and threw away. (*sob)

5. Lied to my mother that the principal knew me and always treat me for breakfast. (it made my mother very happy and proud so i continued to lie all the way)

6. I had no friends when I was in Pri 1 and 2. In order to win my friend's friendship, I borrowed money to buy stickers from book shop to give my friends. Every week I would borrow $1 from the upper primary and the secondary students. I stopped until 1 student from the secondary section came and asked for her $1 back. Then i knew that borrowing money was bad. I stopped.

7. I still had no friends when I was in Pri 3. So i made up stories to my classmates that i can see "things". They believed me and became friends with me. I stopped lying one year later and pretended i lost my memories

8. Eat 2 ice-creams everyday during recess until one day my mom came to school and spot checked on me. I got cannings after that. Eating ice-cream became a secret and underground affair.

9. 12 years old. I got the worst cannings ever in my whole life. My mom literally beat me up with whatever items she could find in the house. From canes to kitchen utencils to clothes hanger. A classmate got me into trouble by calling my mother to ask if i really had problems at home.

I had told my classmate that my family was in debt and dad was constantly making my mother very upset. Thanks to this girl, who called up and asked if was true (she was probably thinking i was lying again). My mom was furious that I told my friends about the "chou shi" (ugly things) .

The next day, i showed the girl my canned marks and told her off :"You got me into trouble. You better watch out..."

10. Because all those lies and unhappiness, i prayed hard that I would leave the primary school and restart all over again. Although i badly wanted to return to the secondary school to study. But I was tired of lying to people and especially my mother who still now today believes that the principal knows me. hehe.. I got 213 for my PSLE scores and off i went to another secondary school and I restarted and I had the best time in my secondary school days. Pure and Honest Friendships. No pretence. Nothing.

Now i look back. I am shock at that kind of things I used to do in the past. These can't be me right?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Today the first practise of Evince! :)

I didnt come in a "high" mood. More with a "low" mood in fact. Actually was also thinking of skipping. But the thought of missing the first prac doesn't look good and how could I miss everything when everyone is hard at work? I look for the past week. I been working and yet i still have not come out anything decent for the T-shirt design and the publicity is ZERO % done.

In the end, I thought to myself. Why dwell myself in the low mood ? I shall come to Evince practise and get High with PS songs and other wonderful songs that had been planned by other Evincibles members who had been planning and coordinating the songs flow and stucture.

Practise Practise Practise...

my turn now..

I think i am not very confident in leading the song Everything's Changed. Although is one of my top fav playings songs in my iPod/PC/Radio ... i nv see myself leading this super HIGH song! I am so *argh* . I don't sound good. I sound awful in fact. And i don't have a powerful voice. :S

But Grace just kept encouraging me. one point i sang until i was out of breath... i think i had to repeat the song and caused so much confusions among the musicians. SO PS*! I cant sing low or too high.. what a lousy worship leader in leading this song.

*PS: Refers to Paiseh

Then i think .. alamak PY what wrong with u ... just sing like u use to sing in the lift .. haha for those who doesn't know. I like to sing in the lift. People can sing in the car while they drive, sing while bathing. I LOVE singing in the lift :D Especially when i was still working then, once the door closed i just went singing in the lift. I don't care got the stupid CV camera looking at me. I just sing sing and I get very happy. hahahahhaha

To improve... i am going to jog and built up my stamina. Must inject the OOMPH!

EVERYTHING'S CHANGED! *jump* Sing for the LORD!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This afternoon i went to visit my grandma who was hospitalized last week. Apparently she hasn't eat for a few days and thus was admitted. I had not seen her for many many years already. I can't even remember when was the last family gathering. I was either at work or study or other things. When i heard she was admitted last weekend, i had this urge to go down and visit her. But for some reasons, my mom didn't allow me. She refused no matter how hard i budged her... until today we finally went down. I also asked that I like to pray for her and mom agreed without any violent objections.

I thought I would be like a normal person - normal meaning to see her without any longing feelings or feeling of sadness when I see her because I wasn't very close to her.

When i saw stepped in the room, i was greeted by a very thin and fragile old lady (pictured the gollum in the LOTR) ... i almost couldn't recognized her! My grandma lost so much so much weight! My heart flipped and i cringed when i held her hand. Her two hands bloated so much due to the injections and drip.

