Thursday, August 11, 2005

Top 10 (crazy) things that happen when i was young

1. Drank the whole Super Big Size Big Gulp by myself. I got asthma as a result :(

2. Played with my neighbours boys and bluffed them that i was a boy not a girl ... hehhee

3. Prank calls - on police, fire station ...anything...just call and talk some kind of foreign language

4. I stole the mechanical pencil's cap. Because the cap had a plastic pearl that looked like the "Pearl" in the TV dramas that i was watching then. I took the cap and left the mechanical pencil behind. I lost the "pearl" within a day because some of my classmates took it and threw away. (*sob)

5. Lied to my mother that the principal knew me and always treat me for breakfast. (it made my mother very happy and proud so i continued to lie all the way)

6. I had no friends when I was in Pri 1 and 2. In order to win my friend's friendship, I borrowed money to buy stickers from book shop to give my friends. Every week I would borrow $1 from the upper primary and the secondary students. I stopped until 1 student from the secondary section came and asked for her $1 back. Then i knew that borrowing money was bad. I stopped.

7. I still had no friends when I was in Pri 3. So i made up stories to my classmates that i can see "things". They believed me and became friends with me. I stopped lying one year later and pretended i lost my memories

8. Eat 2 ice-creams everyday during recess until one day my mom came to school and spot checked on me. I got cannings after that. Eating ice-cream became a secret and underground affair.

9. 12 years old. I got the worst cannings ever in my whole life. My mom literally beat me up with whatever items she could find in the house. From canes to kitchen utencils to clothes hanger. A classmate got me into trouble by calling my mother to ask if i really had problems at home.

I had told my classmate that my family was in debt and dad was constantly making my mother very upset. Thanks to this girl, who called up and asked if was true (she was probably thinking i was lying again). My mom was furious that I told my friends about the "chou shi" (ugly things) .

The next day, i showed the girl my canned marks and told her off :"You got me into trouble. You better watch out..."

10. Because all those lies and unhappiness, i prayed hard that I would leave the primary school and restart all over again. Although i badly wanted to return to the secondary school to study. But I was tired of lying to people and especially my mother who still now today believes that the principal knows me. hehe.. I got 213 for my PSLE scores and off i went to another secondary school and I restarted and I had the best time in my secondary school days. Pure and Honest Friendships. No pretence. Nothing.

Now i look back. I am shock at that kind of things I used to do in the past. These can't be me right?

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