Friday, July 22, 2005

Thanks you to all of you for the lovely shock u all had given me! *so blessed*

In case, you all are dying to know what was the reactions/expressions I had when i saw the blog entry. Here is an re-enactment of what happen on a quiet Friday morning...

Here i am waiting for my turn to be called into the meeting room for a meeting... and while waiting, i did my surfing...


then i make my usual rounds to qq blog, judea cell, email, ladies chat and lastly to mine...


I couldn't believe what i saw on my blog site?! What is the picture doing here?! What am I doing there with a hand on my nose.... and and i look like a PIG! (haha) and i realize that this blog entry wasn't by me!


must be mr lim again... he kept asking me for the password and userid for the past few days.. why didn't i suspect anything fishy!!?


It never cross my mind that you all are going to target my blog!

Thanks for the verse. It remind me greatly of the Lord's goodness. I am so happy *still shocked* and very very thankful that Lord had given me such a wonderful bunch of friends who journey with me through the past 3 years ++ since I join Judea cell.

THANK YOU for the lovely shock =)

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