Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Is mid week already! & This week will be my final week in this company =) whee i am so happy and glad! In fact i wish is today i am going to leave!

The beginning of the week was very tough. This was something that I was not expecting to begin my week with. While struggling to do the handover smoothly, there would be an event to be held on Tuesday night. I was feeling very frustrated and my temper get short fused very easily. My fellow colleagues were not very helpful + kept getting on my nerves and many things were just throw to me and my poor partner to do. What made me so upset was the constant loud chatting in the office. It was like a fish market. Despite drowning myself with a pair of headphones, it wasn't very helpful and I could still hear them very clearly. Increasing the volume would not benefit me either.. those are my precious ears!

I dreaded most especially the event as it was held in a pub. And i dun particularly like the place alot. The music are loud and many pple smoked. =( but to keep my mood positive, i pray for a timeoff .... and also my partner cum colleague shared with me that she was very sad to see me go and i decided to move forward with a positive attitude to help her with the upcoming event with an 101% effort. Drawing experience from the previous event, I had order lots more food as the buffet bar food are so miserable and as we all know all ang mos are super huge big eater....

Not long my whole body from head to toe was reeked with all smokers' smoking + beer... EEK!

Many colleagues from my company were chosen to give out the prizes. The award winners all came forward and started handshaking and beso beso (cheek to cheek kiss) plus hands on all my female colleagues's waists & hips! My mind just went: "Please please don't ask me!"

My worst fear came true! :( I was told to give out prizes cos my stupid client couldnt find anyone to give out prizes and He just rattle off " XXX Congratulations you are the runner up for this league! Katherine from Mxxxxx Systems will present to you!"

I took a quick glance.. Phew! is an asian... is an indian! I NV FEEL SO GRATEFUL TO AN AH NEH!

Subsequently more sabotages arrived. But thankfully 90% of the award winners are asians! and 10%..... i gave them a "GOTH"(refer to ur right hand side and u know what i mean) when they collected their trophies.

so thankful! hehehe cos all my colleagues kena the beso beso except me! HAHAHA :)

So great food (fench fries + chicken wings are the best!) great fruit punch were the key highlights.

My boss announced well done! All of you will get a 1 day time off! YIPEE!

When i reach home at 11pm ... my family outcasted me....


(where did u go? Want to die ar?! Copy pple go drink wine/beer)

Ya.. i really smell very horrible.. i took my longest bath.. 20 solid minutes... i think more..probably 30mins....

Left 2 more days =) Just hope my days passed smoothly here.. no politics .. nothing ...

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Anonymous said...

Hi PY, you have not been working too long yet, there are a lot of things (practices & habbits) in the working world that do not glorify God. Just remember that we are in the world but not of the world, and we are the light and salt for this world. Don't despise all these, but make it a opportunity to stand up for God. May you continue to seek to glorify Him! - Doulos