Sunday, September 11, 2005

It had been a hectic week. I taught a group of P5 students on macromedia flash. Been quite sometime since I taught such a big class.

A school approached me to see if i am interested teaching full time as an IT trainer. Thinking my current work load is quite heavey i told them I won't be able to commit full time. But they continued to say that they offers part time as well. Part time usually will be during schools holidays. Hmm no harm. is also an opportunity to learn as well ... oh well difficult can they be...

ya right... i immediately was drained on the first day. I woke up @ 6am and had to be in school by 7.30am and it went on for the next 4 days .. very very draining.... though actually i realize i taught the students less on the 3rd and 4th lesson cos i given them projects to work on. Looking at those kids really reminds me when i was in my primary school days. I think if i am a student, I would hate myself! Myself as in the teacher. I think i am super mean. The more active and naughty students especially the boys are extremely noisy (girls some too!) i always tell them one more word coming from you ... you are out of my class... and i love to give them the piercing fierce look from my eye.. and they will cringe in their seats! In the past i always secretly doing things and hiding behind the folders thinking the teacher is blind and totally oblivious of the things around her... ya right i am kidding myself.. standing there i can see every single student computer even if their computer is facing at the wall... but thanks to the window... the reflection I always know what they are up to...ya pericing look @ them!

My greatest frustration didnt came from the students but the school clerk who refused to cooperate with me. I think all school clerks have this frustrated and short-tempered attitude on them. anyway long story... all school clerks... 1 word HORRIBLE!

Greatest job satisfaction comes when my students say they enjoyed learning flash 5 and kept asking me to teach them more .... hehe

On friday was very very hectic.. but very thankful that i recieved lots of help in getting the evince t-shirts. So happy the shirts turned out fine though actually there is a slight mistake on the design.. hmm i shall not say anything since no one notice.. hehhehehehe

Saturday i got a nice GRADE A rose... from the GBHQ... very sweet of them! And the rose somehow really make me feel so peaceful & at ease even now as i type this blog .... the rose blooms and seems to be smiling at me :) very beautiful rose... the most beautiful rose that seem to been giving out a kind of red and sweet glow. The rose is as huge as my palm... what do you think huh?

Evince prac... was feeling very frustrated.. thinking i almost burst... cos we still didnt get lots of things right...but later things got better after that... everyone was very encouraging ... and i think Evince had really made a huge change in all our lives ..this special event that we want to bring ourself closer to the Lord to worship Him. Maybe is time for me not to focus so much on whether we sing and play well or whether we are on time or on cue or what ever so... even with the mike fail and the whole thing flipped upside down.. I should be focusing on the Lord cos Lord is the one who in charge of all these. He using us to help pple to worship and enjoy a great time of fellowship with Him not our own purposes. But His purposes.

5 more days left folks. Let's commit and focus on the Lord cos We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength! Praise You Father !

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