Friday, October 21, 2005

Breakfast - VERY Important :D

This week had been super hectic. Most of the time I am running out and each time I stepped out of the house, I would feel breathless, giddy and tired. The medic i consulted said I am amatuer coffee drinker that I shouldn't be drinking too much coffee... Pple like himself and those who drink 2++ cups a day for the over the past 10 years ++++ will not feel that effect. Is only when they stop drinking coffee for 1 day, they would be like walking zombies ...

But but i just beginning to love coffee.. I can't survive without my hazelnut white coffee! So yesterday I decided maybe I should stop coffee especially I am not really a heavy (coffee) drinker yet... so i switch to..... Lipton Herbal Tea instead. Very healthy! Hot water no sugar... Plus today i had a very good breakfast to accompany my Herbal tea- homemade wholemeal bread with sizzling ham + egg. Very healthy again! Use olive oil to cook my egg and ham and no butter or mayo in my sandwich.. Usually i will love to have those in my bread.. but must be healthy u know!

A good breakfast energized U.. so after eating those healthy stuffs... i didnt feel giddy or breathless for the first time. Good right? So the moral of the story please have a good and healthy breakfast to kick off ur day :P

3 cheers for completing my project! Horray!

oh 3 more cheers.. TGIF

Oh yes one more thing my breakfast today shall be cranberry herbal tea with sizzling ham + chees on toast :)

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katina said...

hey py!

It appears that you and I share common ideas on how breakfast ought to be cooked. Healthy, delicious stuff. dont agree on the part about herbal tea though. how about we "shuang jian he bing" and cook something for sat breakfast?