Monday, April 27, 2009


Must i always find fun GAMES like right BEFORE my submission date?!!?!

Every semester is happening to me! HAIYO! Good thing is the last semester!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Cooking

Look what i have got here?




His menu absolutely look stunning! Every course was accompanied with red wine (as if i know how to appreciate) and more important his charming personality just melt every single girl's heart (married, single or attached)

But too bad he is a chef with 2 beautiful daughters :P

So do i enjoy? Absolutely.... the recipe book of course.

Guess what? I did not attend the event at all....

All thanks to my sister! *argh* After i discovered the event, the very next day i asked her if she is keen to go with me. She looked at me and said "Aiyo, Py! $188 leh! He is not famous!"

"No lar not as famous as Jamie Oliver, but he is sure one true Italian and I wonder how's the food like! His ways are so different from how Jamie cooked!"

"If i am going to watch David cook there, i might as well catch his show on TV and then spent $188 to buy the ingredients and cook a meal for myself! For all you know you will spent less than $50 in total"

"NOOOO! That different! It is DAVID who is cooking! Come on!"

"Nvm lar Py, save that $! We go see got more interesting events to sign up instead?


AND GUESS WHAT! Weeks later Discovery invited her to go for this event! There she was raving away how exciting cos she is going to get up close and personal with David! *weep*

Papers reported - David Rocco event - SOLD OUT


MSN Conversation:
Sister: Should i get his book? It cost about $100+

Me: Nah forget it! Just to get his autograph??

Sister: No lar! But is a book worth to keep....

Me: Later Discovery give you one

Sister: You wait long X10000

Me: Ha!

*a few hours later*

Sister: Don't scream!


Sister: I got a free autograph of his BOOK!

ME: .........................

Sister: hehehehehe :P

Me: .......................

Me: I shd had just gone ahead to sign up instead of listening to you ! ARGH!

Sister: Don't like that lar....


Sister: I will give you the book or at most buy you one more book

Me: Nothing beats getting up close and personal with David :(

Later @ Night when she returned home

1 Huge Big Paper Bag - She whipped out his book ! i just whined ... then i turned i saw this....

ok i am a happy but not a very happy girl :)

She didn't buy the book. Discovery gave her another book. Oh my God - I LOVE YOU DISCOVERY! I will buy your channel in my new home for sure!

Oh well, i missed David Rocco. But we are going to attend another world gourmet summit event.

Le Cordon Bleu Culinary & P√Ętisserie Masterclass

Learn from the masterchefs of one of the world’s most established culinary institutes. For one day, feel like a student at Le Cordon Bleu in this culinary masterclass instructed by Herve Boutin, Oliver Oddos and Arnaud Guerpillon hailing from schools in Australia, Japan and Mexico.

Ok :) Hope is something yummy :)

Shoot~ 4000 words to go !!! :(

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love Bank Investments & Returns

Sometime is so hard to care for someone especially you don't see the returns. You need to swallow back your frustrations, anger and bitterness and pretend that nothing happen.

You don't need HUGE returns - a simple word of thanks or a smile will do and that makes a difference.

The sparks and flares are inevitable - no one is perfect...

God grant me the patience!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Getting Stressful

About 1 month away from the submission. And I am not even half way through. The rest of the days are going to be hard ...

Hang On Happy!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wedding #3 - 04.04.2009

Today Kg and I went for our very first wedding gown fit @ Golden Horse Awards. Feeling excited but was worried. Cos I had absolutely no idea what i wanted and i was totally clueless! I looked at bridal magazines, it didn't help me and I don't know what is good for me and models in the bridal magazines looks like erm hmm chop sticks - ok aka means very good figure.

In anyhow when we reached there, our coordinator, Helen attended us. I loved her instantly! She looked very much our friend, ah Pei! haha! Especially when she wore her glasses. She is really good and experienced. The first dress she picked for me was a princess cut with embrodidery. I instantly fell in love with it. Kg was stunned - and i knew we both adored this dress! *AH!* We tried a few different cuttings and designs and by the 6th dress, we knew we still wanted the first one! hahaa and we also picked one more wedding dress for an outdoor shoot. So we did it... 45 mins! Unbelievable!

The evening gowns were more of a headache. I realized I did not suit the following colours:

1) Red = Ang POW!
2) Blue = I tried too hard to match the dress!
3) Hot Pink = Oh Gosh! I looked like mamasan
4) Baby Pink = Oh MI GOSH! I looked like I tried hard to be britney spears... WAHAHA
5) Champagne Gold - Totally missed the mark

Let me explain becos my trustworthy Helen was away for 20 mins attending to some things, and i was horrible in choosing my own dress! When Helen came to my rescue she knew i cannot make it already! Thankfully she picked 1 colour for me and she knew I would more much more human like - .. the colour is "maroon" - I can't believe it lor! Maroon?! In fact back in my head, I told myself I wanted to steer away from this colour! But tada, Me so wrong! Maroon in fact compliment my skin colour and made me look better. I tried 2 more cuttings and decided on one that had interesting back design - a halter neck maroon evening gown. As I had exchanged my chinese tea dress, kwa since my mom had decided that I should wear hers! I gotten myself another evening gown - a turquoise halter evening gown.

Kg and I also tried traditional outfit to see if we should take in our photoshoot. HORRORS! We both cannot make it! I cannot make it in my victorian dress, he cannot make it in his japanese outfit. wahahah we both looked like clowns! LOL! To prevent from a laughing stock, nono the traditional dress can safely be omit from our selections. Phew! wasnt' that easy? hahaha. *Anyway, I knew we both further cannot make it when our coordinator did not even encourage us to try on other outfits* HILARIOUS!

Helen next started to help Keegan to match my evening dress and wedding gown. Aww My prince charming! hahaha ok he really good in champagne cream colour and silve gray outfit. Grace came down and took alook and gave some comments too! Thanks Grace :) all the busy day ahead and you still drop by to take alook :)

We completed in 2 hours 15 mins +/- >> unbelievable....

The next 45 mins we breathe abit and set our next gown fitting and trial make up day. Set our photoshoot date in August and photographer. Ok enough time to treat my ugly back!

Today another achievement, settled our AD photographer. Fit within our budget and 10 years experience in commercial shoot and I think only about 1 or 2 years he started to take wedding shoots. Anyhow we both think AD no need to spend so much money, since our photos are going to lie in the corner of the storage box. So settled!

*woot* Praise God for His blessings and providence :)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I have a secret ....



:P Very excited! LOL