Due to alzheimer, she couldn't remember me and mom. I chatted with her for a while with a mix of mandarine and broken cantonese. I can see she is happy to see her own family visiting her. I have heard many nasty stories about how she biased she was towards her children and particularly dislike my mom and a few aunties the most. But watching how my mom showered her the love and patience despite the mistreat that my grandma in the past just make me marvel and respect my mom even more.

As for me, i was always upset about how my grandma treated my mom and i just can't felt feeling so unfair and bitterness. But today everything changed. My mom's love had dissolved that kind of hatred and bitterness not only in my grandma's heart but also in me as well.

I had hold back... I didn't managed to share the gospel. I had wanted to do that but the nurse that my grandma had hired told us how the other nurse had tried to evangelize to my grandma. ( my grandma got 3 private nurses and 2 maids) and how one of the nurse who is a christian had actually wheeled my grandma out and brought her to church!

I was quite surprised to hear that. I feel that it was a very dangerous thing! What if my grandma got hurt when she is outside? For a brief walk yes, but to a church? And without my grandma knowing?! If you had wanted to evangelize, you can do it anywhere! You don't have to bring her to church! And guess what? That created more uproar and disapproval in the family. I can finally understand why I wasn't allowed to go and visit her at first.

But I did pray for her eventually before I left. I know God is watching her.

After we left, many thoughts just come into my mind. Life is so fragile. I looked at my mom and soon my mom will be preparing for a 1 year dental treatment process soon. I just can't help but to think if my family especially my parents are not going to recieve salvation. What is going to happen? I was reminded that one of the cell member's mom had recieve Christ. God is faithful isn't He?

Friday, July 29, 2005

If you are a fan of Stephen Chow's movie and you think that this year NDP theme song sounds ok or awful ( actually i personally like it alot) .. you should watch this MTV .. super funny!

Click here

Tell me after you watch finish!

Think Positive!!

Got it from a my mom's frd... tot was very interesting ...

Dear Peiying

This is nice - finding positive out of every negative - which we don't always manage to do. I am thankful...

1. For the husband who snores all night, because he is at home asleep with me and not with someone else.

2. For my teenage daughter who is complaining about doing dishes, because that means she is at home & not on the streets.

3. For the taxes that I pay because it means that I am employed.

4. For the mess to clean after a party because it means that I have been surrounded by friends.

5. For the clothes that fit a little too snug because it means I have enough to eat.

6. For my shadow that watches me work because it means I am out in the sunshine.

7. For a floor that needs mopping, and windows that need cleaning because it means I have a home.

8. For all the complaining I hear about the government because it means that we have freedom of speech.

9. For the parking spot I find at the far end of the parking lot because it means I am capable of walking and that I have been blessed with transportation.

10. For the noise I have to bear from my neighbours because it means that I can hear.

11. For the pile of laundry and ironing because it means I have clothes to wear.

12. For weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day because it means I have been capable of working hard.

13. For the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours because it means that I am stilll alive.

AND FINALLY ....... for received e-mails because it means I have friends who are thinking of me, at least.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Is mid week already! & This week will be my final week in this company =) whee i am so happy and glad! In fact i wish is today i am going to leave!

The beginning of the week was very tough. This was something that I was not expecting to begin my week with. While struggling to do the handover smoothly, there would be an event to be held on Tuesday night. I was feeling very frustrated and my temper get short fused very easily. My fellow colleagues were not very helpful + kept getting on my nerves and many things were just throw to me and my poor partner to do. What made me so upset was the constant loud chatting in the office. It was like a fish market. Despite drowning myself with a pair of headphones, it wasn't very helpful and I could still hear them very clearly. Increasing the volume would not benefit me either.. those are my precious ears!

I dreaded most especially the event as it was held in a pub. And i dun particularly like the place alot. The music are loud and many pple smoked. =( but to keep my mood positive, i pray for a timeoff .... and also my partner cum colleague shared with me that she was very sad to see me go and i decided to move forward with a positive attitude to help her with the upcoming event with an 101% effort. Drawing experience from the previous event, I had order lots more food as the buffet bar food are so miserable and as we all know all ang mos are super huge big eater....

Not long my whole body from head to toe was reeked with all smokers' smoking + beer... EEK!

Many colleagues from my company were chosen to give out the prizes. The award winners all came forward and started handshaking and beso beso (cheek to cheek kiss) plus hands on all my female colleagues's waists & hips! My mind just went: "Please please don't ask me!"

