Saturday, October 08, 2005

Not easy

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"I want to holiday but got time meh?!"

Tonight, I was still contemplating should I go for cell group since Channel 8 "CSI" last episode... ... very tempting you know since is PLAY WEEK @ CG.....

I still turn up for CG... and i must say is good! Everyone in cg will agree with me... I will scan the letters what we had done .... dear dear... how our brother in christ write letters... *hmm* Good time of fellowship ... Look out for the updates @ Judea Cell

Recently a parent wrote to Strait Times about Should Teachers seek to convert Pupils...

The mother/parent wrote...

This girl corresponds with her teacher on MSN Messenger and one day while I was surfing, she started asking me about Christianity and Buddhism. I found it strange that she would ask me these questions and not her parents. Apparently her teacher had been asking her to attend Saturday worship services by XXXX. A Buddhist, she replied that her parents would probably not let her go for the service. The teacher told her it was not up to her parents to decide, that she was free to make upher own mind, and kept pressing her to go for his church's service.

MOE replied on this:

The Ministry of Education takes a firm stand on religious proselytisation by teachers. Our schools are secular, and teachers should not be engaged in proselytising their students. We otherwise face a real risk of undoing the multi-cultural and multi-religious sensitivity and harmony that Singapore has built up over the years, and which our schools seek to cultivate in each new generation.

Teachers are expected to be good role models for their students including being sensitive to other religions and cultures, and teaching them respect for their parents. We invite Ms Thio to provide us with the necessary details by contacting me or the school concerned, in order for us to look further into the matter she raised.

None of this will stifle teachers' efforts to communicate effectively with their students, during and after school hours, as part of their efforts to nurture and guide their students. Schools have guidelines with regard to their teachers' communications with students. Teachers communicate with their students outside school hours when they need to, on matters pertaining to their studies, school activities and holistic development.

Parents and teachers have to work together to nurture students into good citizens. If parents have concerns regarding any activity during or after school, we encourage them to approach the school directly so that clarifications can be sought immediately.

Hmm...certainly ... this issue is very real especially we are got BBGB in ZHSS... and one letter or one word from the parent to the school.. is good enough to close their door to BBGB... I can still remember very clearly that while during one of the year in recruitment drive... many parents asked me if we forced their daughters to go to church on Sunday or to read the bible. Worst... there were lots of competition with other CCAs.. many uniform groups kept arrowing us :(

I realize I had to be very careful with my words when I share the gospel to the girls... Because certian words can be very powerful and they can remember very well what you said. I had a friend who used to be a "underground church goer" as her family were buddhists, it was very difficult for her to attend church on Sundays. Guess what her friends said... especially her mentor/cg leader...

"You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength! If your heart is for God.. nothing can stop you from attending church... You should not be bothered by what your parents said.. just ignore them. Just walk through the door. God will open His ways for you so you can come to church... God will bless you."

I think somehow those words made my friend so confused.. she didn't attend church for a period of time and her relationship with her parents soured.

I don't think I will ever want to tell that to my girls...what will happen?

Continue to pray for the ministries in ZHSS... is certainly not easy to guard this mission field.

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