Sunday, August 07, 2005

Today the first practise of Evince! :)

I didnt come in a "high" mood. More with a "low" mood in fact. Actually was also thinking of skipping. But the thought of missing the first prac doesn't look good and how could I miss everything when everyone is hard at work? I look for the past week. I been working and yet i still have not come out anything decent for the T-shirt design and the publicity is ZERO % done.

In the end, I thought to myself. Why dwell myself in the low mood ? I shall come to Evince practise and get High with PS songs and other wonderful songs that had been planned by other Evincibles members who had been planning and coordinating the songs flow and stucture.

Practise Practise Practise...

my turn now..

I think i am not very confident in leading the song Everything's Changed. Although is one of my top fav playings songs in my iPod/PC/Radio ... i nv see myself leading this super HIGH song! I am so *argh* . I don't sound good. I sound awful in fact. And i don't have a powerful voice. :S

But Grace just kept encouraging me. one point i sang until i was out of breath... i think i had to repeat the song and caused so much confusions among the musicians. SO PS*! I cant sing low or too high.. what a lousy worship leader in leading this song.

*PS: Refers to Paiseh

Then i think .. alamak PY what wrong with u ... just sing like u use to sing in the lift .. haha for those who doesn't know. I like to sing in the lift. People can sing in the car while they drive, sing while bathing. I LOVE singing in the lift :D Especially when i was still working then, once the door closed i just went singing in the lift. I don't care got the stupid CV camera looking at me. I just sing sing and I get very happy. hahahahhaha

To improve... i am going to jog and built up my stamina. Must inject the OOMPH!

EVERYTHING'S CHANGED! *jump* Sing for the LORD!

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