My worst fear came true! :( I was told to give out prizes cos my stupid client couldnt find anyone to give out prizes and He just rattle off " XXX Congratulations you are the runner up for this league! Katherine from Mxxxxx Systems will present to you!"

I took a quick glance.. Phew! is an asian... is an indian! I NV FEEL SO GRATEFUL TO AN AH NEH!

Subsequently more sabotages arrived. But thankfully 90% of the award winners are asians! and 10%..... i gave them a "GOTH"(refer to ur right hand side and u know what i mean) when they collected their trophies.

so thankful! hehehe cos all my colleagues kena the beso beso except me! HAHAHA :)

So great food (fench fries + chicken wings are the best!) great fruit punch were the key highlights.

My boss announced well done! All of you will get a 1 day time off! YIPEE!

When i reach home at 11pm ... my family outcasted me....


(where did u go? Want to die ar?! Copy pple go drink wine/beer)

Ya.. i really smell very horrible.. i took my longest bath.. 20 solid minutes... i think more..probably 30mins....

Left 2 more days =) Just hope my days passed smoothly here.. no politics .. nothing ...

Friday, July 22, 2005

Thanks you to all of you for the lovely shock u all had given me! *so blessed*

In case, you all are dying to know what was the reactions/expressions I had when i saw the blog entry. Here is an re-enactment of what happen on a quiet Friday morning...

Here i am waiting for my turn to be called into the meeting room for a meeting... and while waiting, i did my surfing...


then i make my usual rounds to qq blog, judea cell, email, ladies chat and lastly to mine...


I couldn't believe what i saw on my blog site?! What is the picture doing here?! What am I doing there with a hand on my nose.... and and i look like a PIG! (haha) and i realize that this blog entry wasn't by me!


must be mr lim again... he kept asking me for the password and userid for the past few days.. why didn't i suspect anything fishy!!?


It never cross my mind that you all are going to target my blog!

Thanks for the verse. It remind me greatly of the Lord's goodness. I am so happy *still shocked* and very very thankful that Lord had given me such a wonderful bunch of friends who journey with me through the past 3 years ++ since I join Judea cell.

THANK YOU for the lovely shock =)

Happy 22!

Happy Birthday the gal who has blessed us all

Word is on the street, that Py turns 22 this week. The cell is excited, and we're here to shout it!

C-e-c says:

Py, Py, oh my, oh my, you bake a mean pie. When can we try?

If not we will sigh. You ask, why? We say, cos we will get high!

And A-H wanna sing to you:

my.. heart.. goes....
shalalalala... shalalala in the morning
oh wooooh wooooh

shalalalaaa.. shalalaaa till the sunset...
my heart goes...
shalalalalaa... shalalala.. in the evening..
oh woooh woooh
shalalalala... shalalalala
just for YOooU!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PY! guess who?! love this song ya.. so sing for you during your b'day!!
May God bless you with increasing joy and wisdom in all aspect of your life your 22 year! Cya!

J-e-m tells it like this:

Can't help falling for PY, Can't help falling for PY.

PY is the best, the very very best, Can't help falling for PY.

And the rest of us go:

Happy birthday to PY, the gal who has blessed us with her life.

Her smile, her encouraging ways, her zany & hyper behaviour, always gets us high.

We're so glad you came to Judea, and brought us so much joy!

We have learnt much from your way of looking Up,

We pray we can be cheering you on all the way...

Judea presents you two verses...and wishes you will always dwell in the house of our God in blessedness -- Psalm 27:4-5

One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.

For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his tabernacle and set me high upon a rock.

Here's our closing cheer to you: "PY, PY, You're so fine. You blow our minds. Oh, PY. Oh, Oh, PY." *Repeat*

*Judea bows out*

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

*shake head* singaporeans are just so kapo

While on my way home, i was walking towards the direction towards Raffles Place MRT station and there was this huge smoke coming from Lau Pa Sat.... was joking to my colleague, maybe the satayman's business is too good... see so much smoke...until i see this...

The fire was pretty bad. It seem to be emerge from a food stall. and these pples are still standing there watching the fire. Why can't these pples just move away?! There are gas cylinders in the food center, what if one explode??

Sometime there would not be any casualties or any mishaps, but pple just loved standing there watching trouble brewing ...

Welcome to my new home =) yeah i love this site! I will come back and blog more again!

must highlight again... no more irratating and ugly looking advert! HURRAY !!!!